All you need is blogs


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All you need is blogs

  1. 1. BSI All you need is blogs Marketing 2.0 Conference, Barcelona 2006
  2. 2. Join the conversation MARKETING 2.0 CONFERENCE
  3. 3. 2nd International word-of-mouth Marketing Conference All you need is “blogs” Laa … La La Laa… La
  4. 4. Before we start, what is a blog? Web 2.0? • How many of you know what a blog is? • How many of you read blogs? • How many of you post blogs? • How many have heard of web 2.0? A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasionally spelled web log) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order) Web 2.0 generally refers to a second generation of services available on the World Wide Web that let people collaborate, and share information online. Source: Wikipedia
  5. 5. “Blog of Mouth”… the definite tool? • This presentation is on: Blogs Word of Mouth • “Blog of mouth” Proud of what I thought was my definition. But check any search engine (such as www.ask,com) and the concept has already been used many times Is “blog of mouth” the definite tool for word of mouth?
  6. 6. The Blogosphere • Searching for blogs in gives you over 49.9 million results. • The Blogosphere is currently estimated at over 35 million blogs… The total number of articles in each blog are not even estimated! • Every second there is a new blog published… • and every 5-6 months the blogosphere doubles in size!
  7. 7. Size of the blogosphere Source: State of the Blogosphere, April 2006 Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth Posted by Dave Sifry on April 17, 2006
  8. 8. Why are blogs so powerful? Interlinked Blogger writes great People read this article on “Y” B lo gge Blogger reads this r re ads this You have reached a high network
  9. 9. Types of Blogs • Blogs can be divided into: “Corporate Blogs or Professional Blogs: the blog is either written by the company or by a professional with high level of expertise in the sector. – List Political/Activist Blogs: includes political blogs, anti- war blogs, etc. Amateur journalist Blogs: for people that either like writing or to proof their knowledge to the world. • All of the blogs above have huge power in disseminating information.
  10. 10. Types of Blogs and Blog of Mouth • “Corporate Blogs” or Professional Blogs: Fon Movement: project that got communicated only via blogs Microsoft or General Motors were one of the early adopters. obviously has a blog to communicate to the world. • Political/Activist Blogs: Campaign for Howard Deen (in the US). Very pro and very anti war blogs regarding Irak (vs. Traditional media). • Amateur journalist Blogs: for people that either like writing or to proof their knowledge to the world. As an example, only by going thru blogs just gathered 200 people to talk about search last week in Madrid.
  11. 11. Blogs and companies • How companies react to blogs (every day there are new ones!) Trying to get Bloggers on your side: – The film “Serenity” gave free tickets to bloggers. – The “Fon” movement Bloggers on the other side: – Delta Airlines – Ellen Simonetti (queen of the skies) – Axpe Consulting in Spain • Overall feeling: companies don't still see the power of the blogs… but they are already seeing the effects!
  12. 12. People talking about blogs • There are way too many articles • Every week you hear the importance of blog in one or another article Jupiter Media report talks about “disproportionately large influence” and quotes that although "active" web users make up only a small proportion of Europe's online population, they are increasingly dominating public conversations and creating business trends. Glenn Reynolds (An army of Davids) "Bloggers and blog- readers are 'influentials”… "You can bury your head in the sand, but very quickly you'll look like a very old-fashioned company." “La blogosfera hispana” pioneros de la cultura digital: a book on blogs and bloggers recently published in Spain.
  13. 13. Experiences at • We have our own blog at where we communicate and more important receive feedback ( • We have just launched beta/full sites in mainland Europe and have followed an early adopter strategy: Bloggers are critical in this strategy • When we launch new products (such as smart answers) bloggers quickly pick up the news. • Other experiences: Launching in NL and someone taking pictures of your presentation … 2 mins later is online. Same situation talking in a blogconference in Madrid (nice to see no computers in the room today!) I have to read them daily to make sure I don't miss any important news
  14. 14. Back to the initial question? Is “blog of mouth” the definite tool for word of mouth? • A tool that Spreads quickly any information • Exponential growth • “Cheap” (ie. free) way of distributing any information (although you have to be careful)
  15. 15. Lets look at “Internet 1.0” • Initial years of internet… Not that many sites Everybody would check any site that launched Directories were the way to get the information needed (and you would visit multiple sites in the directory). • Internet now Millions and millions of sites Most activity gets centered around few sites If you are not in a search engine, you don't exist… – People only check top results. Concentrate only on what is relevant to you
  16. 16. Consequences for “Blogs 2.0” • 35 million blogs Post 2 entrance per day 70 million daily documents per day! Obviously No time to read all this information. • Blogs in the near future You will only focus on a very limited number of blogs Isn't that similar to other ways of “word of mouth”?
  17. 17. And with so many bloggers, couldn't this happen? Blogger writes great People read this article on “Y” B lo This Blogger gge Blogger reads this r re agrees ads this This Blogger says the opposite You have reached a high network but with many different messages
  18. 18. People talking about blogging (2) The findings of the British Market Research Bureau's quarterly survey led senior associate director Trevor Vagg to conclude that blogging has received disproportionate media coverage and the whole idea of citizen journalism is overhyped. Awareness of blogs dramatically increased But despite this there has been no significant change in the number of people who publish blogs, which remains at just 2% of UK internet users. only 10% - around 2.8 million people - of internet users view a weblog once a month or more.
  19. 19. And back again to the initial question? Is “blog of mouth” the definite tool for word of mouth? • If you are a blogger, definitely “yes” • If you are some of the journalist on the traditional media, definitely “no” • In Web 2.0, the user has the power so…its up to you to decide!!!
  20. 20. THANKS PS: If you want to get started in the blog world, just go to, choose several blogs that interest you and you are in!