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Idea management using Innovbook

Innovbook is a service that allows organizations to quickly locate the proverbial needle in the haystack — the handful of killer ideas in a sea of mediocre ones, and to shepherd them through evaluation and onto implementation. Innovbook allows organizations to consolidate valuable ideas from employees, vendors, customers or tenants. These ideas can be categorized by association, company, or department while a manager at each level reviews the value of the idea specifically for that organizational segment.

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Innovbook presentation

  1. 1. “Innovations born from small ideas, that flourish when several people participate”
  2. 2. Innovate or Become Obsolete! » Innovation is the key to any successful organization » Higher profitability » Competitive differentiation » Increased market share » New partnerships and knowledge » Ability to add value to products and services
  3. 3. What Innovbook can do for you » Organize ideas » Encourage contributions » Promote communication between departments “In most organizations, innovation isn’t hampered by a lack of ideas, but rather a lack of noticing the good ideas already there." David Burkus » Collaborate to innovate and improve products, services and processes » Generate interesting insights » Identify internal demands
  4. 4. Innovbook Cycle of Ideas 1. Register the idea 2. Revise and clarify 3. Re-visit if necessary 4. Expert analysis 5. Collaboration 6. Planning and implementation 7. Profit and decreased costs
  5. 5. Organize your Ideas » Collect Ideas- Anywhere, Anytime » Submit drafts using mobile devices » Place an “Idea Collector” on your organization’s website » Categorize ideas based on department and user groups » Select individuals to monitor ideas throughout the idea process » Reviewer » Approver » Implementer
  6. 6. Idea Review » Once an Idea is formed it is reviewed by a supervisor or select employee » The reviewer determines: » Cost » Priority » Estimated ROI » Time Line » Viability
  7. 7. Encourage Contribution » Ideas flourish through peer engagement » Favorite the best ideas, and follow them through the process » Request feedback from experts or stakeholders The peer review process helps shape raw ideas into more complete, compelling solutions Comments and feedback develop the idea » » » Email Notifications keep participants informed
  8. 8. Approval and Implementation » Approver » Determine whether to approve the idea, or send back to review » Once approved, the “Implementer” is selected » No idea is lost. Unapproved ideas are filed with the possibility of future return. » Implementer » Can create steps for execution » Tracks results once completed
  9. 9. Create Challenges » Challenge your organization to solve their biggest problems » » Each Challenge is tailored to address a specific business objective Focused ideation around specific business » Punctuality of employees objectives tends to result in a larger » Attendance of employees number of high quality ideas. » Reduction of costs and waste » Innovative products and services » Customer satisfaction with service
  10. 10. Management » Queries and Reports » » Dashboard » Ideas by Users » Ideas by Status » Pending Ideas by Users » Ideas by Category Track ideas, involvement, and effectiveness
  11. 11. We look forward to hearing from you! 954-332-3733