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Presentation describing the idea behind medica, the prescription manager and medication reminder. The presentation includes a pictured walk through the app explaining how it works.

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Medica Presentation

  1. 1. medica Multimedia Prescription Manager & Medication Reminder
  2. 2. Contents  Problem Overview  Current Solutions  Approach of medica  Advantages of medica  Prospective Customers  Pictured Tutorial  medica Version 1.0  About IRWAA, LLC
  3. 3. Problem Overview  Medication non-compliance represents a major obstacle to the effective delivery of health care.  The problem is significant in both developed and developing countries (only about 50% of patients with chronic diseases living in developed countries follow treatment recommendations)  Problem goes worse in developing countries (poorer "health literacy" and tough economic conditions)
  4. 4. Problem Overview (Cont’d)  Reasons for non-compliance are multi factorial.  One of the main factors is inability to keep regular medications timing.  Hence, a medication reminder is needed.  Another problem: Frequent travelers need to keep their medical info with them on the go. They need mobile prescriptions.
  5. 5. Current Solutions  Current medication reminders are not convenient:  electronic pillboxes: not portable, and need dedicating time to well organize and place the pills  medical watches: hard to adjust and looks ugly!  Other online/offline solutions: expensive and even not widely available (especially for poor people)  Here, medica provides a better solution.
  6. 6. Approach of medica  medica is a multimedia prescription manager and medication reminder.  Users can store and manage as many prescriptions as they wish with multiple medications each (it is time for mobile prescriptions; no more paper)  Users can also record audio instructions given by doctors and attach the audio to the prescription (very useful to recall instructions recorded from doctor’s mouth)
  7. 7. Approach of medica (Cont’d)  Users can add unlimited number of medications to the prescription and set flexible medication reminders to go off on which times at which days.  Moreover, users can even capture a photo of the medication to exactly take the right medication at the right time.  Medication reminders are customizable in tones, repetitions, vibrations, flashes, …
  8. 8. Advantages of medica  Here, medica provides a better solution with its:  mobility,  effectiveness,  flexibility,  availability (even for feature phones),  stylishness,  cost-effectiveness,  and giving peace of mind!!
  9. 9. Prospective Customers  Any one is subject to taking medication (no one does not fall sick!)  People benefiting most from medica include:  Patients with chronic diseases  Caregivers and nurses  Patients with memory problems !
  10. 10. Pictured Tutorial A tutorial through the main functions and screens of medica app (v1.0).
  11. 11. Main Form  The home screen of medica.  It is showed when the app is started and there is no near pending medication reminders.  Click “Prescriptions” to begin work.
  12. 12. New Prescription  Now, there are no currently saved prescriptions.  Add one by clicking (New Prescription)
  13. 13. Fill Prescription Fields  Fill the fields for the new prescription.  Patient Name, Patient Age, Patient Address, Prescription Date, Follow- up Date, Follow-up time, …
  14. 14. Record Audio Instructions  You can record audio instructions given by the prescriber in order to keep it for further reference.
  15. 15. Replay/Remove Audio Instructions  You can reply what you recorded when you wish.  You can also remove it by clicking on the (-) button.
  16. 16. Add Medication  Click the “+Medication” option to open a new form to add medication data.
  17. 17. Fill Medication Fields  Now, fill the fields for the medication.  Medication Name/Strength, Medication Form, Medication Doze, Medication Quantity, Medication Refills, …
  18. 18. Capture Medication Photo  You can capture a snapshot of the medication to be taken.  This will be useful when the medication reminder goes off.
  19. 19. Set Medication Timetable  Specify time and weekdays for taking the medication, treatment session, etc.  Uncheck the weekdays that you don’t need to be reminded in!  Click (Save) when you finish.
  20. 20. Save Prescription  When you save, the medication, you return back to the Prescription Form.  Now click (Save) to save the prescription data and return to Prescriptions Form.
  21. 21. Prescription Added  Note that the prescription and overview information will appear in the Prescriptions Form.  The green check mark means that this prescription is active.
  22. 22. Add Many Prescriptions !!  Repeat the previous steps and add as many prescriptions as your device memory can store.
  23. 23. Edit Prescription  You can return to your saved prescription and edit its fields, and also edit its medications.  Click on the medication name to View/Edit.
  24. 24. Settings  You can adjust different app settings from the Settings Form.
  25. 25. Adjust Audio Settings  You can customize your reminder’s audio behaviour:  Volume Level  ReminderTone  HumanVoice
  26. 26. Adjust Reminder Periods  You can customize your reminder’s timing behaviour:  Snoozing Period  Flashing Period  Tone Repetition  Others!
  27. 27. Restore Default Settings (if you wish)  You can restore default factory settings.  Even, you can wipe all data stored on the application (All prescriptions and associated medications)
  28. 28. Get More Info  Click on the (More Info) choice to know more about how reminders work.
  29. 29. Next Reminders Notification  When you exit the app, a notification shows next reminder.
  30. 30. Medication Reminder  When reminder time comes out, the app is auto-started to remind you of the medication to take.  For caregivers, the patient name is shown on top of the panel.
  31. 31. About  Developed by IRWAA, LLC (Alexandria, Egypt)  Support:  General Inquiry: (+20) 121884440
  32. 32. medica Version 1.0  Version 1.0 of medica is released, and updates are still developed.  It is published in Ovi Store and available at (  Although the current release has English interface, Arabic support is scheduled for near development.  IRWAA (the developer of medica) planned a proposal to extend the idea by providing an online web-based PRO version targeting health professionals (doctors, physicians, etc) to monitor their patients.
  33. 33. About IRWAA, LLC  IRWAA is a technology startup company in its very early stage (based in Alexandria, Egypt)  Founded in March 2010, and registered in June 2010 !!  Only two partners till now !!  In IRWAA, our mission is to quench people’s thirst for apps !!