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A Call For A New Collaborative Model by Gayle Fuguitt of the Advertising Research Fundation - Presented at the Insight Innovation eXchange North America 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • D#_GS_SpeakerLastName_v0X.ppt ARF Audience Measurement 8.0_2013 06/22/13 01:39
  • Transcript

    • 1. Bold collaboration:…Are You Ready?
    • 2. ✔ The consumer is in control✔ Big data is big inundation and also big opportunity✔ Growth is slow domestically, complicated abroad✔ Global, mobile, social, local adding new advertisingtouchpoints✔ And also complexity✔ ROI for resource allocation still coin of the realmThe “Must Have” Slide For 2013
    • 3. ✔ We understand the consumer better than anyoneelse, head, heart and feet✔ We’re probably the only ones in our company thatreally like data✔ Our skills to translate data into insights have beenhoned in the past decade✔ Even our communication skills have improvedResearchers, Our Decision Table Awaits
    • 4. CollaborationARF : 5 examplesDefineitDefineitRefineitRefineitDoitDoit
    • 5. Cannes you or can’t you?Philadelphia or South of France
    • 6. “How I spent my summer vacation”
    • 7. IIeX Conference“How I spent my summer vacation”
    • 8. “How I spent my IIeX Conference”QQ Is Rome burning?
    • 9. “How I spent my IIeX Conference”AA Yes, Rome is always burning
    • 10. “How I spent my IIeX Conference”You still have an opportunityto expand yourinnovation footprint
    • 11. Define it"Collaboration is … where two or morepeople or organizations work together in anintersection of common goals – for example, anintellectual endeavor that is creative in nature –by sharing knowledge, learning and buildingconsensus.”– WikipediaDefineitDefineit
    • 12. So why is it such hard work?COLLABORATIONOrigin was about “working” togetherDefineitDefineit
    • 13. Maybe fear that:“Collaboration is the act of cooperatingtraitorously with an enemy that isoccupying your country.”– Word Net, WikipediaDefineitDefineit
    • 14. What if we thought about itthis way?COLLABORATIONRefineitRefineit
    • 15. CollaborationCollaborationRefineitRefineit
    • 16. MIND MELD LAB (1+1>2)✔ Co-creation!Each partner bringsstrengths✔ Traits:open eyes, listen, freeinterchange, willing to trysomething newWhat if collaboration wasa Journey not a task?RefineitRefineit
    • 17. 1 Multiply your impact: Resources = Speed, Smarts, Savvy2 Mobile Meet up: Board Meeting and Young Pros3 Mix Mash up at AM 8.04 Relationship First: ARF, ANA, AAAA, IAB5 Future Inspiration: the New ARFSpeed round Five examples:ARF – Foundation to Build skills, Mobilize, AmplifyDoitDoit
    • 18. Multiply your impact:ARF mobilizes to do the work you don’t havethe time or money for:2 universities, 14 sponsors1 DoitDoit
    • 19. ARF Mobile Meet-Up“First Responder”US Household Penetration1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 20101940TelephoneInternetMobile PhonesSources: US Census & FCC (telephone), Harris Poll (Internet), SNL Kagen (mobile phones)2 DoitDoit
    • 20. Our Board of Directors2 DoitDoit
    • 21. ARF Mobilizes at Mobile Meet upBrad Smallwood Jim DravillasPeter Orban2 DoitDoit
    • 22. Mix Mash UpThis is the storyof big discourseat AM 8.03 DoitDoit
    • 23. Relationships First:Industry Association Landscape4 DoitDoit
    • 24. So happy youre "collaborating".The ARF board will be so pleased at your outreach.Im thrilled :-) Feel free to edit."The ARF is integral to the growth, development andadvancement of insightful and meaningful measurement andmetrics. The ANA and our industry colleagues welcome theARFs participation to help us meet the needs and demands ofthe marketing ecosystem. Their wealth of knowledge andexpertise are so important to improving the dialogue andinsuring productive pursuit of our joint goals. We are delightedthat they are part of our growing industry force to improve thesophistication and decision making through the use of facts anddata”. – Bob Liodice, CEO, President, ANA4 DoitDoit
    • 25. Future Inspiration: The New ARF5 DoitDoit
    • 26. The New ARFBig DataFuturemodelers/stats needto be able to speaktoC-levelBig DataMore training onstatistics withpeople whounderstand dataMobileArticulators: ask theright questionsCross platformHelp me understand howpeople engage withmulti-platform content-THEN how to understandmeasurementResearcher of FutureResearch education –not just young pros-alsothe generation beyondyoung prosResearcher of FutureMake collaborativeteams to solve industryproblems – crossfunctional, qual/quant5 DoitDoit
    • 27. ✔ Amplify your voice through partnership✔ Build your skills by experimenting✔ Choose your partners:– right brain seeks left brain– left brain seeks right brainReinvent yourselfDoitDoit
    • 28. Bold Collaboration: Are You Ready?DefineitDefineitRefineitRefineitDoitDoit✔ Know yourself✔ Choose yourpartners✔ Resist fear✔ Lab vs. labor✔ Fail faster✔ Stories told,lessons learned✔ Go big or go home✔ ARF mobilizes,convenes competitors,asks and answers✔ From “Minnesota kind”to “kinda more NY”
    • 29. Reinvent yourselfA satisfying career – and a satisfying life –is found through actively creating yourown luck and making the most of new andunforseen experiences.John KrumholtzLuck is No AccidentDoitDoit