How to Sell an Enterprise Social Network to Internal Departments
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How to Sell an Enterprise Social Network to Internal Departments



How to sell an Enterprise Social Network to Internal Departments. Over 40 Key Benefits Supported by Killer Research Data.

How to sell an Enterprise Social Network to Internal Departments. Over 40 Key Benefits Supported by Killer Research Data.



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    How to Sell an Enterprise Social Network to Internal Departments How to Sell an Enterprise Social Network to Internal Departments Presentation Transcript

    • ContentsLearning & DevelopmentSales DepartmentInternal CommunicationMarketing DepartmentOperationsCall CentreResearch & DevelopmentHuman ResourcesInformation TechnologyFinance03081318232833384348Sometimes you need to sell thebenefits of an enterprise socialnetworking to departments.In this document we highlightjust some of the advantagesthat accrue from a socialnetwork deployment in tenmission-critical departments.© 2013 Inside Communication. All rights reserved.
    • LearningJIVE SOFTWARE (2013)Department 1T-mobile reduced sales & serviceproduct training from 1.5-hoursessions to 15 minutes.Stimulateand development
    • Benefit 1:1use the network to clarify requirementsIdentifytrainingneeds
    • Benefit 1:2place all training resources on the networkManagetrainingassets
    • Benefit 1:3cut time spent attending classroom sessionsReducetrainingcosts
    • Benefit 1:4allow employees to access training when they need itDeliverworkflowtraining
    • Sales Dept.JIVE SOFTWARE (2013)Department 2Network users reported a 12% increase intheir sales teams’ win rate.Turbo charge
    • Benefit 2:1focus the team on customers’ unmet needsIncreasedeal winrate
    • Benefit 2:2get more deals done with the same resourcesIncreasedeal volumerate
    • Benefit 2:3deliver deals more efficiently and effectivelyShortenaverage dealcycle time
    • Benefit 2:4make everyone in the team more productiveIncreasesales per salesrepresentative
    • InternalJIVE SOFTWARE (2010)Department 3Network users reported that they achieved a29% increase in executive communication.Improvecommunication
    • ImproveleadershipcommunicationBenefit 3:1increase reach, frequency and impact
    • Enabletwo-waycommunicationBenefit 3:2make communication more open and transparent
    • Enablepeer-to-peercommunicationBenefit 3:3help employees to communicate with one another
    • ImproveinformationflowBenefit 3:4disseminate information more efficiently
    • MarketingJIVE SOFTWARE (2013)Department 4Network users reported a12% reduction in campaigndevelopment times.Invigorate
    • Increasenumber ofcampaignsBenefit 4:1collaborate with agencies in shared spaces
    • Shorten biddevelopmenttimesBenefit 4:2cut the time it takes to develop RFPs
    • Benefit 4:3co-ordinate resources more efficientlyReduce campaigndevelopmenttimes
    • Benefit 4:4reduce time spent achieving sign-offSpeed upinternal approvalprocess
    • OperationsYAMMER (2013)Department 547% of employees reported that posting projectupdates on Yammer made it easier to keepcolleagues informed of decisions and status.Drive
    • Connectthe dotsinternallyBenefit 5:1help employees to see the big picture
    • Improveemployees’workflowBenefit 5:2eliminate friction and choke points
    • StreamlineworkprocessesBenefit 5:3re-engineer work processes by making them social
    • ExtracttacitknowledgeBenefit 5:4capture critical knowledge from retiring employees
    • Call CentreJIVE SOFTWARE (2013)Department 6Network users reported a 16% increasein first call resolution numbers.Empower
    • Benefit 6:1identify recurring problems fasterIncreasefirst-callresolution
    • Benefit 6:2resolve customer problems fasterReducecall-handlingtime
    • Benefit 6:3enable customers to resolve problems on extranetReducecall/incidentvolume
    • Benefit 6:4cumulative benefits reduce overall costsReducecustomer carecosts
    • ResearchMCKINSEY & COMPANY (2013)Department 7Executives reported that, on average,they were able to cut launchschedules by 20%.Inspireand development
    • Benefit 7:1more ideas, implemented more quicklyShortenlaunchschedules
    • Benefit 7:2foster a company-wide approach to innovationBuilda culture ofinnovation
    • Benefit 7:3connect internal and external communitiesIncreasecustomerintimacy
    • Benefit 7:4remove communication barriers between teamsFostercollaborationbetween depts.
    • HumanYAMMER (2011)Department 8Deloitte reported that highly active employeeson Yammer had an average turnover rate of 2%,compared to a firm-wide average of 15-20%.Enhanceresources
    • Benefit 8:1Attracttop graduatetalentnew recruits expect access to an internal network
    • Benefit 8:2get new employees up to speed quickerAccelerateemployeeon-boarding
    • Benefit 8:3deliver a more engaging day-to-day experienceDriveemployeeengagement
    • Benefit 8:4reduce the number of unwanted departuresIncreaseemployeeretention
    • InformationJIVE SOFTWARE (2013)Department 9The global publishing giant Pearson reducedthe intranets it supported from 127 to one,delivering significant cost savings.Enabletechnology
    • Benefit 9:1cut license fees and administrative costsReducenumber ofIT systems
    • Benefit 9:2host peer support groups and communitiesSharetechnicalknowledge
    • Benefit 9:3use network to lift knowledge worker productivityAchieveproductivityimprovements
    • Benefit 9:4updates on planned outages and upgradesCommunicatewith thebusiness
    • FinanceMCKINSEY GLOBAL INSTITUTE (2012)Department 10The deployment of an internal social networkhas the potential to increase knowledgeworker productivity by up to 20-25%.Boost
    • Benefit 10:1reduce time spent in email, meetings and searchIncreaseemployeeproductivity
    • Benefit 10:2higher engagement, more collaborationImproveorganisationaloutcomes
    • Benefit 10:3faster on-boarding, quicker to marketAcceleratebusinessoutcomes
    • Benefit 10:4cut travel costs, communication costs, office costsReduceoperationalexpenses
    • Research sources1. Learning & Development Jive Software, 51 Real-life Social Business Success Stories (2013)2. Sales Department Jive Software, How Social Business Pays Off (2013)3. Internal Communication Jive Software, The Business Value of Social Business (2010)4. Marketing Department Jive Software, How Social Business Pays Off (2013)5. Operations Yammer, Business Value Survey (2013)6. Call Centre Jive Software, How Social Business Pays Off (2013)7. Research & Development McKinsey & Co., Evolution of The Networked Enterprise (2013)8. Human Resources Yammer Customer Case Study, Deloitte Australia (2011)9. Information Technology Jive Software, 51 Real-life Social Business Success Stories (2013)10. Finance McKinsey Global Institute, The Social Economy (2012)
    • 119 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, SydneyNew South Wales, AustraliaMobile: 0438 250709 Telephone: +61 2 9965 3783Email: CrostonSocial Business Strategist