Family Nutritional Products


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Complete line of nutritional products offered by Ardyss International.

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Family Nutritional Products

  1. 3. Ardyss Plus   A delicious and refreshing multivitamin supplement formulated with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, along with aloe vera and herbs extracts extremely beneficial to the organism.   Benefits:   • Strengthens the immune system.* • When combined with Power Boost, Ardyss Plus is ideal for combating arthritis and osteoporosis.* • Helps fortify the respiratory system.* • Recommended for allergies and sinus problems.* • Natural alternative for menstrual and menopausal problems.*
  2. 4. Cran Aloe The principal ingredient is Aloe Vera (L), which contains extracts of natural antioxidants and helps with cellular regeneration and detoxification of the body.   Benefits:    • Excellent preventive care for the urinary tract.* • Protection for the stomach and intestines, reducing excessive stomach acid and protecting against ulcers and gastritis. * • Reducing the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose.*
  3. 5. Coral Calcium   A complete source of calcium, calcitonin and glucose amine to nourish and protect the skeletal system.   Benefits:   • Increases the absorption of calcium, magnesium and potassium.* • Helps to fight osteoporosis.* • Maintains healthy bones and teeth.* • Clean kidneys, intestines and liver.* • Prevents hair loss and turns it shinny.* • Fights arthritis and heart conditions.*
  4. 6. Digestive Support   The Best help for good digestion. Benefits your digestive system through the supply of Enzymes, which help to absorb the nutrients your organism requires.   Benefits:    • Helps maintain excellent digestion* • Improves the assimilation of nutrients* • Efficient against the inflammation of the joints and the stomach’s system* • Revitalizes intestinal flora* • Avoids constipation*
  5. 7. Power Boost   This delicious citrus drink contains high percentages of arginine, which promotes vitality, muscles, sexual potency, and it also slows aging.   Benefits:  • Tones up and strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments.* • It is an aid in the treatment of osteoporosis.* • It helps slow the aging process.* • It acts on cellulite and stretch marks. • Combats insomnia.* • Helps infertility in both men and women.*
  6. 8. Enerlife   Enerlife in a natural energizer made of vitamins and minerals that help improve your performance. Increases your energy, supercharge your day with an energizing, tasty nutrient liftoff. It provides up to 7 hours of energy boost.   Benefits:   • Helps improve mental ability and the reflexes of the nervous system.* • Helps people that work at night.* • Excellent for Athletes.*
  7. 9. Memory Charge   Improves blood circulation, concentration and memory, thanks to nutritional components benefiting the brain and nervous system. Increase your brain performance.     Benefits:    • Optimize the cerebral functions.* • Improve the cardiovascular circulation.* • Regulate high or low blood pressure.* • Aid in the treatment relief of headaches, including migraine.* • Relieve insomnia.*
  8. 10. Triplelifeline (omegas 3,6,9)   Nowadays, thousands of clinical studies proves that oil containing omega 3, 6 and 9 have helped to improve health to prevent dysfunctions like:   Benefits:    • Triglyceride reduction* • Normalize cholesterol levels* • General benefits for the heart and arteries* • Improve brain functions as well as conditions like diabetes, hematomas, depression, arthritis, allergies, poor blood circulation, Alzheimer's disease, skin problems, gout, arrhythmia and many others.*
  9. 11. Ultrabody Cleanser   The properties of these natural herbs, pro-biotic, and enzymes offer and provide for the cleansing of the organs and the eliminatory channels.   Within 7 to 10 days you will experience relief resulting from the elimination of wastes from your organism, thanks to the effect of this formula on the digestive system and other organs throughout the body.*
  10. 12. Mangostana Plus Xanthones, a natural group of antioxidants that has been used throughout hundred years. See how these exotic fruit could improve your health.   Benefits: • Helps to delay aging and strengthen the immune system. • Favors heart functioning.* • Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.* • Helps to improve the circulatory system* • Helps to maintain the elasticity of joints.* • Provides energy* • It is a highly efficient antioxidant.*
  11. 13. Thermogen Plus   Maintain your normal diet while you lose weight. Your accumulated fat is exposed through body heat and eliminated in the urine, bowel movements and sweat.   Benefits:    • Helps diminish the appetite.* • Lose weight by increasing the metabolism.* • Weight loss through the elimination of fat
  12. 14. Coffee Ardyss Coffee Ardyss is a beverage with the properties of natural herbs that stimulate and increase the process of thermo genesis (the natural process the organism uses to burn fat), helping you to lose weight. All of these benefits without sacrificing your tasty cup of coffee each morning!.   Benefits:  • A slim figure without sacrificing muscle tone.* • Antioxidant Action.*
  13. 15. Ardyss Collafee Get younger with this delicious Coffee and Collagen.   Ardyss Collaffee is an exclusive mix of collagen, vitamin C, iron, calcium and coffee that revitalizes your skin and prevents the natural ageing process. It also softens your lines of expression and improves your body joints
  14. 16. Green 29 100% natural product specially made of vegetables. Helps balance the PH in the intestines, blood and tissues. Enriched with Chlorophyll to provide oxygen to the cells. Recommended in case of gastric ulcers, heartburn, gas and stomach bloating. Increases energy; prevents fatigue and stress. Counter attacks problems caused by fungi, germs and bacteria. Helps illness such as cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis. Contains pro-biotics, the good bacteria that protects our colon.
  15. 17. Nocol Supplement Ideal that helps diminish PMS and menopausal, emotional and physical symptoms. Made of selected herbs that contain phyto estrogen and isoflavones, similar substances to estrogens, the female special hormone. Assist in achieving hormonal balance. May reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Reduces cholesterol levels. May reduce anxiety and help with weight loss.
  16. 18. AM/PM weight control Extraordinary product formulated with natural herbs, amino acids and vitamins specially designed to help accelerate the metabolism and promote weight loss during day and night. Reduces appetite. Its active ingredients help the body burn fat easily and effectively. A natural diuretic. Eliminates accumulated toxins. Reduces anxiety, stress and insomnia.  
  17. 19. Ardyss Kids Flavor and Nutrition fun for children Kids chewable multivitamins with cute lion shape. Orange, lemon and cherry flavors. Helps reinforce the immune system Excellent in preventing respiratory illnesses. Promotes healthy growth and development of bones, muscles, blood and tissues.
  18. 20. Ardyss MultiV High content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which provides maximum nutrition for excellent health. These tablets are convenient when traveling and excellent when you are extra active. It contains Lycopene, and antioxidant responsible for the elimination of free radicals that cause cell damage. May reduce risk of prostate cancer. Helps slow down the aging process of the body and the brain. Reinforces connective tissues, skin and vision. May reduce anxiety and helps with weight loss.
  19. 21. “ An appointment with Ardyss with change your life”