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Loyalty 3.0: How to Revolutionize Customer Engagement with Big Data and Gamification by Rajat Paharia of Bunchball - Presented at the Insight Innovation eXchange North America 2013


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Learn the secret to using big data and gamification to motivate, engage, and engender true loyalty among your customers, employees, and partners. …

Learn the secret to using big data and gamification to motivate, engage, and engender true loyalty among your customers, employees, and partners.

As our lives move online and nearly everything we do is being mediated by technology, all of our activity is generating reams of data – we are all “walking data generators.” Loyalty 3.0 reveals how to combine this “big data” with the latest understanding of human motivation to power gamification – the data-driven motivational techniques used by game designers to stimulate engagement, participation, and activity. With this potent combination, businesses now have a powerful engine for creating true loyalty among their customers and for generating a sustainable competitive advantage in their markets.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • In the chart you’ll see that from January through July 2012 we had a fairly steady number of active users per week on the site, despite the fact that our number of registered users grows by about 30% per month. You’ll even notice the summer lull that started in June and continued through mid-July that we experience each year. But check out the 55% spike in average active users in mid-July: that was the week that we launched the gamification changes on our community. Since then we’ve seen continued excellent growth in activity and engagement on our site.
  • Transcript

    • 1. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationThe Leader in Gamification• Founded: 2005• Customers: 320+• Employees: 60+• CreatedGamificationIndustryin2007• Constantinnovatorinthefield“For anticipating the gamification explosion beforeanyone knew what gamification was.”
    • 2. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationWhat is Gamification?• Measure&Motivate• Reward&Recognition• Reputation• Loyalty• Guiding&AmplifyingHighValueActivity> Motivating People Through Data
    • 3. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationMotivation+Big Data +Gamification=---------------------------Loyalty 3.0
    • 4. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationThe 10 GamificationMechanics• Fast Feedback• Transparency• Goals• Badges• Leveling Up• Onboarding• Competition• Collaboration• Community• Points5
    • 5. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationEmployee Motivation
    • 6. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationConsumerMotivation
    • 7. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationHARNESSING 360 DATA FORCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEWarnerBros.InsiderRewards
    • 8. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamification
    • 9. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationBenefits• Trackandrewardonlineactivityandengagement• Measurewhichactivities&contentonsitesmostcompellingandmostviral• “Warm”audiencefornewmarketingcampaigns• Currencythatcouldbeusedtodirectaudience• Currencythatcouldcouldbetradedfordata• 360degreeviewofthecustomer:• DVDspurchased• Moviesrated• Trailersshared• Moviesitesvisited…
    • 10. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationINCREASING PATIENT COMPLIANCEHopeLab-Zamzee
    • 11. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamification
    • 12. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamification
    • 13. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationResults!• 59%increaseinphysicalactivity• Doingpush-upsnon-stopfor45min/week• Scrubbingfloorsfor3hrs/month• Chasingwildpigsfor6min/day• Impactpersistedforatleast6mos• Slowedgainin“bad”cholesterol• Helpedcontrolbloodsugarlevels
    • 14. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationUSING COMMUNITIES & CROWDSOURCINGFOR DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONKraftCanada–FirstTaste
    • 15. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamification
    • 16. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamification
    • 17. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamification
    • 18. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamification
    • 19. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamification
    • 20. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationCUSTOMER COMMUNITIESEloqua
    • 21. @rajatrocks @bunchball #gamificationResults!• More users answering questions instead of employees• Customers engaged in the community more likely to renew• Vibrant community attracts customers• 40% increase in support call deflection