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  • Nurturing should be thought of not as “emails” but as a series of communications (workflow?) in which every step has a clear and concise objective.
  • The more specific the better focused your email content can be. Of course, you can use dynamic content or not…
  • Generically these are the two types of nurturing you can have.Regardless of the type of campaigns setup, it’s important to remember that what happens in your nurturing campaigns has to listen and respond to the sale process.‘Stay in Touch’ campaigns are useful for all prospects that are not immediately ready to engage with sales. They form the backbone of your lead nurturing program by “dripping” out relevant content to prospects over time, helping to educate them and build trust and credibility for your company. By touching prospects regularly, they help keep your brand top of mind so that the prospect will contact you when they are ready to move to the next step.
  • Heavy Case MonthsJanuaryFebruaryOctober
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/7/13 09:41) -----Don't use the word unlimited .. hurts support
  • Requirements:Lead can live in more than one nurture module (e.g. different product lines)Lead can only live in one nurture Stream within a module----- Meeting Notes (9/10/12 18:20) ------ how do we handle the priority ofdifferent content across different workspaces- GE Example of MRIs and Ultasounds
  • Marketo will provide the beer, you provide the reviews! We plan to have our next meeting toward the end of the work day so we can socialize, network and write a few AppExchange reviews. Even if you don’t have Salesforce, everyone is welcome! Help Marketo win the Salesforce AppExchange for the sixth year in a row!!!!
  • NYMUG Marketo New York User Group meeting 091013

    1. 1. © 2012 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential New York Marketo User Group Meeting 9/10/13 Presenters: Inga Romanoff Elliott Lowe Sheila Baker Sponsors: Reachforce Jeff Chamberlain Haresh Gangwani NYMUG Host: Conductor, Inc.
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    3. 3. © 2012 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential Guest Speaker Presentation
    4. 4. Lead Nurturing Best Practices Design & Marketo Customer Engagement NY Marketo User Group: September 10, 2013 Sheila Baker Opine Consulting sheila@opine.com
    5. 5. Questions • Are using Marketo for nurturing today? • What audience(s) are you nurturing to? – Prospects – Customers – Partners – Role (decision maker, influencer) – Buying stage (early, mid, late) – Industry – Solution – Product
    6. 6. Questions • Would you consider your nurturing programs simple or complex? • Have you setup some form of traffic cop in your instance? • Was it setup by internal resources or did you have a consultant help you? • Have you implemented the Customer Engagement Module?
    7. 7. What is Nurturing? Nurturing is the process of building trusted relationships in a way that is both consistent and relevant to the audience with the goal of earning/continuing to earn their business.
    8. 8. Five Steps of Nurturing 1. Set the goal(s) for the nurture campaign 2. Define the audience 3. Decide on type/timing 4. Target a variety of content 5. Implement Measure & Adjust
    9. 9. 1. Set Goal(s) for a Specific Nurturing Campaign • What are you trying to achieve? For example: – To convert raw sales inquiries into qualified prospects – To automatically identify “in profile” leads – To convert free trial downloads to paying customers – To further qualify, and collect more information from, inbound sales leads – To educate, or build goodwill amongst a list of existing prospects – To build thought leadership awareness with prospects – To “stay in touch with” existing prospects so they call us when the need arise – To acquire more business from existing customers – To turn dormant accounts back into active accounts – To drive customer renewals • Set metrics, if you can.
    10. 10. 2. Define the Audience • Are you targeting prospects, customers, partners • What additional segmentation(s) will you use – Role (decision maker, influencer) – Buying stage (early, mid, late) – Industry – Solution – Product The more targeted the audience, the more specific your message => better response
    11. 11. 3. Decide on Type and Timing • Drip Campaigns – Emails are sent out over a fixed time in a fixed order. • Accelerator Campaigns – Triggered by specific behavior in an attempt to move leads through the buy cycle faster (aka “Behavioral Campaigns”) Sales Process
    12. 12. 4. Target Variety of Content • Content must be relevant & interesting • Use different types of content (white paper, video, article) • Content should be easy to digest • Take existing content and make it bite-size – allows to stretch the content you already have • Make content valuable, not self-promotional – Use links to 3rd party content as well as your own • Aim is to develop a relationship — not pushy • Start with the content you already have or can reference – then add to it as you go • 411 messages… 4 educational/1 soft sell/1 hard sell
    13. 13. 5. Implement • Use email and landing page best practices • Watch for cross campaign content issues (skip content if already offered) • Limit number of emails sent across Marketo in a given timeframe • Prioritize your nurturing campaigns/streams • Test before you turn it on • Monitor closely • Review content at least quarterly Managing multiple nurturing campaigns with the new Customer Engagement Module is much easier!
    14. 14. Customer Engagement Module
    15. 15. Engagement Program Overview • New type of program with “brains” • Stream sends content (cast) based on: – Cadence – Priority – Availability – Whether or not the lead has already received the content • Dashboard – Is my content working? – Operational metrics – Engagement Score
    16. 16. Terminology • Engagement Program – is a program type that is able to accomplish complex nurturing with great ease. • Stream – is a pool of prioritized content that the engagement program will use to nurture leads. • Cast – is the event of sending emails from an Engagement Program. • Stream Cadence – Is the schedule of when the cast (content) will go out. • Lead Cadence – is a status that defines a lead’s ability to receive content from an engagement program. Values are: Paused or Normal • Transition Rules – is the trigger and filters that pull a lead into a stream
    17. 17. Engagement Program Packaging • Spark – 4 Programs/1 Stream each program • Standard – 4 Programs/1 Stream each program – Add-on option (get everything Select gets) • Select/Enterprise – 15 Streams per program – 100 programs per subscription – Communication Limits – Trending data (Select or Enterprise w/RCA)
    18. 18. Leads in Programs & Streams
    19. 19. Engagement Stream Features – Spark & Standard • Set Stream Cadence • Add Content – emails or programs • Edit Stream Name • Archive Content • Activate Content • Schedule Content Availability
    20. 20. Engagement Stream Features – Select, Enterprise, Add-On • Multiple Streams per program (up to 15) • Additional Features: – Add Stream – e.g. early, mid, late – Clone Stream – great for testing Streams • Cadence cleared – Delete Stream – complete removal of Stream from program – Transition Rules
    21. 21. Multiple Stream Engagement Program
    22. 22. Dashboard with Trending Data Select, Add-on or Enterprise with RCA
    23. 23. Dashboard with w/o Trending Data Spark, Standard without Add-on Custom Status 100 Member 1,800 Engaged 1,500
    24. 24. Reporting • Spark, Standard without Add-on – Dashboard is snapshot of current status – Engagement Stream Analytics report • Standard with Add-on, Select, or Enterprise with RCA – Dashboard show trending data for • Engagement Score • Emails Sent • Changes in Content – Engagement Stream Analytics report
    25. 25. Reporting Terminology • Exhausted – When a lead has received every piece of content in the stream it is currently assigned to • Engagement Score – is a 0 to 100 point score that Marketo will give your content – It is benchmarked against drip and nurture style emails to give an average of 50 across all Marketo customers – Engagement score is calculated 72 hours after each cast (only once)
    26. 26. Steps for Implementation 1. Create Engagement Program 2. Create Streams – Add emails OR – Add programs 3. Create Transition Rules 4. Create Control Campaigns – Add leads into Engagement program – Pause leads in Engagement program – Resume leads in Engagement program – Mark leads engaged 5. Test 6. Reporting
    27. 27. Engagement Program Demo • What do you most want to see?
    28. 28. Questions • Thank you! • Feel free to contact me: sheila@opine.com
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