Ifi & legislation


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From the Marine & Countryside Guide Certificate course

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Ifi & legislation

  1. 1. Mark.H.V.CorpsIFI Angling AdvisorMarine & Countryside Guiding FETAC Level 6
  2. 2. IFI Vision ‘To provide an accessible &sustainable, world class, inland fisheries resource for all’
  3. 3. Mission ‘To ensure the valuable natural resources of Inland Fisheries & Sea Angling are conserved, managed, developed & promoted in their ownright to generate a positive return for the community & the environment’
  4. 4. IFI• Formed 1st July, 2010• Amalgamation of CFB & 7 RFB’s into single agency• Ireland has 70,000 km of rivers & streams 144,000 hectares of loughs• Also responsible for Irish sea angling
  5. 5. Threats to thereturning salmon
  6. 6. Fisheries Protection• IFI charged with ensuring the protection & conservation of fisheries resource, both fish & habitats• Responsibility covers inland waterways & out to the 12 m limit off the coast• Species include all freshwater fish, bass & certain molluscs
  7. 7. • As well as enforcing the Fisheries Acts, IFI is empowered to enforce the Water Pollution Acts 1977 & 1990
  8. 8. Protecting Fish Stocks• Primary role is the protection & conservation of inland fisheries• IFI enforces a range of fisheries laws including various provisions of the Fisheries Acts, Bye-Laws, Statutory Instruments, Orders etc
  9. 9. • Focus is the protection salmon stocks• IFI staff also enforce various conservation measures for brown trout, sea trout, pike, coarse fish & bass• Responsible for protection of oyster fisheries
  10. 10. IFI patrol extensively• Coastal (to the 12 m limit)• Patrolled by large patrol vessels & RIB’s crewed by Fishery Officers• Assistance provided by the Naval Service & aerial patrols carried out by the Aer Corps with Fishery Officers
  11. 11. • Inland waters• Are patrolled on foot, boat (Kayak & even jet ski) & vehicle• Patrols are carried out 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, all year• Officers (under Fisheries Acts) are empowered to seize fish, equipment, boats, vehicles, issue on-the-spot fines & prosecute offenders through the courts
  12. 12. Environmental Protection• Protection of aquatic environment is important. Clean water fundamental for healthy fish stocks• Protecting water quality is preventive. Emphasis ensuring any planned developments do not negatively impact on water quality
  13. 13. • Proposed forestry developments are examined with a view to protecting water quality & recommendations made as appropriate• In addition to monitoring of housing developments, planned infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, sewerage schemes, industries etc• Projects are monitored during construction
  14. 14. • In addition to monitoring of housing developments, planned infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, sewerage schemes, industries etc• Projects are monitored during construction• Forestry developments are examined whilst protecting water quality
  15. 15. • IFI deals with a range of reports in relation to pollution incidents. Incidents are investigated & follow-up action taken as appropriate• To minimise threats of agricultural pollution, farm inspections are carried out in various areas yearly, identified problems highlighted• IFI has ongoing water quality monitoring programmes in a number of areas weekly• Programmes provide information in relation to the main sources of nutrients entering water courses
  16. 16. To report pollution orpoaching 24 hrs a day phone 1890 34 74 24
  17. 17. Questions?