Word of Mouth Measurement – Calm down Dear, it‘s only a Blog!


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Word of Mouth Measurement – Calm down Dear, it‘s only a Blog!

  1. 1. BSI Word of Mouth Measurement – Calm down Dear, it‘s only a Blog! Marketing 2.0 Conference, Amsterdam 2007
  2. 2. Join the conversation MARKETING 2.0 CONFERENCE www.marketing2conference.com
  3. 3. WoM Measurement – “Calm down Dear, it’s only a Blog!”
  4. 4. Online word of mouth, ‘Consumer Generated Media’, digital communities, social networking … • What is it? • How important is it for my brand? • How does it work? • What should I be doing about it?
  5. 5. Overall Power scores allow comparison across all connection points. TV ads have historically been most powerful for cars overall. Mainstream Cars TV ads 61 43 Seeing the brand around 71 24 Knowing someone who used brand 61 20 Talking to a friend 33 19 Newspaper or magazine reviews/ articles 38 5 Talking to my spouse or partner 22 21 Newspaper ads 16 21 Talking to someone else 25 12 Visiting the manufacturers website 19 14 Driving but not buying the brand 27 5 Other websites about cars 20 9 Buying and driving the brand 27 2 Buying but not driving the brand 11 15 Seeing the brands sales brochure 15 10 Activation Power Talking to a work colleague 17 7 Demand Power Noticing how much the brand costs 19 6 Seeing brand in TV programmes 17 6 Visiting dealership with a sales enquiry 17 5 Poster or billboard ads 7 14 Visiting dealer’s website 15 5 Talking to a salesperson 10 9 Leaflets in newspapers or magazines 12 7 Good deals or discounts 11 7 A TV programme sponsorship 9 7 Internet ads 8 7 Magazine ads 8 6 Receiving a letter from the brand 8 4 Seeing brand at a car exhibition 10 2 Sports team or event sponsorship 8 3
  6. 6. So what’s new?
  7. 7. Online word of mouth is a small part of the contact people have with brands when researching online Online total Online informal Car insurance 10 87 Digital cameras 17 75 Holiday destination 16 72 Mobile phones 13 64 Films 11 54 Cars 5 38 Household cleaning 3 19 Cold and flu remedies 5 13
  8. 8. Online word of mouth is tiny relative to offline word of mouth
  9. 9. But which are the most influential sources? % of uses of each source leading to a … Positive brand Recommendation Recommendation against a brand Personal contacts Online word of mouth Independent press/reviews Company led
  10. 10. But which are the most influential sources? Based on positive brand recommendations Very relevant Very convincing Personal contacts Online word of mouth Independent press/reviews Company led
  11. 11. Online is more versatile, but offline is more powerful Online Offline
  12. 12. The potential for word of mouth is governed by the extent to which people talk, and the scarcity of transmitters within the category
  13. 13. Key steps to manage the risk and maximise the opportunity
  14. 14. Continually monitor online conversations • Example of Thematic extraction: The thicker the line, the greater the significance. Click-through is available from the graphic and the headlines.
  15. 15. Brand Comment Diagnostics • Example of analysis on Apple iPod and tonality from online news sources. Click- through is available from each data point on the graphic.
  16. 16. Inform planning and decision-making with research
  17. 17. Research talkability of category and brand Spontaneous Need some help
  18. 18. Word of mouth has a relatively minor role in driving key perceptions for Flora
  19. 19. Exploring the kinds of people who are likely to be transmitters allows you to identify potentially productive targets
  20. 20. Test the creative for word of mouth potential
  21. 21. ‘Word of mouth’ can be delivered via a number of different media
  22. 22. Tracking data can show us which brands get more than their ‘fair share’ of positive consumer comment
  23. 23. Brands need to actively stimulate advocacy to tap into goodwill
  24. 24. How important is online word of mouth? • Potentially very important • When problems emerge, they do so extremely quickly • As one of many influences on brand perceptions • Currently, relatively unimportant compared to offline word of mouth • Consumer generated content is only a small part of the contact people have with brands online
  25. 25. What should I do about it? • Monitor what’s being said about the brand • Track what and where people are hearing about your brand • Research predisposition to WoM at category and brand level • Set measurable objectives • Test creative among identified targets • Measure the outcome and track the impact