Why websites are rubbish how accountancy firms can gain websites that produce measurable results


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This presentation explores why most websites struggle to be found on search engines and convert visitors to enquiries.

Accountancy firms in particular find it increasingly hard to compete and be found in an ever more competitive and saturated market place.

You will find practical steps in this webinar to ensure your website is one of those that can work, be measured and improved.

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  • Marketing no longer has to be a gamble
  • Expert help to tranform your marketing online and offline
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  • Why websites are rubbish how accountancy firms can gain websites that produce measurable results

    1. 1. You can Avoid this Discovered as a result of many mistakes Significant errors Failed campaigns Discouraging results Expensive and time consuming tests
    2. 2. Proven, Tried & Tested
    3. 3. Discover Today 1. The OLD lie we all believed 2. The NEW lie were being sold 3. Getting Found 4. No goal, thought or process 5. Meet the Team ignored 6. Lack of credible CTA or Soft Offer 7. Directing visitors to your ‘Home Page’ 8. No automated follow up
    4. 4. The Lie We All Got Sold
    5. 5. If You Build It!
    6. 6. Its Caused a Mess!
    7. 7. The New Myth
    8. 8. More Rubbish Creating a mobile version of a Rubbish website will result in More Rubbish What’s more, despite the considerable rise in smartphone growth, App use dominates.
    9. 9. Attracting Buyers - NO Selling required
    10. 10. Get ‘them’ to come to ‘you’
    11. 11. Make Sure Your Found
    12. 12. Getting Your Site Found
    13. 13. SEO every page on your website…. a) Page Title b) Meta Description c) H1 d) H2 e) H3 f) Keywords in body
    14. 14. Important Listings You must be on Google Places
    15. 15. Google + & LinkedIn
    16. 16. The 3 Phrase Test
    17. 17. Your Free SEO Review
    18. 18. What Happens When I land?
    19. 19. Where do YOU want them to go?
    20. 20. ????
    21. 21. ????
    22. 22. Clear Strong Direction
    23. 23. One clear Message
    24. 24. Meet The Team Ignored
    25. 25. Get it Right • Quality Photo and not a wedding shot • Make if fun if you want • Carefully constructed bio • Well written and checked by someone • Personal contact details for staff • Links to their personal profile on LinkedIn
    26. 26. The Mechanics of Lead Generation
    27. 27. Soft Offers & Calls To Action
    28. 28. Send Them to a Landing Page
    29. 29. Automated Email Follow Up Mail form filled in Linked with mailchimp ‘Thank You’ email generated Autoresponder emails generated
    30. 30. Targeted Telephone Follow Up • Quality telephone follow up • Email Opens • Website Visitors • Free Report/Free Content requests • Hot & Warm follow up • Relational Prospecting not Selling • Appointment setting