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Revisão dos tempos verbais simples em Inglês
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Revisão dos tempos verbais simples em Inglês


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement

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  • 1. Verbs in EnglishReview – Simple Tenses
  • 2. O que é verbo?O criado abriu o portão.Fernando estava doente.Nevou em São Joaquim.
  • 3. Passado/Presente/Futuro
  • 4. • Agora eu leio.• Depois de entrar, ele trancava a porta.• Ele trancou a porta.• Quando cheguei, ele já trancara a porta.• Beatriz ganhará o prêmio.• Beatriz ganharia o prêmio.
  • 5. InfinitivoTo danceTo beTo overcome
  • 6. VerbosAuxiliares
  • 7. Verbos Regulares eIrregulares
  • 8. I work I workedYou work You workedHe works He workedShe works She workedIt works It workedWe work We workedYou work You workedThey work They worked
  • 9. I sweep I sweptYou sweep You sweptHe sweeps He sweptShe sweeps She sweptIt sweeps It sweptWe sweep We sweptYou sweep You sweptThey sweep They swept
  • 10. •Voz Passiva•Orações Condicionais•Discurso Indireto•Pronomes Relativos
  • 11. O Presente (Simple Present):They study English.They do not study English.Do they study English?He plays the guitar.He does not play the guitar.Does he play the guitar?
  • 12. Exercisea) Andrew….. in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (to live)b) We……. in good luck and bad luck. (to believe)c) I….. a blue dress every Sunday. (to wear)d) We.......control of our lives due to bad habits.(Lose)
  • 13. O Presente Contínuo (Present continuos)You are doing your homework.You are not doing your homework.Are you doing your homework?She is working now.She is not working now.Is she working now?
  • 14. Exercisea) She is cooking the dinner.She is not cooking the dinner.Is she cooking the dinner?b) They are studying for the test.They are not studying for the test.Are they studying for the test?
  • 15. Exercisec) We are living in a small city.We are not living in a small city.Are we living in a small city?d) Marcos is doing exercises every day.Marcos is not doing exercises every day.Is Marcos doing exercises every day?
  • 16. O Passado (Simple Past) – Pretérito perfeito eimperfeito.You worked here last year.You did not work here last year.Did you work here last year?We went to the supermarket yesterday.We did not go to the supermarket yesterday.Did we go to the supermarket yesterday?
  • 17. Exercisea) We open the door.We opened the door.b) You write poems.You wrote poems.c) Richard plays in the garden.Richard played in the garden.d) Kerry does not speak English.Kerry did not speak English.e) Do you see the bird?Did you see the bird?
  • 18. Passado Contínuo (Past continuos)You were working last night at 8 PM.You were not working last night at 8 PM.Were you working last night at 8 PM?He was reading a book.He was not reading a book.Was he reading a book?
  • 19. Exercisea) We (study) ....... English yesterday at 4 PM.We were studying English yesterday at 4 PM.b) She (talk)..... On the phone five minutes ago.She was talking on the phone five minutes ago.c) We (sleep)..... When the telephone rang.We were sleeping when the telephone rang.
  • 20. Futuro Simples (Simple Future)You will come back late.You will not come back late.Will you come back late?She’ll do it for me.She won’t do it for me.Will she do it for me?
  • 21. Exercisea) You will wait for her.You will not wait for her.Will you wait for her?b) My team will win the game.My team will not win the game.Will my team win the game?
  • 22. Exercisec) Bob will work.Bob will not work.Will Bob work?d) We will stay at home tonight.We will not stay at home tonight.Will we stay at home tonight?
  • 23. Futuro Contínuo (Future Continuos)You will be working.You will not be working.Will you be working?When I wake up tomorrow morning, the sun willbe shining and the birds will be singing.
  • 24. Exercisea) I will (be, think) of you.I will be thinking of you.a) Next year I will not (be, study); I will (be, work).Next year I will not be studying; I will be working.a) Come at eight; I will (be, wait) for you.Come at eight; I will be waiting for you.