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Customer satisfaction survey_The Holy Grail!
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Customer satisfaction survey_The Holy Grail!


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Attrition rates of customers are increasing for most professional service firms. Indeed this programme works for all business and over the last 3 years has produced an average 7x ROI. Keep more …

Attrition rates of customers are increasing for most professional service firms. Indeed this programme works for all business and over the last 3 years has produced an average 7x ROI. Keep more clients, build goodwill, gain upsell, referrals and testimonials.

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  • 1. Our most powerful customer protection programme . . . some have called it the Holy Grail1. Protect and increase your client base2. Gather valuable data about the service you provide3. Generate requests for more business from happy clients4. Appropriately gain referrals and testimonials 25 For over Trusted by Ac c Yrs ountants by Insight
  • 2. A unique service to help retain clients and grow your firm This unique customer care process has been developed over our 25 + year history. Most firms quickly grasp the value of the customer survey process, which fits with most firm’s natural strengths, capitalising on the relationships built with customers, often over many years. One firm called it the holy grail for accountancy firms. A customer survey is the only means by which an accountant is likely to get a true understanding of the likes and dislikes of their customers. This customer feedback along with a unique benchmarking report is the driving factor for firms to make suitable changes that often impress customers further. Repeat business and new business opportunities arise when your customers trust you and share this with others – this survey process achieves just that. Some more good news about this special service: • This is a low cost, high return service • It requires almost no effort on your part – we do all the work • It protects your customers at a time when competition is high • It gains highly valuable feedback • Receive a benchmark report of your performance against others • Generate requests for more business • Gain referrals and testimonials from happy customers • Win new clients from referral opportunities The process itself will impress your customers When we started this process, a benefit we did not anticipate, is how valued customers feel when they are written too, called and have their feedback genuinely listened too. People love to talk about themselves and what’s going on in their experience. This system enables them to share what’s working and what might be improved. A regular comment made by accountancy firm’s customers is “What a brilliant idea this is, it’s something we should be doing with all our clients’’. That’s a reflection on how positively they view the process of sharing their feedback. You will find further information about the holy grail system in this report – to start simply call 0800 8030826. Warm regards Joel Oliver Joel Oliver “ 97% of clients would happily recommend their accountants. 96% have never been asked to. ” Mark Lloydbottom - Clients for Life2
  • 3. Customer Satisfaction survey Contents Happier clients 5// 11// 11// 4// Brief Summary 11// Frequently asked questions Introduction Who makes the calls, Expected Results, Guarantees ...Comments from North EastAccountancy award winners 2010and Accountancy Age finalists 2010“ Having worked with Insight for over 10years we can comfortably say they have been 5// Case Study A selection of case studies 13// Powerful 1:1 Marketinginstrumental in the success of our practice Performance Consultationand have supported our firm exceptionally For your practice with ourwell. We cannot recommend Insight highly compliments.enough. David and his team are fantasticpresenters and their assistance over the 7// A Five Step Processpast 10 years has been the key to our firm’s Five step process. ”growth. 14// Values Thoburn £ Chapman 8// What will it give you by Insight 3
  • 4. Brief Summary What is it? This is an advanced customer satisfaction programme, pioneered by Insight to help you grow by working on your customer base. We write to and then telephone your customers to carry out a highly professional call that has many benefits both to your practice and the customers that we call. How does it work? We sign an NDA or similar, and you provide us your client list (see page 11) along with any specific data we jointly agree is necessary. Our caller will talk through this list with you before starting your calls. Prior to any calls being made a letter is sent out (which we write for you) informing your customers that they will receive a special customer care call. We then carry out the phone calls asking a list of specific questions (which are pre-agreed). Any urgent feedback that requires your immediate attention is passed across to you in real time, all other feedback is then documented and provided in your full report. How much does it cost? This is a customised service to suit your budget, size of customer base and your firm’s capacity. A typical campaign requires an investment of £6,000 to work through a database of 200 customers. Please note: not all will be spoken. This investment includes: • Full briefing with account manager • Handling of client data + pre and post campaign management • Up to 8 days calling your database, including generation of testimonials and referrals • Live feedback and individual client action where required • Full report, notes and benchmarking summary • Executive summary with recommendations All calls are carried out by one of our senior telephone speciailists who will call either using your firm’s name, or a third party. This means you have one of the country’s most experienced accountancy telephone specialists working on your database. What’s more when we generate a referral if you want, we will follow it up on your behalf (if you wish) and arrange an appointment. What return will I get? Most firms grasp this service and its value very quickly, one described it as “protecting your customer base” another said “so basically it’s free!” and it is both of these. Typically our role is four-fold and this is what leverages such great returns from a small investment. Most firms get their value back from the report, let alone combined with other factors. • Handling customer complaints, and retaining customers that are considering leaving • Where appropriate, sensitively offering additional services your firm can offer • Gain referrals and testimonials from happy clients which we then follow up for you • A highly valuable report with full feedback and benchmarking summary4
  • 5. Customer Satisfaction surveyCase study from a specialist firm“James Magee engaged Insight to deliver a powerfully simple customer satisfaction survey to our client base. At theoutset it was agreed that the campaign would have 3 key objectives: • We wanted to gain independent feedback from our clients about the perceived quality of service we were delivering. We like to think we are doing a good job but very rarely ask a client directly and specifically. • Where the customer approached was happy and singing our praises we wanted to create opportunities for them to request further or additional services from us. • Something we knew we should do but find so hard to make the time to do it – request referrals and testimonials from happy, cared-for customers.I have to say that I found the entire service provided by Insight to be excellent in all areas: from the offering; the delivery;the pleasant service; the positive feedback I’ve had from clients; and from the potential return on investment we standto make.By getting an independent organisation to pose the question I feel that 3 distinct benefits have accrued. Firstly clientsare very pleased and impressed that we’ve taken the trouble to ask them for their views. Secondly the feedbackwill enable us to make a couple of simple changes to our operation that will make a big difference to the way clientsperceive what we deliver. And finally the independent confirmation of the aspects of our work that clients truly valuemeans that we will have greater confidence to charge properly for such work in future.The entire process has enabled us to focus on our customers, gain great feedback and help protect our client base.I believe this will more than pay for the exercise before looking at any new business opportunities generated. Manynew opportunities have been created for us, and at present I am projecting a 7 x return on our investment withInsight. What’s more, its addressed a key area of practice management with almost no time needed from key staff.Expectations surpassed” Brendan Magee - Principle Case study smaller growing practice and AVN Firm of the YearAVN FIRM OF THE YEAR Calcutt Matthews engaged Insight. The approach was simple, deliver this proven sensitiveprogramme to a select number of customers, gain valuable feedback for the firm and crucially create upsell opportunities.Most notably, they were able to generate well in excess of their investment from the ‘upsell’ opportunity alone. Theywere also able to indentify clients, where action was needed to safeguard retention. Referrals were asked for and theclient felt they had received genuine value. This process showed a direct ROI and we were able to congratulate CalcuttMatthews as they won AVN Firm of the Year at the national conference in October 2010.“The work done by Insight has been excellent albeit on a deliberately fairly small campaign. Thereal value to us is in the clever structuring of the questions to elicit response. The summary reportand assessment provided by the team gives real value. The whole campaign has been more thanpaid for by a couple of pieces of work that were sold by Insight on the up-sell.” Calcutt Matthews – Senior Partner by Insight 5
  • 6. “How many times have you called one of your clients, checked they are happy, offered a new service to them or asked for a referral?” This unique Holy Grail process is designed to give your practice: • Visible and deliberate customer care: proof that one of your core values is being put into practice. In short, by contacting your clients we will help to increase, improve and safeguard CLIENT RETENTION while at the same time gain valuable feedback. This has two significant benefits: A) Understanding why customers use your firm and what they like about it. This will enable all future marketing to be developed on the great things you do. B) No firm has 100% happy clients and in the current market retention is vital. By effectively handling a complaint, we can nip problems in the bud, before unhappy clients leave. • The ability to talk to existing clients about additional services you have available, enabling them to REQUEST further information on these services or to request a meeting to discuss them face to face. This is a subtle and powerful difference to the normal ‘sales’ process. • More new clients: as the process has been designed to deliver testimonials, referrals and appointments with prospects, all you need to do is turn up at the meeting and convert the referral into a client. This plays to most firms’ strengths as they are normally successful with these kinds of appointments. • A list of exactly which clients are interested in buying which additional services: This makes your cross-selling efforts highly effective. • A COMPREHENSIVE REPORT: At the end of the campaign you will be presented with a report that gives you: Happier clients Improved client retention Promote additional services6
  • 7. Customer Satisfaction surveyA proven step by step processStep 1 – You provide Insight with a list of clients from your practiceStep 2 – Insight makes customer care phone calls to your nominated clients.Step 3 – If a client is unhappy: We will tell you immediately so you can address the specific problem. We also use a “service recovery” process to ‘super-please’ your clients, offering them something extra at no charge from a pre-agreed list.Step 4 – If a client is happy • We will ask for a testimonial. • We will ask for a referral and then contact that referral, qualify them and arrange an appointment for them to meet you. • We will also ask your client a series of pre-agreed questions, designed by Insight, which identify the additional services that are most relevant to that client. For example a business strength review, advanced tax planning, a meeting with a senior partner, wealth management, exit planning, tax credits etc. • We can arrange a meeting between you and any client who is particularly keen to explore something further. • Request backlinks to your website.Step 5 – We provide you with a report containing the following: • A benchmark score for your services • A pack of testimonials • A number of appointments with prospects • A number of appointments with clients who are keen to explore one or more related issues • A list of referrals who have not yet agreed to a meeting, but which you can follow up at a later date • A list of clients who are interested in additional services • A full list of up-to-date email addresses for all clients contacted Generate referrals Gain new customers RESULT! by Insight 7
  • 8. Using Insight, you can take advantage of the following: Gain high quality feedback from customers We ask a number of polite and professional questions to ascertain how happy clients are with the service provided by you. We encourage positive feedback which may be used as quotes or testimonials in other material - and we encourage complaints. According to extensive research, more than 95% of people who have had a bad experience with a firm, don’t complain. However, through our unique process, if a client has a problem they will share it with us. Our team are trained to handle these calls, and will provide feedback to you ‘same day’, so you can choose how to respond. This process gains referrals, draws out complaints and increases customer retention. Identify new opportunities Prior to making any calls we hold a detailed briefing to agree what we are promoting and why. Typically we find clients are not aware of what additional services a firm can offer so we have a great opportunity to generate more business from your existing client base. Generate more referrals Every partner knows that when it comes to referrals, the No 1 rule is to ask for them! Equally well known is that very few partners are comfortable asking for referrals and consequently don’t! Even those who are more comfortable asking, rarely get around to it, as they are focused on delivering to existing customers. The result is a trickle of referrals rather than the constant flow which an active strategy would produce. Set appointments with referral opportunities Once a referral has been achieved we are in an excellent position to approach the contact by phone and professionally explain the context of the call. The result is often either a lengthy conversation with a follow-up call arranged or a meeting booked for a senior partner to attend. Benchmarking report backlinks The primary goal of The Holy Grail system is to improve client retention, gain new business through existing customers and generate referral opportunities. In addition, we provide a basic benchmarking report which identifies your perceived strengths and weaknesses in areas of Pro activity / Timeliness / Accessibility / Value. If there is something else you would specifically like to know we may be able to build this into the feedback process. Backlinks In this digital era, backlinks are vital in order for Google to rank your site highly – links from another website back to your own. You should already have links from local directories, regulated bodies and suppliers. Another great place to gain backlinks, is from existing customers. If requested we can ask happy customers to provide a link from their website to yours and generate referral opportunities.8
  • 9. Customer Satisfaction surveyFrequently asked questionsQ: Who makes the telephone calls?All Holy Grail campaigns are run by our Telephone Specialists(TS). Each TS has undergone intensive training regardlessof the amount of past calling experience. Their training isalso continued through quarterly seminars, keeping themup to date with new techniques and methods. Thanks toour extensive involvement in sales and marketing trainingaround the world over the last 25 years, many of these techniques have been pioneered and tested by our own teams.This means you can be sure that the TS assigned to your account is a highly trained individual who knows exactly howto represent your firm in the most professional and productive manner without the use of a script.Their role is to help you secure new business. They are highly experienced on the telephone and have been handpickedfor their skills. Your TS will achieve on average 40 -50 telephone calls per day and (if required) will contact you at thestart and end of the day, to gain feedback and to chat through the results.In short, we’ll help you generate new business, that’s exactly the right ‘fit’ for your firm.Q: What are the expected results?The reality is that there are multiple variables when it comes to implementing The Holy Grail for your firm. Each of thesemay well make a positive or negative difference to the results you experience.These are:• How happy are your clients with your services?• Are they comfortable providing a testimonial or referral?• How frequently have they received marketing material in the past?• The strength of the offer available and the quality of the services we can discuss with your client• The number of clients available to call and their size/profileWe GUARANTEE…Your pilot campaign will provide you with the following:• Improved client retention• An opportunity to handle complaints professionally• Promote additional service (s) to your client base• Gain testimonials where clients are happy• Request referrals from satisfied customers• Provide you with a comprehensive benchmarking report• The Maths of Selling that give you clear numbers on which you can base future activity and investment by Insight 9
  • 10. Q: What happens to our client database? A common question we are asked is how can you safeguard our customer database? Your client list is one of your most valuable assets, so allowing us to contact your customers is a considerable responsibility and one we take very seriously. We have a safe and proven process for managing all our customer databases. We are also very comfortable signing a NDA if you would find this helpful. Q: What experience does Insight have? Insight was founded over 20 years ago by well-known author and philanthropist, David Oliver. David has grown a number of firms, which he has either sold or continued to develop. He is one of the most sought-after sales and marketing presenters and trainers in the UK. David’s vision for Insight is as clear today as it was 20 years ago: To help practices grow, and to realise the potential of the business owners and the people they are responsible for. Since Insight’s formation, David and his team have been instrumental in training some of the leading sales and marketing teams in the world. Insight’s prestigious clients include Microsoft, HBOS, Lloyds, B&Q and Mitsubishi ACCA, UK 200, AVN, MGI, Morrisons International and MHA . This management team and staff, are currently serving a range of UK accountancy firms from sole practitioners to top 20 firms. Insight has an excellent reputation, for its honest approach to tactical sales and marketing that delivers measurable results for accountants. Q: What questions do you ask? Our team is trained to hold intelligent, professional conversations with your clients’ senior decision makers. Therefore each call is completely unscripted. We do not follow a prescribed scripted format on calls, robotically going from one question to the next. Our approach is always to agree the big picture and then to ask relevant questions so we can understand: 1. Is the client happy or unhappy? 2. Why? 3. What else might they like to receive from you? 4. Are they willing to provide a testimonial or referral?10
  • 11. Customer Satisfaction surveyQ: Is there any risk?Of course, there is always risk in any communicationwith clients, but we believe our 20-year experience in BUT DoES IT WoRk?dealing with accountants’ clients - now condensed intothe unique Holy Grail process - minimises that risk toacceptable levels, and no questions have been raised in “Fantastic news! The above are now a client of”twelve months to date running this system Spofforths, fee £10,800 per annum (£900 per month pa). Hopefully the first of many more conversions! SpofforthsQ: What about the Data Protection Act?We are registered to work with our customers’ data in “The work done by Insight has been excellent”accordance with the Data Protection Act, so everything albeit on a deliberately fairly small legal and above board. All of your data held on our The real value to us is in the clever structuring offiles, will be returned to your firm, upon completion of the questions to illicit response. The summarythe work we undertake on your behalf. We do not keep report and assessment provided by the Teama copy of your data files. gives real value. The whole campaign has been more than paid for by a couple of pieces of work that were sold by Insight on the upQ: what are the pilot, timings and costs sell. Calcutt MatthewsWe normally test The Holy Grail on a small pilotcampaign, which is designed to suit your budget, size “We have used Insight for over 3 years to assist”of clients and growth objectives. A typical test campaignrequires a minimum investment of £6,000 which enables with our practice growth and new businessour team to professionally call, handle and manage generation. Over this time they have delivereda pilot database of between 150 – 220 customers great results, helped us win some cherisheddepending on the number of questions being asked. customers and help us focus our sales andAll your calls will be carried out by one of our senior marketing efforts. Their focus on qualityTelephone Specialists (TS) who will call on your behalf, means we take new opportunities they create(either using your firm’s name or as a third party). This very seriously and they are a great use of ourmeans you have one of the country’s most experienced senior team’s time. We have no hesitation inaccountancy TS working on your customer database. recommending their services. Direct ControlThis activity includes up to 10 full days of our timemaking these calls, referral generation and follow up, “We have used Insight to carry out direct ”pre and post-campaign management, plus a full report. marketing and lead follow up for a selection of our firms. The service we have received has been very professional and has resulted in some good leads being generated. I would be happy to recommend Insight. AVN by Insight 11
  • 12. Our Values These are the values we aspire to. We don’t get it right all the time but it is our intention to do so as often as possible. In all areas of our business these values are known and consistently worked towards. Honesty We believe in being up front, honest and open, even if at times the truth can hurt or lose you customers. Giving Everyone within our business has a giving nature and provides assistance where possible to those less fortunate. Desire We have a genuine desire to develop win-win relationships with partners. Challenge We believe that just as “iron sharpens iron” one man can sharpen another. By positively challenging both the accepted norm and the goals, results and strategies used, we believe we can develop market-leading solutions. Inspiration We look to inspire others through the use of creative design. Dedication Appreciating that challenges will come, we are dedicated to our partners and to achieving the goals that we agree together. Fun We believe in a philosophy of ‘work hard - play hard’ and enjoy both. Share We are an open book and are willing to share our ideas, thoughts and resources freely with others who share our values. Serve Ultimately we exist to serve our customers. Excellence We want every customer to be successful and we go the extra mile to ensure that this is achieved. Environment We are accountable both ethically and commercially for the environment. Therefore we operate with a unique ‘green policy’ working towards being carbon neutral and encouraging others to do so. Learning We continually learn and improve. We accept that this may cause mistakes – sometimes major ones – that we will tackle and overcome together. Vision We work with selected partners towards developing and sustaining best-in-class digital marketing solutions, with the aim of generating a regular flow of new business at a controllable rate. UK 0800 803 0826 Europe +44 (0)1256 896239 USA 1-(800)-542-0602 by Insight12