Hot Technologies of 2013: Hadoop 2.0


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Hot Technologies of 2013 with Robin Bloor, Rick Sherman and IBM
Live Webcast June 19, 2013

The promise of Hadoop can be seen in all kinds of ways -- the proliferation of open source projects; the virtually limitless applications of Big Data; the sheer number of vendors getting involved. But the real value only comes from a mature environment, and that's Hadoop 2.0. What are the component parts of a robust solution? How are today's cutting-edge organizations leveraging the power of Big Data?

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear veteran Analysts Dr. Robin Bloor of The Bloor Group, and Rick Sherman of Athena IT Solutions, as they offer perspective on how the Hadoop movement is shaping up. Larry Weber of IBM will then offer his take on the tools and architecture necessary to tackle the new challenges posed by Big Data. He'll discuss IBM's latest big data offerings including IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, IBM InfoSphere Streams, and IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer, and IBM's vision for simplifying an organization's big data journey.

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Hot Technologies of 2013: Hadoop 2.0

  1. 1. H T  Technologies   2013  
  2. 2. HOST:   Eric  Kavanagh  
  3. 3.      THIS  YEAR  is…  
  4. 4. HADOOP  2.0   ž  Since  its  release,  Hadoop  has  been  gaining  traction   among  information  workers  seeking  to  wrangle  Big   Data   ž  It  has  seen  a  proliferation  of  use  by  both  open-­‐source   developers  and  vendors  hoping  to  leverage  its   scalability,  agility  and  processing     ž  Adoption  continues  to  rise,  and  Hadoop  is  entering   what  could  be  considered  the  maturity  phase  
  5. 5. ANALYST:   Rick  Sherman   Managing  Partner,  Athena  IT  Solutions   ANALYST:   Robin  Bloor   Chief  Analyst,  The  Bloor  Group   GUEST:   Lawrence  Weber   Big  Data  Product  Marketing  &  Strategy,  IBM     THE  LINE  UP  
  6. 6. INTRODUCING   Rick  Sherman  
  7. 7. Rick  Sherman   Athena  IT  Solu4ons   rsherman@athena-­‐     Copyright © 2013 Athena IT Solutions Hot  Technologies  of  2013:   Big  Data,  Hadoop  2.0  and   beyond    
  8. 8. Slide 8 Copyright © 2013 Athena IT Solutions All rights reserved. Big Data, Hadoop 2.0 & Beyond Tool Evolution Big data platforms are evolving •  Hadoop & NoSQL tools to platforms •  Cloud deployments •  Integration •  Advanced analytics Benefits: •  Increased capabilities & reduced programming •  Shift roles ü  IT & Business ü  Data scientists & business analysts ü  Services •  Lower costs & time to market
  9. 9. Slide 9 Copyright © 2013 Athena IT Solutions All rights reserved. Big Data, Hadoop 2.0 & Beyond Skills Gap •  Data Scientists ü  Misunderstood ü  Too much programming needed now ü  Predictive models are sophisticated •  Big data programmers ü  More demand yield more supply ü  Platform capabilities expanding ü  Cloud shifts need •  Business analysts ü  Not programmers or stats gurus ü  Advanced analytics
  10. 10. Slide 10 Copyright © 2013 Athena IT Solutions All rights reserved. Big Data, Hadoop 2.0 & Beyond One size fits all Concerns: •  Big data is about 3Vs •  Data silos •  Data capture vs analytics Big data planning: •  It’s about the business •  Data & analytics variety •  Data awareness & cultural shift ü  Comprehensive & current ü  Comprehensive, consistent, clean & current
  11. 11. INTRODUCING   Robin  Bloor  
  12. 12. HOT TECHNOLOGIES OF 2013: HADOOP 2.0
  13. 13. Hadoop and the ISAM Perspective —  Most OS environments had native key-value stores until the advent of Unix, Linux, Windows —  Such stores are versatile and useful, and now they are back – and they are parallel —  Hadoop can act as a foundation for many things (dbms, analytical engine, parallel processing engine, data lake and staging area, ETL, etc.) HADOOP IS A HIGHLY SCALABLE KEY-VALUE STORE THAT DEFINES ITS TECHNICAL VIRTUES
  14. 14. Hadoop Immaturity Not entirely fault tolerant It is essentially a batch engine with a primitive scheduling capability Requires significant skills to install and to program Rarely used in production environments (except for ETL) The software ecosystem is still developing It is parallel but not fast!
  15. 15. The Big Data Map
  16. 16. INTRODUCING   Lawrence  Weber  
  17. 17. © 2013 IBM Corporation 1818 Enterprise Hadoop, Simplified Introducing BigInsights Quick Start Edition Lawrence Weber, Program Director – Big Data Product Marketing
  18. 18. © 2013 IBM Corporation InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start is the newest member of the BigInsights family Why did IBM create this edition? • InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start allows you to experiment with Hadoop at no charge. • It simplifies the complexity of Hadoop with easy- to-follow tutorials • It provides the enterprise-grade features necessary to deploy Hadoop for a wide range of use cases What makes BigInsights Quick Start unique? • Guided learning via ‘how-to’ videos and tutorials • Enterprise-grade features • No charge, no time or data limitations
  19. 19. © 2013 IBM Corporation From Getting Started to Enterprise Deployment: InfoSphere BigInsights Brings Hadoop to the Enterprise Enterprise Edition Breadth of capabilities Enterpriseclass Sold by # of terabytes managed PureData for Hadoop (Pre-announced) Appliance simplicity for the enterprise Quick Start Edition Web-based mgmt console Jaql Integrated installApache Hadoop Basic Edition Free download Quick Start features PLUS: Accelerators Enterprise Integration Production support Production-ready features Big Sheets Text Analytics Big SQL Workload optimization/ Query support Dev tools Connectors Mgmt tools IBM Hadoop Core Free download, non-production New
  20. 20. © 2013 IBM Corporation BigInsights Quick Start Edition contains robust, enterprise- grade features Features Unavailable in Quick Start • Production support • Production-ready features • Machine and Social Data Accelerators • Limited use licenses for Data Explorer, Cognos, Streams Features Available in Quick Start • Big Sheets • Text Analytics • Big SQL • All Workload optimization/Query support • Development tools • Connectors • Management tools • IBM Hadoop Core Note: these features are readily available with InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition
  21. 21. © 2013 IBM Corporation How can you get your hands on BigInsights Quick Start? 2 download options!
  22. 22. © 2013 IBM Corporation 23 BigInsights Quick Start LIVE! Demo
  23. 23. © 2013 IBM Corporation Get Started on Your Big Data Journey Today Get Educated – – IBM Big Data: – – – IBV study on big data – Books / analyst papers Schedule a Big Data Workshop – Free of charge – Best practices – Industry use cases – Business uses – Business value assessment
  24. 24. © 2013 IBM Corporation THINK 25 Lawrence Weber weberlarry
  25. 25. The  Archive  Trifecta:   •  Inside  Analysis   •  SlideShare   •  YouTube   THANK  YOU!