Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing


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Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

  1. 2. Established in 1993, INKAS® ARMORED VEHICLE MANUFACTURING was first commissioned to produce a heavily armored transport vehicle for a major European Bank. Since then, INKAS® has grown into a leading international manufacturer of quality armored vehicles. Accommodating today’s diverse market, INKAS® now specializes in a wide range of custom security solutions for its clients, including Armored Transport Vehicles, Executive Armored SUV’s/ Sedans and Special Purpose Military Vehicles . Personal and corporate security concerns have always been a top property for governments and corporations worldwide. New surges in terrorism have raised these concerns to an unprecedented level. Many organization and private individuals are now forced to dedicate a significant portion of their resources to defeating actual and potential threats of crime and terrorism. Through an individual approach to the needs and requirements of each of its clients, INKAS® ARMORED VEHICLE MANUFACTURING is able to relieve this strain by supplying armored vehicles that guarantee safety and security while offering peace of mind. WHO IS INKAS ARMORED ?
  2. 3. INKAS IS THE MANUFACTURER 60,000 SqFt Facility in Toronto, Canada
  3. 4. Mission & Values INKAS® ARMORED VEHICLE MANUFACTURING prides itself on offering transport vehicles that ensure optimal defense against ballistic threats. Depending on the threat assessment discussed in consultation with the client, the vehicle of desired type and configuration is custom manufactured to suite specific needs. INKAS® also Manufactures in such a way that the production level obtained exceeds the identified level of potential threat, thereby providing a significant margin of extra safety. The high levels of protection offered by INKAS® protect not only against direct fire from modern assault rifles, but also against the high-power weapons that fire armor-piercing projections. To ensure the highest levels of protection, INKAS® ARMORED VEHICLE MANUFACTURING uses a full assortment of advanced defensive technology. INKAS® manufactures its products utilizing top quality ballistic steel and glass, plus the most modern composite and transparent ballistic materials available. The materials chosen for each vehicle are selected in accordance with the clients desired level of protection. These levels of protection are based on National and International Ballistic Standards. In its testing, INKAS® refers to the standards established by the European Ballistic Standard, the Underwriters Laboratory, and the US National Institute of Justice.
  4. 5. Quality of manufacturing plays a paramount role in the overall reliability of their products. INKAS® operates technologically advanced manufacturing plants, employs only high qualified specialists, and conducts quality control at all stages of manufacturing. The INKAS® ARMORED VEHICLE MANUFACTURING plant is located in Toronto, Canada. INKAS provides its employees with the latest machinery and tools while maintaining a positive and safe working environment. All INKAS® employees are well-trained and experienced professionals. The engineers have a proven track record of designing and implementing efficient and innovative solutions. Their consultants have an extensive knowledge of all the aspects of the ballistic protection industry, including detailed knowledge of potential threats and countermeasures. The assembly staffs are experienced and meticulous welders and metal workers. INKAS® experienced employees constantly provide extensive quality control measures at all stages of the manufacturing process. This begins with a thorough inspection of the chassis and ballistic materials, run through all stages of assembly, and concludes with extensive tests of the finished vehicle. Ballistic Information and Standards
  5. 6. Ballistic Information and Standards The armored vehicles are built in compliance with National Institute of Justice levels of protection. NIJ Standard 0108.01 shown below:
  6. 7. Ballistic Information and Standards Level of protection other than one of standard is called ‘the special requirement’. Example, AK-47 weapon of choice of terrorist and criminals (in excess of 50 millions in use) fits in between level III-A and level III, so it is a ‘special requirement’ level of threat Though we use National Institute of Justice Standard to test and build our armor, we can use other national and international standards, both, civilian and military. The table below shows below shows the relation between a few popular ballistic standards. Due to cross data and overlapping of different standards, we consider it approximate. APPROXIMATE CROSS-REFERENCE TABLE OF BALLISTIC PROTECTION NIJ 01.08.01 EN 1063 UL 752 STANAG 4569 I B1 I-A B2; B3 1 II B4 2 III-A (B4); B5 3 1 III B6 4;5 2 IV B7 7;8 3
  7. 8. Armored Vehicle Products <ul><li>Cash in Transit Vehicles </li></ul><ul><li>Government Executive Vehicles </li></ul><ul><li>Dignitary armored SUV’s </li></ul><ul><li>Luxury Sedans and Mini Vans </li></ul><ul><li>Performance Upgrades </li></ul><ul><li>Military Vehicles </li></ul><ul><li>Border Patrol Vehicles </li></ul><ul><li>Armored Ambulances </li></ul><ul><li>Swat Team </li></ul><ul><li>Armored Patrol Carriers </li></ul><ul><li>Riot Control </li></ul><ul><li>Buses </li></ul><ul><li>Oversized Trucks </li></ul>
  8. 9. Available Models SEDANS Mercedes Benz BMW Lexus Lincoln Toyota Camry SUV’s Chevy Suburban Toyota Land Cruiser 5.7L Toyota Sequoia Toyota Tundra Lexus LX 570 Mercedes Benz G/GL Class Lincoln Navigator Yukon Denali XL CIT (Cash in Transit) Ford E-350 Ford F-550 Ford F-650 Ford F-750 Toyota Tundra Mercedes Benz Sprinter Special Purpose Swat Boarder Patrol Ambulance Riot Control Buses APC L.A.P.V Oversized Trucks
  9. 10. Vehicles – LUXURY SEDANS
  10. 11. Vehicles – SUV’S
  11. 12. Vehicles – Police and Swat Vehicles
  12. 13. Vehicles – Buses
  13. 14. Vehicles – Commercial CIT
  14. 15. Vehicles – L.A.P.V (Light Armored Patrol Vehicle)
  15. 16. INKAS® CORPORATION 64 Signet Dr. Toronto, ON M9L 2Y4 Office: +1 416 744 3322 INKAS is proud to be appointed a certified Manufacturer under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of Canada.. PHILIP DASKAL Sales Manager 64 Signet Dr. Toronto, ON M9L 2Y4 Office: +1 416 744 3322 ext 228 Mobile: +1 416 904 9243 [email_address]