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Cloud Computing + SAAS + Collaboration = Collective Team Intelligence @ BT Summit 2009
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Cloud Computing + SAAS + Collaboration = Collective Team Intelligence @ BT Summit 2009


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Collaboration by definition is a way for teams getting things done. There has been various stages in which collaboration technologies have developed and used. Starting Form Email, Chat, Tele …

Collaboration by definition is a way for teams getting things done. There has been various stages in which collaboration technologies have developed and used. Starting Form Email, Chat, Tele Conferencing, Video Conferencing and Enterprise Intranets. The new generation Social collaboration technologies being developed now are evolution in the way teams will work in future. For Social Collaboration to happen effectively it needs two key pillars (a) Cloud Computing Infrastructure (b) SAAS Business model. Knowledge workers need access to the collaboration platform 24 x 7 and from multiple devices. The system should also be Secure and Scalable. This can now be achieved by creating a Social workspace in the cloud on demand which all the team members can effectively use. These workspaces should integrate both the traditional communication and collaboration technologies like Email, Chat, Web conferencing, ECM and new Social technologies like Blogs, Wikis, Micro Blogging so that no information of any nature casual or formal is lost. This is most effective way to achieve team knowledge sharing and capture, without having the individuals to put any additional efforts for the same.

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  • # Thanks to the organizers for giving an opportunity to share my perspectives
    # This is not a yet another presentation of Cloud and SAAS, but how coming together of Cloud, SAAS and the new collaboration technologies can really solve one of the oldest problems for organizations of how they could tap into collective knowledge of their workers.
    # We will also look at challenges hindering effective KM. Why we can finally stop relying on email as the only tools for team collaboration.
    # I will also try to argue that for the first time SMBs can also leverage these new technologies and a small price.
  • # Large organizations continue to work in silos and in smaller organizations team members work as individual contributors
    # To achieve mass collaboration there needs to be a culture change in the organizations.
  • # Large product and IT services vendors have focussed on Enterprise customers.
    # Large organizations have big budgets and IT staff and can afford to hire KM consultants.
    # The bottom 6Mn or more firms have largely relied on email as their mode of communication and collaboration.
    # The shift towards knowledge workers in USA. These are small professional organizations and are not really tech savvy to implement or maintain their own IT systems so rely on publicly provided tools and platforms. Lawyers, Doctors, Consultants of all types...
  • #I know of a small company out of Norway providing services to US customers with their tech support team in China.
    # Today it is possible to assemble a good team of people across the globe leveraging their core strengths.
  • # Combine this trend with a generation change and knwledge worker and now you can see a clear need for a next generation collaboration platform which accessable anytime and anywhere.
  • # Start you conversations anywhere.
    # Send an email, which can be posted as a blog commented upon, linked to a file in the library or a HTML reference link. Or THink of a event calendar and being able to start a web conferencing from there and able to record, store, share the MOM.
    Send a tweet and get it on your SMS. Get alerts on your email.
    # First time a true unification of communication technologies happening without being enforced by telcos with grandiose plans.
  • # It is quite evident form social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin on how people are now more and more using a social space for their communication and relying less on the traditional tools like telephone and email.
  • # People are now getting comfortable using the new Read write web.
  • * Allay fears of data security and backup.
    * Many of leading cloud vendors like GoGrid are already SAS70 certified.
    * Many models of charging being used:
    1. Amazon EC2: Compute Unit, Memory ($/instance hour), Additional for support
    2. GoGrid: CPU, RAM, Storage ($/hour), bandwidth, Load Balancer, Prepaid plan with support
    3. 3TERA: Virtual Private Datacenter (MIn, Max), Drag and drop config
  • # It is like asking the employees to use Nokia 6600 in office and iphone at home.
    # Don’t depend on organization grapevine for the latest buzz.
    # No getting tangled in organization beaurocracy to get answers.
    # Will require a culture change in existing organizations.
  • # Partners are always looking for product information. E.g Oracle creating a single collaboration space.
  • # No more annual idea generation camps or jamborees. Think of this as a idea drop box which is open throughout the year and is being processed continuously.

    # Forming crack teams will be as easy as forming a group on say linkedin. Choose the experts and pull them into the group. Set out the problem and get everyone going.
  • The biggest change I see and the core point of my talk today is that people will start capturing knowledge as they conduct their routine tasks not as a separate dedicated organizational mandated activity.

    Every rating you do, every link you add, every comment you post; you are enriching that knowledge item.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Cloud computing + SaaS + Collaboration = Collective team intelligence Jagdish K Vasishtha Managing Director, Injoos
    • 2. Collective Intelligence is mass collaboration 4 Key principles • Openness • Peering • Sharing • Acting Globally
    • 3. What about the SMB ? ~9000 Firms > 52 Mn Employees (> 1000 Employees) Enterprise ~100,000 Firms Mid Market > 23 Mn Employees (100 ~ 1000 Employees) ~6 Mn Firms Small Business (< 100 Employees) > 42 Mn Employees > 65Mn SMB Employees in US Alone Source: 2005 U.S. Census Bureau estimates
    • 4. The new “Always On” workforce 1. Smaller and Less Sufficiently Skilled 2. Increasingly Global 3. Highly Virtual 4. Vastly Diverse 5. Autonomous and Empowered Source: Hewitt Associates: Next Generation Talent Management
    • 5. Telecommuting - The new reality
    • 6. The new Unified Communication Real Time Communication Near Real Time Communication Tele conferencing Email Tele conferencing Email Web conferencing Blogs, Wiki Video conferencing Text Chat Discussion Boards Text Chat SMS Social Networks
    • 7. Shifts in Communication models collaborative Gated Shared Social Communications space Communication Pattern Market Direction Two-way Traditional Open and Free Communications Provider controlled Open Internet Communication Environment
    • 8. Comfort level with Web2.0 apps More than 3000 Apps at
    • 9. Enterprise 2.0 Apps Ref: Forrester Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Social software - 2009
    • 10. Email no longer rules SNS sites (301 Mn people) go beyond Email (229 Mn)
    • 11. Myspace is 2nd largest public email provider ! Source: Techcrunch
    • 12. Knowledge management is a continuous process Tapping the power of knowledge worker Structured Unstructured knowledge knowledge Structured human activities & System intensive processes Ad hoc, messy and chaotic human activities Knowledge Continuity
    • 13. Problem with Structured KM Taxonomy Long Tail of Content 80:20 Rule of Content creation Carrot and Stick Policy Forrester: Social technographics ladder
    • 14. Learning from Social Media Rating Tagging Delicious Linking Sharing Bookmarking
    • 15. Cloud & Collaboration • Collaborate 24 x 7 • Anytime - Anywhere - Any Device • Scalable on demand • Tier 1 Data Center - Uptime, Secure, SLA Flexible, Scalable , Secure
    • 16. SAAS & SMBs Reduce overall TCO • No provider lock-in • No software installation required • Convert Software Capex to Opex • “Pay as you go” model for scalability
    • 17. Collaborating in the cloud - What does is mean for Businesses ? Engage next generation employees Connect with ecosystem partners Accelerate innovation Prevent organization dementia
    • 18. # Engage next generation employees • Bridge the chasm • Transparent communications • Detect hot spots early • Democratize decision making • Engage in organization initiatives
    • 19. # Connect with ecosystem partners • Build direct communications • Co-create product and services • Connect employees directly to partners • Create a more comprehensive knowledge base
    • 20. # Accelerate innovation • Continuous idea generation • Form problem solving teams on the fly • Connect across organizational silos • Easy expert identification
    • 21. # Prevent organization dementia • Capture knowledge as work is conducted • Find relevant information quickly • Enrich content continuously
    • 22. Integrated communication & collaboration platform Team Workspace in the Cloud Powerful search Collaborate on Documents Discussion Forums Multi mode communication Your Profile page Activity Feeds Team Calendar Enrich Information: Rating, Tagging, Sharing, Linking Team sites One touch Web conferencing Security & privacy Start Anywhere
    • 23. Thanks