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Ceph Day Santa Clara: Deploying Ceph and OpenStack with Juju
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Ceph Day Santa Clara: Deploying Ceph and OpenStack with Juju


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. + Deploying Openstack and Ceph with Juju Akash Chandrashekar Solutions Engineer
  • 2. UK HQ Beijing, London,Boston Integrated Solutions Professional Services IHV and ISV Certification Canonical 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 2009 2010 2011 2012 ● Desktop, Server and Mobile OS on x86 and ARM ● Fastest-growing server OS, #1 on Public Cloud ● Only commercially-available solution for Hyperscale Ubuntu is the leading Server OS deployed in public cloud computing services, with sustained yearly growth of over 7% – Source: W3Techs 2013 Ubuntu & Canonical : Focused on Scale Out Ubuntu
  • 3. Evolution of Computing dpkg apt Clone 1 Clone 2 Clone 3 Package Management Configuration Management Service Orchestration
  • 4. Deployment Costs Dominate Cloud Deployment Cost Development Cost Era of Devops
  • 5. Ubuntu +OpenStack + Ceph ➔ Velocity - Deliver Applications, Platform, and Infrastructure Faster ➔ Flexibility - Deploy Applications, and Services with Ease Anywhere ➔ Agility - Dynamically Provision Compute, Storage and Networking ➔ Scalability - Handle growing workloads ➔ Economics - Reduce Capital and Operational Expenditures
  • 6. OpenStack Focus on Service based Architecture
  • 7. IaaS ● Openstack → Swift → Nova → Quantum → Horizon → Glance Core areas for scale out with Ubuntu SDN ● Nicera ● BigSwitch ● NEC ● MidoNet PaaS ● Cloud Foundry ● Engine Yard Storage ● Block| Object ● Ceph
  • 8. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Ubuntu 12.10 Ubuntu 13.04 Ubuntu 13.10 Ubuntu 11.10 Ubuntu 11.04C D E F G “Cactus” H “Diablo” “Essex” “Folsom” “Grizzly” Regular Ubuntu Release Ubuntu LTS Release Ubuntu 12.04 LTS OpenStack Release I October 2012 April 2013 October 2013 April 2014 Ubuntu | OpenStack release cadence
  • 9. Ceph + Ubuntu OpenStack Strategy Ceph is a fully supported option as part of Ubuntu OpenStack Cinder Swift replacement Support is backed by Inktank
  • 10. The Best of Both Worlds Fully Supported Openstack Packages Continuous integration with Trunk Tight Alignment with Openstack Release Cycle Deep Engineering Expertise Development and reference platform Devops preferred option for OpenStack Fully supported by Canonical for and on OpenStack Support for key Virtualization Technologies KVM and LXC
  • 11. Openstack and the service delivery challenge Openstack offers an infrastructure to deploy and scale virtual servers instantly... ...but complexity in configuring, integrating and scaling services makes deployments harder. . Openstack typically requires deep knowledge of components that comprise it such as glance, rabbit-mq, cinder, etc. and configuring the inter-relationships between them. In addition, you have to deal with the workloads/applications you will deliver and their inter-relationships which further increases complexity and time in deployment.
  • 12. Page 12
  • 13. The solution: The next generation service orchestration framework
  • 14. Juju and Charms ● Juju utilizes service formulas called Charms” ● Charms are building blocks ● Charms contain instructions : Deploy, Install, and Configure ● Charms can be instantiated one or many times DatabaseCeph Juju environment
  • 15. ● Juju maintains the relations between the services ● Eliminates complex configuration management Ceph Ceph-Radosgw Juju relation Juju relation Ceph-OSD
  • 16. ● Multiple charms can provide the same service and can be easily switched Cloud app HAProxy Depends Provides Depends Provides Ceph
  • 17. ● Juju maintains the relations between the services ● Eliminates complex configuration management Ceph Ceph-Radosgw Juju relation Juju relation Ceph-OSD
  • 18. Page 18 juju deploy -n 3 --config ceph.yaml ceph Deploying Ceph Monitors juju deploy -n 3 --config ceph.yaml cs:~pmcgarry/quantal/ceph-osd Deploying Ceph- OSDS juju set ceph-osd "osd-devices=/dev/xvdf" Set Ceph to use Volumes juju add-relation ceph-osd ceph Build the relationships between Ceph Monitor and OSDS
  • 19. The solution: Juju-gui