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How Accountants use social media to protect clients and win quality new clients - plus exclusive workshop invitation.
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How Accountants use social media to protect clients and win quality new clients - plus exclusive workshop invitation.


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This short, highly practical presentation is designed to help accountants to protect clients better, win quality new ones and save time by using social media. This is one of the most powerful tools …

This short, highly practical presentation is designed to help accountants to protect clients better, win quality new ones and save time by using social media. This is one of the most powerful tools we've even seen in 30 years of helping small firms and international ones to grow.

It will make more efficient your already limited time. It is now essential to use to protect your clients.
It is now the most powerful referral generation tool we know of.

One client who applied these ideas has won 11 new customers in just 10 months, two of which are worth over £30k!

You can find out how to do this yourself, here, for free. You can then get much more content at the UK's only social networking that works workshop for accountants - with a special offer at the end of this webinar.

More details on this workshop can be seen at

Social Networking and Social Media for Accountants. Marketing for Accountants, and Lead generation for Accountants. LinkedIn for Accountants and

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  • Hello and thank you for joining Insight Marketing for this webinar on How to use social media to win new clients (and protect current ones)”My name is Dan Richards and I head up client services here at Insight, and we will also be hearing from our founder, David Oliver. You will have seen a little about Insight during the opening slides just now, but for those of you who this is your first contact with us, then Firms have been surprised when we tell them that we can work with any size of practice from a start up sole practitioner to a top 50 firm. In fact the reality is our team work with firms of all sizes and with almost any budget. Some of our best long term clients started out small and we respect that and welcome that. I wanted to mention this at the outset because some of our entry level marketing solutions are available for just a few hundred pounds. If you want to grow and need help or advice in any area of sales & marketing there is a solution for youRead this slide out....
  • The entire profession is changing, over the next 12 months your customer base will be under more competition then they ever have been, in more ways then ever in the history of your practice and attrition rates will rise. And one of the most effective ways we have found to protect your clients is through social media and we will explain why…It is the most powerful marketing tool and it stands to reason that your competitors will use this to target the weakest area for almost all firms, in the most accurate and incisive way.If you don’t take steps now to use social media to speak to and protect your clients, then when they are approached by your competitors, they will be left exposed to their ideas, their commentary, their invitations and their proactivity – in direct contrast to your silence. Perhaps what is worse is the negative effect this can have on how your firm is perceived. Ultimately the firms which engage in social media with their clients, will be perceived as the more proactive, more advanced, more up to date and the firm that cares more than those who ignore it.
  • Lets focus on LinkedIn as for almost everyone attending today, this is the most powerful, pragmatic and easy to engage tool amongst the social media.
  • Thanks David….Before we look at 3 practical and proven tips you can make work right now, it is worth making sure that the very first step is complete or at least understood. Your profile is your ‘shop front’. A profile is the page a visitor, your client or prospect, will see when looking at you on your chosen social media platforms. It will also be what they see when you comment on conversations or network within groups.
  • It goes without saying, that if your profiles are not up to date, they need to be! They are your front of house, your shop front, and must be an excellent representation of you, your firm and your capability. The vast majority of the profiles we review, are incomplete, poorly constructed and written in a CV type manner.An ex CEO of British airways once said that a client can tell how well we maintain our engines by how clean the drop down coffee table is in front of them. If we take care of our ‘front of house’ well, it gives great confidence as to how the really important stuff is looked after.Make sure you have a great looking profile and take your online reputation seriously.We haven’t got time on this webinar to go through all the fundamentals, but if you do take up David’s invitation at the end of this webinar and attend the workshop, we will be covering all of this on the day including a resource pack giving you example profiles and profile updates.
  • One of the biggest challenges you tell us as partners you face is maintaining regular quality client communication with minimal time investment. To be clear, this is personal communication from partners, this is not about generic newsletters being pumped out identically by thousands of firms.Across facebook, twitter and linkedin, status updates are a phenomenal way of solving this problem.You can easily communicate something of interest that has value and it allows you to remain regularly in their consciousness. This is vital as your competitors will be also be targeting your clients in these same ways. What’s more, inviting prospects to join you online will also show you as a proactive, forward thinking firm.Now, if this was an integrated campaign –which by the way is how firms are achieving the very best results in terms of clients protected, new fees won and time saved – then you could take this content and use the same update through your blog, facebook, twitter and on your website. A blog is an incredibly effective bridge to all these different channels. If you want one, we do bespoke and integrated blogs for £750. if you want to find out how to do this more yourselves, come to the SOCIAL NETWORKING THAT WORKS events in May.Let me give you one example, using LinkedIn......
  • Ivan came along to one of our workshops last year and from this has implemented a number of the ideas and recommendations we made. In this example he has taken a news article from the Guardian, easily put it into his LinkedIn profile and added a quick short comment to make it his own. This is brilliant, as it has real value to his connections, makes clear an area of expertise he has, and is non salesy....You might also note at the bottom it give room for others to ‘like’ or add their own comments. By ‘liking’ this, it now means all those in my network or who find me through a search will also see Ivan’s post. He has just reached hundreds of quality business owners he is not connected to.Here’s how you can do the same: NEXT SLIDE
  • Accountancy Profession is one place where you can find good and relevant content, quickly and easily. By using the headlines they provide or searching the categories, you can swiftly find an article that is relevant to your audience and what you do. The good news about this is it is no longer dependant upon you and your limited time to write wholly unique content. Instead, you can take good stuff that already exists, and add your own commentary to it. This process takes seconds, or minutes if you stop to sip your tea along the way 
  • Most sites like ‘accountancy profession’ will have social share buttons on them. This is the part that makes it process so quick for you. You can find the information you want to share – in this example David Oliver has found a video by Accountancy Age Editor, Kevin Reed to share with this own accountancy connections on LinkedIn. Simply click where the arrow is pointing on the linkedin share icon and it automatically sends it your linkedin profile status update.
  • Now it has arrived on your status update, you can add your own comment in a few words to endorse the content, put it into context, or display credibility, and click ‘share’ and it will appear on your profile and any status updates that in this example, Davids connections will read. On this occasion, David went a step further and added a weblink that is trackable to our own website on the social networking event to help accountants do more of this themselves. Still adding value, still avoiding being ‘salesy’, and giving his connections something they can do to benefit them. From Davids point of view, because he used this special weblink, he is able to see analytics and how many click throughs to the website were generated and from seeing who viewed his LinkedIn profile, some of those who read his update and so could follow up personally with them to chat further.... You can do the same with your connections and clients.
  • Most of you tell us time and again that the best source of new business you have is from client and intermediary referrals. Yet you also tell us you rarely, if ever ask for them! Mark Lloydbottom puts the stat at 96% of clients think they’ve never been asked! But 97% would be happy to refer!!!One recurring reason for this is the inherent awkwardness involved in being sat with a client or on the phone with them and simply saying ‘glad you like what we’ve done, is there anyone else you know who we can talk to who would also appreciate this sort of support?’ almost all clients will want to say yes, but very few will be able to give you a name there and then...This is one of the most powerful applications of social networking and the best way we have ever seen to overcome the biggest referral generation challenge.This challenge is two fold. The asker’s confidence, and the person being asked knowing someone there and then who is appropriate.LinkedIn (and other social channels) give you real powerful intelligence and make the whole process so much more comfortable for everyone involved. In short – it completely removes the referral hurdle.Here’s how. Imagine now that before every client meeting you spend 10 minutes looking at their LinkedIn profile or facebook account, and identify the 3 people they know that you really want to do business with and could genuinely help. Now, when you meet your client and they are happy and grateful you can simply say ‘Dan, I notice that you know John, James and Sarah. I think we could really help them having looked at their businesses and would love to be able to do so. are you happy for us to use your name if we call them, or perhaps we could even go for lunch together?’How easy you have just made it for them to say ‘yes’. No pressure, no awkward figitting trying to politely say they’ll think of someone and let you know, being fully aware they’ll get busy and it will slip away despite best intentions....Regular, quality, referrals – allowing you to grow your business, the best way you know how....
  • This is how you find this intelligence..............TAKE THEM THROUGH THE STEPS, QUICKLY AND CONCISELY.
  • Find the person you’re going to meetClick on their connections
  • This will bring up a list of their connections so that you can quickly browse, find those you’d like to work with and because LinkedIn offers so much intelligence, you can easily profile them further and gain the information you need approach them with confidence and integrity....
  • The next practical tool to leave you with on this webinar is how to build PRICELESS goodwill and loyalty within your clients.This goodwill can be leveraged, often without you needed to do anything else, as you have been as close to autruistic as possible.Spend just a few focussed minutes, putting people you know together – where you know they could work together or add value to each other in some way. In return they will do the same for you, or repay you in another way. After all, It is human nature to want to ‘repay’.Here’s how you do it.....
  • Its my sincere hope that todays webinar has given you some ideas you can put into action within your practice. Of course there is a limit to what we can cover on a short 30 minute webinar – that’s why I would like to offer every webinar delegate an invitation to join me and 3 other leading presenters to our up and coming one day event SNTW. This is the only time we will run this event this year, it’s a must attend topic and whats more I am extending an invitation to register today and save 25% on your registation fee.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The entire profession is changingOver the next 12 months yourclients will be approached morethan ever by your competitors.In more ways then ever in thehistory of your practiceAnd attrition rates will rise
    • 2. The Stats Of Change•50% SMB’s get new customers thru social media•69% of small business get referrals thru social media•44% SMB decision makers use social•800 million facebook users 400 million login daily•Twitter 175 million•23% of all online time now social networks•LinkedIn well over 100 million including 8 Million in UK
    • 3. Social Networking That Works full day eventThis webinar will focus primarily on LinkedInWe are tight for time & this is where accountants have madethe greatest early wins easy win to gain new clients and reduceattrition.SNTW will give you this in much more detail
    • 4. The Stats Of Change
    • 5. The Stats Of NewBusiness OpportunityIdeal clients £2.5 k plus on compliance feesand added value services. Fun and pay well324,770 IT188,786 Financial services124,785 Computer software119,958 Marketing/advertising
    • 6. The Stats Of NewBusiness OpportunityIT - 50 miles from my office
    • 7. Do you feel prepared?• UK LinkedIn over 8 million 60% + of professional services• LinkedIn say only 3% really know how to use it• 68% of accountants report that they feel “unprepared” for the challenges of social media marketing.
    • 8. The challenge foraccountants!!Everything is changing around us at a fast pace….More demands on us and less time to handle thosedemands.. Not enough time ? Social media enables accountants to make the best use of time you don’t have to secure High quality clients retaining & growing existing clients
    • 9. 8 Proven ways social media can help youachieve far more from less….1. Manage existing clients2. Distribution of quality info to clients3. Generating referrals4. Secure new high quality clients5. Prevent attrition & offer additional services6. Increase web visibility, SEO Rankings & traffic7. Low cost no cost marketing8. Recruitment
    • 10. Your profiles – your shop front….
    • 11. If your profiles are not up to date, they need to be!They are your ‘front of house’, your ‘shop front’ and must be anexcellent representation of you, your firm, and your capability.You must be connected to all of your customers and encourage themto do so.
    • 12. Social media makes current tasks a lot easierBlogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Google + can allmake communicating, managing and protecting clients awhole lot easier
    • 13. One LinkedIn example . . .
    • 14. Sharing & commenting on existing materialmakes communication a breeze
    • 15. Use the share icons to send the contentstraight to your profile/tweet/blog etc
    • 16. Quick, easy, quality communication with your clients will help you protect themShare with my LinkedInThen post a commentWith a link to SNTW
    • 17. Referrals – we all know we should askfor them BUTWhen it comes to it . . . . Sat with the client thebiggest hurdle is when they say “ ”
    • 18. Social media helps you overcome this hurdle
    • 19. Find the client you are about to meet.....
    • 20. Find the people they know, that you want todo business with....
    • 21. Use Social Networking to build pricelessgoodwill and loyalty within your clients
    • 22. Quickly and easily make the introduction –everybody wins; especially you!
    • 23. Making it countProspect search then connect
    • 24. Making it countProspect search then connect The content funnel, Step 4 Tweet/Facebook
    • 25. Making it countProspect search then connect
    • 26. Making it countProspect search then connect The content funnel, Step 4 Tweet/Facebook
    • 27. Making it countProspect search then connect The content funnel, Step 4 Tweet/Facebook
    • 28. Making it countProspect search then connect The content funnel, Step 4 Tweet/Facebook
    • 29. Making it countProspect search then connectWhere appropriate askfor an introduction… ideallya referral using phone or email
    • 30. Making it countBeen searched then connect
    • 31. Making it count with new prospects..LinkIn then search for shared connectionsAppt made ask ifProspect will kindlyLink-In
    • 32. Making it count with new prospects..‘Link In’ then search for shared connections
    • 33. Making it count with new prospects..‘Link In’ then search for shared connections ..Then connect!!Where appropriate askfor an introduction… ideallya referral
    • 34. Using Social media to win new prospects..Invite then when accepted request a meetingor.. been invited accept then request a meeting Michael Broom - Shrewsbury Send invitation to connect. When confirmed send an email .. Can we meet? European Handling company yes straight away. 2 days later opportunity to present the firm and quote. Business agreed
    • 35. Using Social media to avoid attrition &win new business1. Share great content2. Give clients referrals intro’s & recommendation3. Gain referrals
    • 36. Using Social media to avoid attrition &win new business5. Been searched? Then connect6. Invite or been invited then connect7. Prospect meetings Link In then get introduced8. Know the next step or steps
    • 37. Using Social media to avoid attrition & winnew business……..Aggregating the actionSocial Networking for accountantsNot usually one singular substantial predictableresult.. Rather an aggregate of a series of ;Small stepsSmall endeavoursSmall engagementsRemember the wisdom literature;‘sow your seed in the morning & in the evening do not letyour hands be idle for you do not whether this or that willwork or whether both will do equally well’
    • 38. A special invitation from David Oliver Join us live this MayAt a venue near youLondon 2nd MayBirmingham 15th MayLeeds 16th MayNewcastle 17th MayBristol 23rd MayReading 24th May
    • 39. Yes – Discover in just one day how yourfirm can use social media with easeThere are lots of reasons to attend – here are just a few• Discover what leading firms are doing that works• Enjoy over 67 profitable ways social networking can help your firm grow• Learn highly effective ways to to do more in less time• Listen to 4 of the most well-respected experts in their field together under 1 roof. Together we will lift the lid on social media marketing for accountants• Plus you will gain over £1800 value in post-event support to help you implement your new strategy with ease.• Price is just £297 + VAT for workshop delegates
    • 40. Your free resource libraryWorth £1800 – free to delegates• 5 templates for perfect online bios• Free marketing help line• Social media template• Free guide to writing articles online• 9 instant LinkedIn profile templates• £300 of vouchers for future events• 3 hours audio content on offline marketing to dovetail into your social strategies
    • 41. Register today risk free and save 25% of your placesRegistration is SUPER EASYSimply call us on 0800 803 0826 and quote webinar oremail