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I just dont get apps   why are accountancy, ifa, and ifp firms launching smartphone & tablet apps
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I just dont get apps why are accountancy, ifa, and ifp firms launching smartphone & tablet apps


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Hundreds of firms are launching Apps for clients and prospects. They are experiencing increased referral generation, fantastic client feedback and terrfific PR and marketing with no more effort than …

Hundreds of firms are launching Apps for clients and prospects. They are experiencing increased referral generation, fantastic client feedback and terrfific PR and marketing with no more effort than they are already investing - indeed it often saves them and their clients time!

Yet many firms are still uncertain about the need or use of Apps for their firm and their clients. This webinar explores some of the context and direct experiences that firms are discovering and helps you make the decision whether an App and the use of mobile technology is indeed 'right' for your firm.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. I Just Don’t Get Apps! Why are Accountancy, IFA and IFP firms launching smartphone & tablet Apps?
    • 2. To Where We Are Today
    • 3. Is an App: • A Vanity project • Full of gimmicky features clients will not use • A pointless fad that will die out Who is going to use it anyway?
    • 4. You don’t HAVE to have one It’s not a magic wand It’s not a Holy Grail It is up to you to assess the pros & cons
    • 5. Its not a mobile website An App does what a mobile site CANNOT do Track Mileage Manage Receipts & Income Provide real-time news & data Powerful Communication platform Integrate with other tools & other Apps
    • 6. Apps Dominate Mobile Web
    • 7. 5 C’s • Creation • Context • Content • Communication • Control
    • 8. Creation
    • 9. It surprised us! A GOOD marketing tool A way of differentiating our clients from other firms So we built one. . . . Its what happened next that really surprised us!
    • 10. End Users Loved Them
    • 11. ‘They’ Led Us
    • 12. Over 25,000 of them
    • 13. They told their advisors what ‘they’ wanted • Social Media & Skype integration • More calculators • Mileage Tracker • Receipt Manager • Income Tracker • Precious Metals data • More Integration
    • 14. And ‘they’ got it
    • 15. CONTEXT
    • 16. So while we discuss ‘Why Apps’ ‘they’ your clients and prospect’s ‘they’ are using Apps ‘they’ want Apps
    • 17. An App is: The most affordable Effective Productive Efficient Tool for you to reach & interact with existing & future customers.
    • 18. This is commonplace
    • 19. The most exciting thing I have seen in over 45 years of accountancy
    • 20. For businesses, the App ecosystem represents a commercial and customer services opportunity that should not be missed.
    • 21. Jamie Gordon - Lynas Vokes “As a firm of investment managers we know a growing number of our clients and potential clients use Apps. So we knew we needed to find a way to reach out to them in a modern, technologically advanced manner. To interact act with them via the devices they use every day, smartphones and tablets. When we saw the demonstration of the Your IFA APP solution we knew this was the perfect solution for us. The entire process from enquiry and order to App going live in the Apple and Android stores has been fast, efficient and professional.”
    • 22. Thomson Reuters’ The mobile App enables practioners to bring their clients a new dimension of functionality while maintaining their own branding and identity. Building better relationships, and providing a level of service and sophistication that wasn’t possible for small and mid-sized firms in the past.
    • 23. “A complete no-brainer! In today’s high-tech world accountancy firms MUST launch their own App.”
    • 24. Never in history has it been possible to be this close to your clients and prospects All of the time At Low Cost With Zero Implementation or Management
    • 25. So where does the come from?
    • 26. Speed can be unsettling Since 2007 there are now 1.2 billion people using Apps regularly This number is set to expand by 30% by 2017 Over 80% of an average firms clients use Apps
    • 27. Its Happened So Fast That most haven’t even bothered to take notice It Just Seems Natural “I had a sense, I knew, that Apps were important – but I didn’t really ‘get it’ or know enough, until….”
    • 28. The Post PC Era
    • 29. Exciting Times & Astonishing Opportunities Hyper Personalised Media 168 minutes per day watching TV 158 minutes per day on mobiles 80% of that time is spent in Apps.
    • 30. CONTENT
    • 31. What Can An App Do? Mobile is the number one communication channel. Apps will become the interface between a firm and its customers in the next 18-24 months.
    • 32. As Close to Bespoke As Possible
    • 33. Calculators 16 Powerful Calculators Dividend Verses Salary Corporation Tax Income Tax Should I Incorporate? Increased Profit Contractor IHT APR Stamp Duty Inflation VAT Payslip Loan Company Car Mortgage and Savings To answer the run of the mill, daily questions in your branding thanks to your App
    • 34. Great Content Tax Tables Financial Dates Key Practice Info Click 2 Call Financial News Precious Metal Tracker Blog Stream Social Media Skype Integration
    • 35. Amazing Tools Photo Receipt Manager Mileage Tracker Income Management Portfolio Tracker
    • 36. Communication
    • 37. A Permission Based Mobile Communication Channel A deeply personal connection Push is the voice of your App
    • 38. Communication made Easy Communicating with clients & prospects can be difficult, time consuming and unproductive. Having an App changes this Push messages take seconds to send
    • 39. Stop Fighting Push Messages don’t fight for space in an inbox or mailbox Generate an 80% + open rate Can be scheduled in advanced No extra charge
    • 40. Lets Have a Closer Look Emails Push Inboxes are overflowing Personal connection Data accuracy vital Client manages data Bounce rates high 0% bounce rate Open rates of 3 – 4% 80% + higher open rate Difficult to send Seconds to send Legal issues/data protection etc No data stored by you
    • 41. What do clients use them for? • Promote local events, networking etc • Advise on topical blog or news articles • Budget and financial updates • Wealth Alerts • Tax return reminders
    • 42. OK I ‘get it’ but what about ROI Increased Referrals Direct Enquiries App Promotion Increased Customer Loyalty Hours of Time saved Future Proof
    • 43. No ‘Selling’ Just Give it Away Giving away your ‘Free App’ implies: You are different Than their existing advisor You are technologically advanced Their current firm are old fashioned You care enough to launch a free App Their current advisors don’t You are proactive, prepared to reach out Not heard from their firm You are smart, forward thinking & creative Than the stereotypical advisors
    • 44. MyFirmsApp Built for Advisors Inspired by End Users Proven, Tried, Tested and Fully Endorsed
    • 45. Your Personal Demonstration Simply Register for your FREE 1:1 App Demo in 3 ways 1.Email me direct on 1.Register at 1.Call our expert team on 0800 8030 826