An App Platform for the Real-time Enterprise


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The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor and EnterpriseWeb
Live Webcast Apr. 2, 2013

Global trends such as social, mobile, cloud and outsourcing are fragmenting the modern enterprise. People, information and systems are increasingly distributed. Businesses need a way to bring it all back together, virtually. One solution is to re-imagine an organization as a web of loosely-coupled resources (entities, objects, services, APIs, systems and devices) connected by links and metadata.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor explain how a new style of real-time event-driven architecture enables ‘smart’ and adaptable applications and business processes. He'll be briefed by Dave Duggal of EnterpriseWeb, a horizontally scalable platform for modeling, running and managing composite apps. He will talk about his company's unified approach and provide a live demonstration of their platform.


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An App Platform for the Real-time Enterprise

  1. 1. The Briefing Room
  2. 2. Welcome Host: Eric Kavanagh eric.kavanagh@bloorgroup.comTwitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  3. 3. Mission !   Reveal the essential characteristics of enterprise software, good and bad !   Provide a forum for detailed analysis of today s innovative technologies !   Give vendors a chance to explain their product to savvy analysts !   Allow audience members to pose serious questions... and get answers!Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  4. 4. APRIL: Intelligence May: INTEGRATION June: DATABASE July: CLOUDTwitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  5. 5. Intelligence HINDSIGHT INSIGHT OVERSIGHTProcessing Monitoring FORESIGHT Alerts/triggers/actionsTwitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  6. 6. Analyst: Robin Bloor  Robin Bloor is Chief Analyst at The Bloor Group robin.bloor@bloorgroup.comTwitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  7. 7. EnterpriseWeb ! EnterpriseWeb is an “Intelligent Operations Platform” that models, runs and manages business applications !   Highlights of the platform include: business process management, business activity monitoring, data migration and quality, and master data management !   Its Enterprise “App Store” provides reusable and trackable apps, processes and servicesTwitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  8. 8. Dave Duggal Dave Duggal is Co-founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. Dave is a proven business leader who has made a career of building, growing and turning around companies over the last twenty years. He is a proponent of next generation ‘smart’ and dynamically adaptable software and has written several academic papers and articles on the subject. Dave is on the Program Committee for the Adaptive Case Management Group and is a member/ contributor to Object Management Group’s Cloud Customer Service Committee.Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  9. 9. The Application Model is Broken Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  10. 10. Vertical integration inhibitshorizontal interoperability and scalability … and enterprise-wide concerns Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  11. 11. The World is Increasingly Distributed & DiverseVersion Control? Governance? Change? Analytics? Security? Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  12. 12. Compounding Object-Relational Mismatch! Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  13. 13. Network Architecture is Transforming the World Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  14. 14. A network application model for a networked world ™ Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  15. 15. Real-Time Semantic For any Enterprise WorkloadApplicationIntegration Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  16. 16. Data & Code Local & FederatedStructured & UnstructuredEntities & Reference Data Business Rules & UI Components Systems & Databases Services & APIs Sensors & Devices Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  17. 17. It let’s your Organization act as a network of loosely-coupled Resources Information Capabilities People Rules Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  18. 18. Interconnected by links… InformationCapabilities People links Rules Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  19. 19. and metadata… Indexed Content InformationCapabilities People links Rules Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  20. 20. and change history Indexed Content InformationCapabilities People links Rules Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  21. 21. ™ ™The EnterpriseWeb is Hyper-Relational A 3-Dimensional Information Space Indexed Content Information Capabilities People links Rules Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  22. 22. System Agents ‘Mash-up’ Resources on-demand Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  23. 23. A unified storage-application architecture o No ‘joins’ – seamlessly correlate system-wide activity for real-time 360 views of anything Supports integrated operations - linked processes and cross-process governance Promotes Master Data and code re-use Cross-Process Governance Process “A” Process “B” Process “C” System-wide Logic (Rules with links and metadata queries/algorithms) Application Logic (Rules with links and metadata queries/algorithms) Common Metadata Layer Data Rule Virtual Repository of Loosely-Coupled Data, Logic and UI Objects Data UI Code Rule UI Data Task Data Data Task Code UI Rule (Including adaptors for RESTful APIs and Web Services for 3rd Party Systems, Databases and Devices, etc.) Task Code Data UI Data Rule CodeRule UI Data Task Code Task Code Rule Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Service API Service API Service Service API Service API Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  24. 24. Process as Sets of Loosely-Coupled TasksA Series of Stateless Asynchronous Transactions 100% Dynamic Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  25. 25. Transformation requires a LEAP™“… you can’t solve problems with the thinking that created them” Albert Einstein “… you cant cross a chasm in two small jumps” David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  26. 26. Dave Duggal,Co-Founder/Managing Director Copyright 2013, EnterpriseWeb LLC
  27. 27. Perceptions & Questions Analyst: Robin BloorTwitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  28. 28. T HE I NCOHERENCE P ROBLEM The Bloor Group
  29. 29. A Multitude of Software Legacies SOFTWARE EVOLUTION HAS BEEN DISAPPOINTING Multi-tier architectures Client/server Web-based architectures architectures Mainframe SOA (and IOA)architectures The Bloor Group
  30. 30. Platforms: Partial SolutionsVarious PLATFORMS emerged: Web Services Relational BPM Database SOA 4GL & Object Database Orientation The Bloor Group
  31. 31. The World Did Not Stand Still …it became more COMPLEX • Desktops, laptops, internet, Hardware mobile, multi-core, in-memory, embedded Environments • Unix, Windows, Linux, VMs, Grids, Cloud Data • Files, relational, unstructured, Hadoop, machine data • Transactional, desktop, office Apps systems, BI, web apps, Big Data, semantic data Management • Service mgt, asset mgt, cost mgt, threat mgt, data security The Bloor Group
  32. 32. The Incoherence Problem We operate We have a We lack NEW in SILOS LONG technologies, COHERENCE environments and clusters TAIL of and at every of silos applications level legacy continue to emerge Ultimately, it’s an ARCHITECTURE problem, and it’s a formidable one The Bloor Group
  33. 33. !   Isn’t the problem just too big to solve completely?!   How does EnterpriseWeb manage metadata?!   How does it guarantee security of access to data?!   Is this really a codeless environment? What if I want a specific performance capability that requires low-level coding?!   Why do you not require/have an ESB? The Bloor Group
  34. 34. !   When you say “real-time” what do you mean in respect of performance characteristics?!   Is it an in-memory technology?!   Can this environment manage Big Data workloads?!   When using EnterpriseWeb what do you build and what do you buy (in respect of applications)? The Bloor Group
  35. 35. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  36. 36. Upcoming TopicsApril: INTELLIGENCEMay: INTEGRATIONJune: DATABASE www.insideanalysis.comTwitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  37. 37. Thank You for Your AttentionCertain images and/or photos in this presentation are the copyrighted property of 123RF Limited, their Contributors or Licensed Partners and are being used with permission under license. Theseimages and/or photos may not be copied or downloaded without permission from 123RF Limited.Robin Bloor’s evolution image: Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room