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  • How many of you have been to a Mass Innovation Nights events?
  • Billboards are Advertising = money control
  • The Parade: Promotion/Event
  • The News (Mass Media) Reports on News.
  • The Circus: PRMayor, “Everybody loves the circus.”
  • Social media is like giving a megaphone to everyone in the circus tent. Social media extends the reach and efficiency of word of mouth. Think about your friends and friends of your friends. Social media allows you to reach more people.With social media today, anyone can be the media. For example, Ashton Kutcher made headlines when he beat CNN in the race to a million Twitter followers. True, he’s a celebrity but with the multiple twitter accounts I manage, I can reach thousands of people myself. For every connection you add on LinkedIn, you are extending your network an average of 91 people (because that is how many people the average LinkedIn user has as connections.) I have 1300 LinkedIn connections which translates to more than 10 million LinkedIn network connections. What kind of reach do you have when everything you say is being pushed to a million people?
  • The News (Mass Media) Reports on News.While we’re all running around with Facebook and Twitter, courting anyone with a high Klout score, the Mass Media still offers what we’re looking for – an audience and an opportunity to tell our story. The Boston Globe for all the hand wringing over the depths the media has fallen, still has 800,000 daily readers and has a hugely popular website. To a certain extent, we still trust the media. The media confers credibility. Specific publications offer specific audiences. You can find magazines for plumbers, for pizza store owners, for bald men, or pregnant.
  • Goals are where we start with all marketing programs. What do you want to accomplish with your marketing program? Different marketing programs can have very different goals. For example, a “Buy now” program is very different from a “try now” program. You can create marketing programs designed to get your current customers to advocate for you, recommending other potential customers try out your product or you can create a marketing program that targets your prospects directly. You can also say that your product launch is about funding. If you want to present youself to potential funders, you may want to look at a very different set of channels.
  • Your marketing goals are determined by your business goals which in turn drive things like the target market – who needs your product? Who will be a referrer? Who will reach into their wallet to pay you money? What do you know about them?
  • Social media is done mainly with written text – although a greater portion is now visual as you know by the YouTube explosion – You Tube is the second most widely used search engine. Words can be a wonderful way to pump up the volume on your SEO strategy which is how you rise in the search engine results in sites like Google and Bing! Conversely, if you use video or pictures, you might stand out more. Where a keyword might return thousands of hits on Google, searching Youtube for the same thing might yield hundreds of videos. It may be easier to stand out in that crowd. And speaking of standing out – make sure your website ranks for words that have meaning for your customer.
  • There is a reason for this sequence.
  • There is a reason for this sequence.
  • Workbar 3 30-12

    1. 1. Integrated Social Media Marketing and Public Relations for Entrepreneurs Bobbie Carlton Carlton PR & Marketing Mass Innovation Nights @BobbieC & @MassInno #IntroToPR
    2. 2. The Parade: Promotion/Event
    3. 3. “Elephant Escapes! TramplesRoses!!”
    4. 4. Public Relations
    5. 5. Social Media: The New Circus
    6. 6. What does the mass media stilloffer?
    7. 7. Mass Media vs. Social Media
    8. 8. Mass Media vs. Social Media Facebook has 850 million users Boston Globe has 250,000 daily print readers  is a top 1000 website  5.5 million uniques a month
    9. 9. Get Started: What Are YourGoals?
    10. 10. Identify: Who is Your Target Market?Business Goals: Sales
    11. 11. The Basic Tools Agreed upon goals Message –simple and direct A message document, a news release, a takeaway  Message document: social media friendly Credibility builders – customers, examples, influencers A social media channel
    12. 12. News Releases for SEO
    13. 13. News (not Press) Release SEO  2 to 3 word keyword phrase  In your headline  In the first 150 characters  Use as the anchor text for the first hyperlink; connect to relevant keyword-rich landing pages  Write for people not search engines.  The headline needs to be 65 characters or less  2-3% keyword density
    14. 14. News Release Distribution Secrets  Marketwire, PR Newswire, BusinessWire  Free(?) release distribution  Geography is the key – smaller is better  “Industry” gets you the proper trade publications  What does the SEO option get you?
    15. 15. Key Takeaways: Reach YourAudience Know your audience Search is key – own it Reporters under siege  Understand what drives them. Connect via social media Leverage social media channel
    16. 16. Connect with me: @BobbieC or @MassInno Give me your card and I will send tips for leveraging @MassInno