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These are unprecedented times – don’t traverse them alone. One of our key frustrations is sitting with partners who say they simply want to grow. No particularly thought through reason why, no timescale or even eventual exit in mind. And then when asked what is in place to help them grow right now, notwithstanding the worrying lack of direction, the answer is often very little if anything at all.

This webinar gives you proven ways to win quality new clients for your firm now. It will also help you establish a sales pipeline and ‘engine’ that will add tangible £value to your practice. Firms of all sizes across the UK are implementing this strategies, tools and resources now for profitable results.

Expert ways to generate quality appointments, where you can win profitable new clients. Appointment generation for Accountants and professional service firms that is more than telemarketing.

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Proven offline marketing solutions

  1. 1. by insightInsightIntelligenceHow to win high qualitycustomers using offlinemarketing…
  2. 2. Insight IntelligenceWho are Insight and what do we do?•Nearly 30 years of working with accountants of all sizes, helpingthem to grow•Over 3000 delegates to live events this year•Over 10,000 reports downloaded•Over 25,000 subscriber to bulletins pm•Over 300 consultative 1:1’s with partners of firms this year
  3. 3. Insight IntelligenceThese are unprecedentedtimes….The backdrop for todays webinar :1. Tremendous economic turmoil, instability and fear2. Your client base is probably at its highest threat from competitors ever3. Rapid changes in technology4. Considerable increase in accountancy firms appetite to grow Insight Intelligence
  4. 4. Insight Intelligence…Don’t traversethem alone… Insight Intelligence
  5. 5. Insight Intelligence#1 Have a plan!Now more than ever it is important to havea plan, a strategy that you work towardsand review on a regular basis.“If you always do, what you’vealways done, you wont get whatyou’ve always had – it will be less.....” Insight Intelligence
  6. 6. Insight IntelligenceYour plan must incorporate -TestMeasure Adapt & improve  Don’t just ‘grow’! Too many firms say ‘we want to grow’ but have no real plan, no Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure against, no targets & no thought through implementation strategy.  Your plan should incorporate multiple routes to market  It must have clear targets with Key Performance Indicators (a free 1 page plan is available in your webinar resource pack)
  7. 7. Insight Intelligence #2 Clients first….•In todays climate ring fencing your customer base is top priority•Traditionally firms can be careless with customers assuming theywill last 7 years or more. These days are changing, and fast.•A key part of this process is referral generation•Developing your referral strategy and building it into your planwith KPIs of referrals per partner is key•LinkedIn is an important tool in this strategy
  8. 8. Insight Intelligence#3 Identify the right type ofprospects en-mass• Spend time profiling the ideal type of new customer• Run a search to find the number of prospects in your geographic area that fit your profile• Profile again then purchase the data• Import into a CRM System(a free prospect search is included in your resource pack) Insight Intelligence
  9. 9. Insight IntelligenceWhat mass is appropriate?• Without the right mass, all subsequent sales and marketing will be ineffective.• You can expect to get a response rate from direct mail of 0.1% to 0.5%• 1000+ is appropriate for most firms, which will enable you to gain clients now but also ensure you have enough to market to.• Knowing your ‘total’ number available will help you plan your strategy for yr 2+ Insight Intelligence
  10. 10. Insight Intelligence#4 Get the CRM right• Automate your sales and marketing – do more in less time• Track your past sales• Accurately predict future business• Email and direct mail functionality• Log all conversation history• Shared resource and intelligence• Increase the value of your firm Insight Intelligence
  11. 11. Insight Intelligence#5 Add your known contacts• A hidden goldmine is often known contacts to individual partners• Piles of old business cards and outlook contacts• LinkedIn or social platforms and who you are connected to online• All newsletter sign ups, enquiries, meetings, and even your affiliates banks etc Insight Intelligence
  12. 12. Insight Intelligence#6 Automated - Direct mail• We have sent over 200,000 direct mail pieces out in the last 12 months alone• Direct mail is highly effective• Easily measured, tracked & improved• Hassle free, especially if outsourced• Use your new data and CRM to automate regular Direct Mail with ease Insight Intelligence
  13. 13. Insight IntelligenceDirect Mail When was the last time your accountants added something positive to your business? Dear [name]4:1 As human beings, we are averse to change. We love the status quo and will go to great lengths to defend and protect it – even when there’s aFPOOP solid argument to show that change would provide a better solution.0.1% Take your accountants, for example. You’ve been with them for years. They turn up once a year, shuffle your invoices and petty cash vouchers, make a few squiggles with a green pen (It has to be green, because it was red last year!) and eventually, they send you a report saying last year’s accounts are OK. Usually, it’s accompanied by a bill that bears little relationship to the amount of work you think they’ve done. But think about changing? Nah! Insight Intelligence
  14. 14. Insight Intelligence#7 – Put on eventsEvents are a great platform to educate andpresent to current and potential customersSome firms have ‘dipped a toe’ in the pastand not sinceUse your new list and CRM to promote them Insight Intelligence
  15. 15. Insight IntelligenceType of events• Live events on a specific topic that will be attractive to your ideal client (not necessarily accounts related)• Regular networking events – breakfast meetings etc.• Webinars just like this one• Social fun activities – go karting, London boat show, golf days, wine tasting etc Insight Intelligence
  16. 16. Insight Intelligence#8 – Take the online conversation offline•Almost all accountants are selling a professional, well trusted service– not a ‘widget’.•This requires conversation, letters, meetings, intermediaries.•Speed of response always increases response • within 1 hour will double the success rate•Asking good questions, establishing credibility, nurturing relationships Insight Intelligence
  17. 17. Insight Intelligence #9 Relational telemarketing• Bringing it all together• Still the most proven route to qualified new client opportunities.• Expert, skilled, and established staff.• Follow up and make good your investment into online, email, direct mail, workshops and seminars, social networking and your own personal contacts.• Multiple contact, raising awareness, keeping promises, building relationships.• Meet prospects at the right time, when they’re ready.• Play to strengths• Consistency Insight Intelligence
  18. 18. Insight Intelligence #10 – Don’t fear multiple messages•Manchester university established the rule of 7•Build a different future for your firm by establishing consistentsales activity•Get relationships right while you sell, they’ll be far stronger asclients.•Don’t give up. Play to strengths, use your team.•Be on the radar for when they’re ready.•Handpick those who are right, just now
  19. 19. Insight IntelligenceBringing together successful ingredients•Relational telemarketing – the human conversation•‘sales led’ direct mail•Email marketing – powerful analytics, a platform to test•Social media – integrating online, help turn ‘cold’ leads into referrals•Seminars/workshops•Tangible sales pipeline•Remember your clients!•Does your website help or hinder? Insight Intelligence
  20. 20. Insight Intelligence A free resource pack for everyoneThere is a limit to what can be covered by webinar; that’s whywe offer the following.1. Beware of Telemarketing - your free 28 page report that outlines what to avoid and how to get telemarketing working for your firm. Plus pre-structured offline plans that work.2. One page plan for a marketing strategy3. Free prospect search4. Free 1:1 together by phone - expert, independent advice from the comfort of your office and without obligation3. Invitation to join us for a full day live4. Free evening with our senior team over champagne and Canapés