Owning the World – Achieving Success with Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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  • 1. BSI Owning the World – Achieving Success with Word-of-Mouth Marketing Marketing 2.0 Conference, Hamburg 2005
  • 2. BSI Join the conversation MARKETING 2.0 CONFERENCE www.marketing2conference.com
  • 3. International Word of Mouth Marketing Conference Hamburg, Germany 6-7 October, 2005 0wning the w0rld: A Case Study in Achieving Success With Word-of-Mouth Marketing Scott Foe Alexander Macris Producer, Games Group President & CEO Nokia Themis Group
  • 4. About Pocket Kingdom …
  • 5. About Word of Mouth …
  • 6. Designing for Word of Mouth…
  • 7. By Genre …
  • 8. Be Remarkable …
  • 9. A Quick Aside …
  • 10. Own thew0rld.com Tournament
  • 11. Superconductors - Our Building Blocks of Buzz
  • 12. About Superconductors 1. Circuits where the I love WOW! flow of electric current is without resistance. 2. Influential consumers who conduct information We love WOW! without resistance throughout the word of mouth networks. Image © Krahulik / Holkins 2005. Used with permission.
  • 13. About Resistance e •Current = anc Re sist Voltage / Resistance Cu rren t "More people are rejecting traditional sales messages, presenting the ad industry with big challenges.“ - The Economist (Jun 24th 2004)
  • 14. Marketing to Superconductors “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Image © Paramount Pictures 2005.
  • 15. Accelerating their Experience... Free N-Gage with Prepaid Phone Card - No Activation Required!
  • 16. Offering Status… Top 10 Leaderboard – Own thew0rld.com
  • 17. And Rewarding Friends… Creative and media were integrated with the superconductor marketing campaign.
  • 18. How much impact can a WOM campaign have? Before PK… (11.6.2003)
  • 19. After PK… (26.11.2004) The campaign has not just amplified WOM, it has transformed it!
  • 20. Campaign led to Huge Buzz • GameSpy: “Best of 2004” award, “the ultimate online game.” • 1UP.com: “A daily addiction.” • Penny Arcade: “An excellent game. The sleeper hit.” Creator traded his personal mobile phone for an N-Gage.
  • 21. PK became the most played online game in the N-Gage catalog The Cost? Including •N-Gage product seeding •Creative development •Website development •Media purchase •Tournament administration… < $200,000 USD