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European ICT Strategy: Software Tea Party
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European ICT Strategy: Software Tea Party


Published on

A citizens agenda for ICT warfare and the oil of the 21st century.

A citizens agenda for ICT warfare and the oil of the 21st century.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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  • 1. European ICT Strategy
      • Make our Software Choice!
  • 2. Current situation
    • Europe depends on Oil
    But why bother?
  • 3. Peak Oil
  • 4. Dependencies – pay a price
  • 5. Desert Foxholes?
  • 6. Current situation
    • Europe depends on Oil
    • Europe depends on US software monopolists
    But why bother?
  • 7. Dependencies
    • Control
    • Money
    • Liberty
    • ACCESS
  • 8. Think about it
    • Control over Software and Communication Standards are the Oil of the Knowledge Society
    • Who controls the plattforms we use?
    • We pay a high price for European failures to defend our freedom
  • 9. Dependencies or Democracy
    • US Software monopolists
      • Hire our politicians
      • Take freedom from our SMEs by pushing against interoperability regulations
      • Blackmail our Governments
      • Ignore and insult our competition authorities
      • Endanger National Security
  • 10. Sovereignty or slavery?
  • 11. What needs to be done?
    • Identify strategic ICT dependencies of Europe
    • Implement European Free Software Strategies
    • Secure a level playing field: open standards and interoperability
    • Throw all these foreign software lobbyists out!
  • 12. Software Tea Party?
    • OOXML vs. OpenDocumentFormat
    • Current issue: ISO approval of 'Microsoft Office Open XML'
  • 13.
    • Say no to a broken proprietary standard!
  • 14. Openess matters!
    • Promote openess: open societies, open markets, open standards, open source, open government ... and OpenDocument
  • 15. But...
    • MS-Office Open XML
    • Democratic Republic of North Korea
    • ECMA Standard
  • 16. Open up on us
    • Case: Government of Sweden uses US closed source communication software
  • 17. EU-Investigator Cambell
    • ... Lotus's answer was a system that let NSA easily read foreign users' e-mail, while improving security against other eavesdroppers.
    • To prevent foreign users tampering with the workfactor reduction field, the International Edition of Lotus Notes will refuse to decipher any message which does not contain the correct field.
  • 18. Solution
    • Lotus and RSA have removed the ... papers from their web sites.
  • 19. Openess matters
    • Closed Source Software facilitates spying on our Governments and our Businesses
    • Governments and security sensitive areas: FLOSS only
    • Open Standards promote competition
  • 20. European Software Independence
    • Governments have to act? Yes, but...
      • slow and conventional thinking
      • incompetence and corruption
      • public servants adore power
      • they let it happen
    • WE need to take action