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Julie Winkle Giulioni has spent the past 25 years improving performance through learning. She’s partnered with hundreds of organizations to develop and deploy innovative training products that are in use worldwide. Julie is well known and well regarded for her creative, one-of-a-kind solutions that consistently deliver bottom-line results. As co-founder and principal of DesignArounds, Julie leads multi-disciplinary teams that create award-winning electronic and instructor-led training. She is an author and respected speaker on a variety of topics, including performance improvement, leadership, sales, and customer service. Previously Julie was the director of product development for AchieveGlobal, one of the world’s largest commercial training and development companies. She has also held training management positions in financial services and retail organizations, taught marketing at the secondary and post-secondary level, and served as a department chair at Woodbury University. Julie is the author of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want (BK Business).

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Career Conversations Employees Want - with Julie Winkle Giulioni

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  2. 2. NOTE:The following represents ten highlightsfrom the interview by @MoeAbdou,founder & host of 33voices®.Click to stream audio
  3. 3. JulieWinkleGiulioniCo-founder of DesignArounds.Worked for 20+ years with organiza-tions to develop and execute innova-tive commercial and custom trainingproducts that measurably improveperformance.
  4. 4. generation wants a workplace environmentwhere they can learn, grow and expand.provide it or lose them.No.1
  5. 5. grow your talent pool,help them build a portfolio of experiences.let them learn by making things.
  6. 6. manager’s most important role todayis to be a facilitator -it starts with asking great questions.
  7. 7. quality of an organization is a direct reflectionof the quality of the conversations taking place.
  8. 8. several ten minute conversations during the weektrumps having a one hour weekly meeting.
  9. 9. several ten minute conversations during the weektrumps having a one hour weekly meeting.33voicesJulie Winkle Giulioni - Having ten minute...
  10. 10. hindsight conversationhelps your team members look inward and you see an experience gap?
  11. 11. in mind that growth is iterative.rapid and constant feedbackis your biggest development catalyst.
  12. 12. foresight conversationis about looking outward and forward.where are your biggest growth opportunities?
  13. 13. your focus is on aligningthe company’s aspiration withthe talents of each member of your’re having an insight conversationthat will have far reaching impact.
  14. 14. to boost performance?
  15. 15. to boost performance?Offer Training,
  16. 16. to boost performance?enable your team members to havegreater exposure to resources,
  17. 17. to boost performance?and help them explore a variety of experiences.
  18. 18. Really reflect...Do you know how you learn?Really reflect...
  19. 19. CONNECT WITH US!Tell us what you