What Lies Beneath: The Power of Passive Data by Andrew Jeavons, Survey Analytics - Presented at Insight Innovation eXchange LATAM 2013


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According to Comscore, smartphone penetration among mobile users has topped 50% in the UK, France, Spain and Italy. In the US, NBC News reports that 25% of Americans use their smartphones for most of their internet browsing, and this figure is rising. Eighty-seven percent of smartphone users check their email or browse the web using their phones. The New York Times reported that in the first part of 2012 revenue from mobile digital advertising increased by 95% compared to 2011, rising to $1.2 billion.

Smartphones retain a huge amount of information about how we behave. This ranges from the obvious, as in which apps we are using and have installed, to the incidental, as to how we move around. This incidental data not collected via a survey is termed passive data, as it is collected passively with no intervention by the smartphone user.

The passive data stream is a new source of data about how respondents behave in regard to the internet as well as the world in general. Not only can we obtain data about the applications installed, we can also see what applications are active at any given time. We can also track the usage of the internet, how much storage on the device is being used, battery usage, wifi networks being used and data concerning movement of the device via the accelerometer.

This session explores the forms of passive data available on smartphones and shows real world examples of how this data can be collected. It also focuses on data obtained regarding movement via the accelerometer and shows examples of this data and possible uses within consumer research. The future for consumer research has to be seen as a fusion of attitudinal, behavioral and transactional data. At the heart of these data sources is the smartphone.

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What Lies Beneath: The Power of Passive Data by Andrew Jeavons, Survey Analytics - Presented at Insight Innovation eXchange LATAM 2013

  1. 1. What Lies Beneath? The Power of Passive Data Andrew Jeavons CEO, Survey Analytics
  2. 2. The word “telephone” is just wrong.
  3. 3. This is where consumers will live.
  4. 4. There is a lot going on....
  5. 5. TechdomeConsumers’ Digital Environment
  6. 6. Techdomegives context
  7. 7. Mobile Surveys We can’t ask much:so it has to be relevant. 10-7-140
  8. 8. BIG Data…
  9. 9. Kinetic Data The StoreGet up ! Work Breakfast - get to work Lunch
  10. 10. Kinetic Wifi
  11. 11. Apps Home 4G - outsideWhen, where....all we need is why…
  12. 12. Why mobile behavioral data matters...
  13. 13. Why mobile behavioral data matters... System 1 - FAST Quick, instinctive – little recall System 2 – SLOW Deliberate, logical – maybe recall
  14. 14. Why mobile behavioral data matters... The consumer and their Techdome. Knowing when to ask questions and what about is crucial. With smartphones we can be at the point of purchase. Smartphones are becoming the point of purchase.