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Tud dimi general presentation-2010-2011_v2.2
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Tud dimi general presentation-2010-2011_v2.2


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Published in: Technology, Real Estate

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  • 1. Delft Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative Sustainable solutions from a multidisciplinary approachProfile and activities 2010-2011 Delft University of Technology v2.2 – February 2011 Challenge the future
  • 2. Societal related Current themes Projects Engineering & challenges collabora- tions Strategic Plans profile Organi- 2011 sation Activities & results Approach 2010DelftUniversity ofTechnologyChallenge the future
  • 3. Strategic profile• Mission - sustainable solutions for complex, societal issues; - new concepts, technologies & graduates (MSc,PhD); - integrated and scientific approach; - close interaction with societal actors, public and private.• Main ambition - to contribute to sustainable solutions; - to become a (inter)nationally respected platform on infrastructures and mobility. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 4. • Objectives - enhancing synergy and inspiration, scientifically and socially; - increasing financial leverage for external programmes; - strengthening the profile on infrastructures and mobility; - positioning design and relating it with engineering, research and education. Spoorzone Delft Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 5. Societal related themes Design Engineering ResearchThemes & aspects (synthesis: designs) (construction: prototypes) (analysis: models)Governance, decision making,scenario’s, policy & evaluation City’sStrategy, management & Heartbeatorganization, implementation Metro- Societal domains & politan Living in Sustainable Economic sectors Parks/ the Urban Mainports Delta Land- & Hubs Ur scapes ba niPhysical structures & technical zi ngsystems Mega-Structures D elMorphology, spatial planning & ta sbuilt environment Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 6. Engineering challengesConcepts & solutions for:• a sustainable balance of flood safety, urbanization, economic development and environmental quality for Delta-, Coastal- and Reclaimed areas worldwide;• flexible Port infrastructures & logistics for sustainable economic growth;• integrated Airport and hub design & operations for internationally, competitive airports;• Future mobility to accommodate sustainable growth, with reduced environmental impact, enhanced safety, improved accessibility of densely populated cities, improved efficiency and quality of travel & transport by all modes of transport. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 7. Organisation Board DIMI Overall positioning Organisation scheme within the TUD DIMIDelftUniversity ofTechnologyChallenge the future
  • 8. Sections/ GroupsFields/courses Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 9. Approach• An agenda as framework for further development and collaboration = dynamic open system.• Agenda and themes related to major societal issues for coordination and communication purposes.• Integrating (new) subjects within the working agenda (including Governance, ICT, Geo-Information, Remote sensing, other DRI’s).• Connecting existing centres, networks & communities.• Theme holder acts as broker and promoter. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 10. Activities & results 2010• Rebuilding New Orleans – Dutch Dialogues workshops (Han Meyer, Maurits de Hoog) • First International Air Transport & Operations- symposium, ATOS-2010 (Ricky Curran, Sicco Santema) Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 11. • Publication of the book Delta Urbanism, well received by the US-press, -scientists & -professionals (authors: Han Meyer, Maurits de Hoog, Marcel Stive, Han Vrijling et.) • Port Infrastructures- seminar (Han Ligteringen, Tiedo Vellinga) Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 12. • Elsevier technology-debates (Bert van Wee, Han Vrijling, Cees de Bont) • Rhine Estuary ‘Closable but Open’ - seminars (Matthijs Kok, Ties Rijcken) Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 13. • DIEMIGO/ theGROUNDS : future scenario electrical transport Schiphol 2030 (Sacha Sylvester, Stephan van Dijk, Cees de Bont) • Master classes –Convenant Min.I&E – TUD (Marcel Stive,• Cool and Sustainable- Dirk Sijmons, Bert van Wee, symposium for Energy- Bart van Arem, Cees de Bont) Hydraulic Engineering (Han Vrijling) Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 14. • Publication ‘De Kust in Ontwikkeling’ (Dorrith Dijkzeul, Maurits de Hoog) • Delta- & Coastal-symposium World-Expo 2010, Shanghai (Han Vrijling, Marcel Stive, Han Meyer, Serge Hoogendoorn, et.)DelftUniversity ofTechnologyChallenge the future
  • 15. • Co-sponsor & advisorship Bosatlas (DIMI & DENVI)• Several webcasts on transportation, infrastructures, etc. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 16. • Co-sponsor design competition Delta City of the Future as part of the international conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change - Rotterdam 2010• Sponsor student competition and delegation for an international congres about the development of favela’s and a workshop for the design of a new waterfront and housing area in Porto Alegre, Brazil Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 17. Plans 2011• Start of the Advisory Board: - Erik Oostwegel – Chairman Executive Board Royal Haskoning; - Yttje Feddes - Rijksadviseur voor het Landschap; - Hans Leeflang – Dir.Strategy,Knowledge & Innovation, Min.I&E; - vacancy for candicate from Aerospace/Logistics; - Theo Toonen – Dean TBM; - Han Vrijling – Chairman DIMI.• Follow ups & projects, e.g.: - Rhine Estuary ‘Closable but open’; - Vietnam-Sea dikes, China-Delta & Coastal development; - Transport@TUDelft: strategic plan & organizational synergy; - Inventory of education on Infrastructures & Environment; - Continuation current projects, seminars and workshops. - Work in progress - Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 18. Current projects & collaborationsTheme/project Theme holder Collaboration Prof. Bart van Arem City’s Heartbeat Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Planning & Transport- Future Mobility Prof. Bart van Arem TUD: CiTG, TBM, 3mE, IO, OTB, TRAIL, LR Development of scenario’s for clean, safe & efficient Project 1: Reinforcement of mobility and accessible research on transport and cities. First phase in networks related to Port of developing a TUD research- Rotterdam. & education agenda and creating more synergy Project 2: Formulating sub- within TUD. plans for the transport field within TUD. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 19. Theme/project Theme holder Collaboration City’s Heartbeat (cont.)- STT-Exploration of Ultra Prof. Bart van Arem External: Stichting Toekomst- Smart Vehicles beeld der Techniek, Connekt, TNO, TUE, Min.V&W, etc. Exploratory study for ultra smart vehicles of the future in cooperation with leading experts, companies and ministeries.- Accessibility of cities & Prof. Maurits de Hoog TUD: Bk, CiTG, OTB regions (Prof. Joost Schrijnen) External: Stichting Developing strategies for Architecture/Urbanism, Randstadmetropool better use of existing City & Region transportation networks. Preparation for next phase.- E-mobility Prof. Cees de Bont TUD: IO, OTB, Bk, TNW, (Dr. Sacha Sylvester) Valorisation Centre Research and designs for E-mobility concepts & Industrial Design, External: TNO, Schiphol-The solutions on vehicles and Personal Mobility Grounds (DIEMIGO), D-Incert, infrastructures. Stadshavens-Rotterdam, Clean Tech Delta Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 20. Theme/project Theme holder Collaboration Mainports & Hubs- Port of the Future: Prof. Han Ligteringen, TUD: CiTG, 3mE, TBM, Bk, IO Port Vision 2030 Prof Tiedo Vellinga External: Port Research Co-development by Civil Engineering and Centre (PRC), Port Autority scientists and professionals Geosciences, Rotterdam, Next Generation for a new port vision for the Hydraulic Engineering/ Infrastructures Port of Rotterdam. Ports and Waterways Backcast scenario’s developed, in next phase assessment of measures for scenario’s.- Airport of the Future: Prof. Richard Curran & TUD: LR, IO, TBM Prof. Sicco Santema Training course industrial External: COMAC-China professionals Aerospace/ Setting up a customized Air transport & operations course to train aerospace professionals from industry on several air transport & operations topics. Business plan PDEng External: IATA, aerospace industry Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 21. Theme/project Theme holder Collaboration Prof. Han Vrijling Civil Engineering and Living in the Delta Geosciences, Hydraulic Engineering/ Flood Risk Management & Hydraulic Structures- Rhine Estuary Matthijs Kok/Ties Rijcken TUD: CiTG, BK, TBM Closable but Open Civil Engineering and External:: Kennis voor Klimaat,Study of flood risk and Geosciences, HKV, INBO, RIVM.measures for water safety Hydraulic Engineering/in case of sea level rise Flood Risk Management &and larger river discharges. Hydraulic Structures Preparation for next phaseBased upon climate with focus on development ofscenario’s for the Rotterdam hydraulic-spatial model andand Drecht cities area. serious game.- Adaptive strategies Prof. Han Meyer TUD: Bk, CiTG, TBMStudy and development of Architecture/Urbanism, External: Kennis voor Klimaat,strategies, measures and Theory & Methods Arcadis, Deltares, INBO, Duracriteria for building outside Vermeer, Gemeente Rotterdamthe dikes projected ondifferent climate scenario’sfor the Rotterdam area. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 22. Theme/project Theme holder Collaboration Living in the Delta (cont.)- Haringvliet Prof. Han Meyer TUD: Bk, CiTG Preliminary study for the External: Welstandscommissie impact and development of Zuid-Holland en Zeeland. criteria and measures to integrate dike improve- ments along the Haringvliet Still in preparation phase. with urban and landscape qualities respecting the ecological and economical dynamics of the region.- Delta Link Delft Ties Rijcken & TUD: CiTG, TBM Jos Timmermans Inventory of Delta-related External: Delta-commissioner, studies and research to Technology, Policy and directors sub-programs map on the Dutch Delta- Management/ Delta-program program for opportunities Multi Actor Systems. of new (sub-themes, stu- Recent visit of commissioner dies, research and training. and all directors at TUD.- Sea Dikes - Vietnam Prof. Han Vrijling TUD: CiTG External: Royal Dutch Research & knowledge Embassy - Hanoi, Water development and design Recource University, Hanoi guidelines for Vietnamese sea dikes. Pre-feasibility study flood protection Ho Chi Min City. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 23. Theme/project Theme holder Collaboration Prof. Jan Rots Civil Engineering and Mega-structures Geosciences, Building Technology/ Construction mechanics- Highway of the Future Nicole Kringos TUD: CiTG. Several projects on the Civil Engineering and External: Rijkswaterstaat, TNO, reduction of noise-pollution, Geosciences, InfraQuest (Competence Centre improvement of safety Building Technology/ for Roads & Structures) (SKIDSAFE) and sustaina- Construction mechanics bility of asphalt roads; EU-KP7: SKIDSAFE consor- minimizing energy use, CO2 tium (Netherlands, Spain, emission and traffic delays United Kingdom, Greece) by the construction and maintenance of roads. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 24. Theme/project Theme holder Collaboration Urbanizing Deltas Prof. Han Meyer- Delta Interventions Prof. Han Meyer, Prof. Maurits TUD: Bk, CiTG de Hoog & Prof. Han Vrijling Interdisciplinary design External: Royal Haskoning, studio for Master students Coordinated Rijkswaterstaat, HKV, DHV, from architecture, urbanism By Anne Loes Dura Vermeer. DE.FAC.TO and civil engineering to Nilesen graduate on Delta related issues and aspects.- Delta-scenarios Prof. Han Meyer TUD: Bk Study for urban External : Stadshavens- development-scenario’s Rotterdam, Clean Tech Delta, related to climate- & water TNO level scenario’s for Rotterdam.- Cities in the Delta Prof. Han Meyer TUD: Bk, CiTG Minor for Ba students (Bk, Coordinated by Eveline Brandes CiTG, TBM, IO, external) to develop knowledge and design competences on urbanism in relation to water issues. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 25. Theme/project Theme holder Collaboration Metropolitan Prof. Maurits de Hoog Landscapes- Studio The Coast Prof. Maurits de Hoog TUD: Bk, CiTG, TBM Studio for research and External: Stimuleringsfonds design by scientists, Architectuur, Rijksbouwmees- professionals & students of ter voor het Landschap, challenges and issues Provincie Noord- en Zuid- around the improvement of Holland Gemeente Den Haag, economy, tourism, safety, Deel-programma De Kust v.h. living, transport & Delta-programma, H+N+S infrastructures for Dutch Landschapsarchitecten coastal cities in respect with the environmental impact Starting grant recently received and ecological systems. from Stimuleringsfonds. Delft University of Technology Challenge the future