5 Steps for an Account-Based Marketing Strategy


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Empower your marketing team and focus on accounts with the highest revenue potential with Account-Based Marketing. Learn how you can jumpstart your Account-Based Marketing strategy with these 5 simple steps. We'll include a real example from our work with Panaya and how they used ABM to target and enter a new market and put their business on the fast track.

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  • (market expansion, market share growth)”
  • 5 Steps for an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. 5 Steps to an Account-Based Marketing Strategy
    2. 2. 5 Steps to an Account-Based Marketing Strategy July 17, 2013 Mike Telem VP of Business Development & Co-founder David Myers Marketing Campaign Strategist
    3. 3. Twitter #5stepABM
    4. 4. Webinar Overview 1. What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)? 2. Why take an ABM approach? 3. 5 Step plan to an ABM strategy 4. ABM use case example #5stepABM
    5. 5. What is Account-Based Marketing? “Focusing marketing and sales on the accounts most likely to generate revenue or meet other strategic goals” ABM allows marketers to scale growth and revenue by generating marketing- sourced deals. #5stepABM
    6. 6. Hitting the Sweet Spot Typical attributes of target accounts: • Firmographic: Industry/Revenue/Location • Sales Named Accounts • Behavioral: Customer Journey, Product Interest #5stepABM
    7. 7. Advantages of an ABM Approach Improve marketing impact and ROI by focusing your efforts and resources on high-yield prospects. Scale your revenue by increasing the number of marketing-sourced deals and accelerating customer acquisition of “dream” prospects. “With Account-Based Marketing, we were able to generate the deals the whole company was talking about.” VP Marketing, Panaya #5stepABM
    8. 8. Case Study Example Panaya helps companies that use ERP reduce 70% of their upgrade, testing risk and effort. 1. Target new customer segment 2. Increase focus on Fortune 1000 companies #5stepABM
    9. 9. 5 Steps to an ABM Strategy #5stepABM
    10. 10. Step 1: Discover & Define High-Value Accounts Review sales history in terms of revenue, profitability and sales cycle Determine account profiles • Industry, location, revenue, technology, named accounts • Behavior, customer journey and target personas Correlate with strategic goals • Regional expansion, market share growth, big brands, competitors’ customers #5stepABM
    11. 11. Step 2: Define Personalized & Effective Messaging • Discover existing content assets • Correlate assets to firmographics, personas and customer journey goals • Offer value, don’t over personalize • Optimize by success #5stepABM
    12. 12. Step 3: Determine Optimized Channels • One size does not fit all • Set up the touchpoints and nurture plan • Keep the message consistent across channels • Digital: website, social, PPC, blogs, referrals, email • Traditional: relevant magazines, events #5stepABM
    13. 13. Step 4: Execute Targeted Campaigns “Relevant, engaging and compelling content is the main ingredient for content success” (B2B Content Marketing Report 2013) “82% of prospects value content targeted to their specific industry and 67% find content targeted to their job function valuable” (Marketing Sherpa) #5stepABM
    14. 14. Step 4: Execute Targeted Campaigns • Speed and Relevancy • Focus on top-funnel, inbound prospects • Keep sales in the loop for quick response & feedback • Real-time targeting & personalization (onsite and attentive) #5stepABM
    15. 15. Case Study: SAP & Oracle #5stepABM
    16. 16. Case Study: SAP & Oracle #5stepABM
    17. 17. Case Study: Oracle #5stepABM
    18. 18. Step 5: Measure, Learn and Optimize • Track the entire sales and marketing funnel • Discover inbound accounts to track early results • Measure interactions and engagements • Monitor sales feedback and account traction • Measure conversion metrics: increase in revenue, reduce sales cycle time, customer loyalty #5stepABM
    19. 19. Summary Focus Marketing and Sales on key accounts that provide the highest revenue or meet strategic goals. #5stepABM
    20. 20. Next Steps • Accelerate your path to an ABM strategy • Speak to an ABM expert to start the process • www.insightera.com/abm-expert • Join us for an advanced ABM webinar • www.insightera.com/abm-advanced • Connect with us: @insightera, mike@insightera.com
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