Overview of Innoval Technology


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Innoval Technology is an independent company. We provide high quality consultancy and technical support to the manufacturers and end-users of aluminium, and other selected engineering materials, across a broad range of industry sectors.

Our clients are rolling, extrusion, forging and finishing companies, and their customers, throughout the world.

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Overview of Innoval Technology

  1. 1. • Process Imp rov em e nt • . . . value through innovation An independent company providing technical expertise, contract research, analytical and testing services. • Best Pr ac t ic e To ols • • Mater ials De ve l op m en t• • Product & Pro ce ss Tr ain ing •
  2. 2. Your Technology Partner in Light Metals Innoval Technology can fulfil your technology requirements to keep you at the forefront of your industry………and at the same time reduce your costs! Can your company identify with any of these: • You need access to a wide range of technical skills, but you don’t need all the skills all the time • Your experimental equipment and pilot facilities are very expensive to buy and maintain but they are rarely fully loaded • Multi-disciplinary teams of experts would make problem solving quicker and more reliable Outsourcing all or part of your technology requirements to us is a fast and low-risk way to reduce your bottom-line costs. Within Innoval Technology you have access to the best independent aluminium expertise in the world, but you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Innoval Technology aims to provide high quality consultancy and technical support to the manufacturers and end-users of aluminium, and other selected engineering materials, across a broad range of industry sectors. The company was formed in 2003 following the closure of Alcan’s Banbury Research Centre. We are a completely independent company serving a multinational client base within the automotive, aerospace, building products and packaging industries. Our internationally experienced team of 28 people provides expertise in a wide range of technical disciplines. Most of us have been in the aluminium industry for over 20 years, and we have an abundance of product and process experience. For detailed information about our services, please visit our web site at www.innovaltec.com Process Improvement Innoval’s dedicated team of engineers, physicists and materials scientists work together to provide a unique trouble-shooting resource capable of solving your most complex process problems. Our engineers have specific expertise in the following areas: • Design of spray cooling systems for optimum performance • Improving the flatness and gauge variation of sheet products • Solving mill and process vibration problems • Reducing the time and energy consumption of heating cycles • Independent process auditing • Technical advice on plant upgrade and design By combining hands-on experimental techniques with computer simulations, we are able to solve difficult process problems quickly.
  3. 3. Materials Development Do you want to reduce your material processing costs, whilst at the same time improve your quality and output? Our materials experts may be able to help you. With our extensive experience in the production and performance of non-ferrous metals allied to our knowledge of polymers, surface treatments and joining technologies, we can help you get the most from your products and processes. We offer: • On-site product support • New technology scanning / evaluation • New product development • Product improvement • Failure analysis & trouble-shooting (ISO 17025 accredited) • Legal, insurance and expert witness services Product and Process Training Innoval provides a comprehensive programme of training courses specifically for the aluminium industry. Our training covers a range of topics from metallurgy, surface treatment and analytical techniques to rolling and process control. Product specific courses, such as for beverage cans or heat exchangers, are also available. We can offer company-specific courses where we tailor the training to the particular needs of your company, taking into account your products and processes. Our courses can be run on your site, or at Innoval’s facilities in Banbury, UK. Best Practice Tools Innoval Technology has developed a suite of intranet based tools to identify and transfer best practice throughout your organisation. These include: • An easy to use framework for capturing and managing the knowledge within your organisation • A structured way of recording your manufacturing practices across multiple lines or plants for comparison • An invaluable tool for efficient data collection and dissemination • A structured approach to process audits making them both repeatable and quantifiable, and removing the need for a paper-based reporting system
  4. 4. Analytical and Testing Capabilities At Innoval Technology we can accommodate all your material testing requirements. Our capabilities include (but are not limited to): • Metallographic laboratory, sample preparation, etching and anodising techniques • Digital image capture for microstructure and grain structure characterisation • Micro-hardness measurement • SEM/EDX - imaging, analysis and element mapping • Microprobe – imaging, analysis and element mapping • Transmission electron microscope • Microtome – sample preparation (TEM) • FTIR (ATR, FT80, drifts, microscope and transmission modes) • Surface properties – microbalance and goniometer • Thermal analysis (TMA/DSC) • Heat treatment furnaces (up to 1000°C) • Gas chromatography • Paint and lacquer testing – adhesion, hardness and degree of cure, etc. • Electrochemical and salt spay corrosion testing • Mechanical testing – static and fatigue Our customers come from the following industries: • Aluminium rolled products and processing • Aluminium extruded products and processing • Aerospace • Automotive • Building Products • Packaging • Power Transmission • Micro-filtration • Marine For more information contact: Innoval Technology Tel: + 44 (0) 1295 702800 Beaumont Close Fax: + 44 (0) 1295 702898/9 Banbury Email: enquiries@innovaltec.com Oxon http://www.innovaltec.com UK OX 16 1TQ