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Seminar ProactiveNet jan2012


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  • 1. BMC & InfraVision ProactiveNetPerformance ManagementSeminarDonderdag 26 januari 2012BMC Benelux Offices
  • 2. Agenda 13.30 Introduction BMC & InfraVision by • Martin Schulten– Partner Manager BMC • Fons Habes – Senior Account Manager 13.40 BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Product Overview by • Fons Habes – Senior Account Manager 14.15 -14.30 Pauze 14.30 BMC ProactiveNet Live Demo by • Bart Venema – Senior Technical Consultant 15.00 Overview of this seminar and a drink© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 2
  • 3. Business runs on IT. IT runs on BMC Software. 100% focused on BSM - No competing businesses Key Strengths - Founded in 1980 - 8th largest independent software company with Fiscal 2010 revenues of $1.91B - Financially strong – highly profitable, strong cash and securities position, low debt - 7,000 employees worldwide - 16,000 customers in 132 countries  Top 20 commercial banks, utilities, and telco companies  Top 10 insurance, chemical companies, food, media companies, technology hardware, healthcare equipment & services companies, aerospace and defense companies - One of BusinessWeek’s Top 50 performers in the S&P 500 with a 153% 5-year return on investment© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 3
  • 4. InfraVisionOffices Customer SatisfactionNederland: Gorinchem (HQ)België: Gent 8,3 Account Man.Duitsland: MünsterVerenigd Koninkrijk: Londen 8,7 Projects 8,1 Support© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 4
  • 5. InfraVision intro  Elite Partner van BMC Software - BMC Service Desk Express - BMC Remedy on Demand - BMC RemedyForce - BMC ProActivenet - BMC ADDM  Key information and strengths - Opgericht in 1998 - 32 werknemers verdeeld over Nederland (24), België (3) en Engeland (5) - Partner op het gebied van Business Service Management - Gespecialiseerd in het inrichten va van serviceorganisaties© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 5
  • 6. BSM is a unified platform for running IT Incident Knowledge Management Management Service Request Problem Management Management REQUEST & Project & Identity SUPPORT Portfolio Management Management Asset Change & Release Vendor Management Management Application Management Automation Service Discovery & Catalog INTEGRATE & Dependency ORCHESTRATE Server Financial Management Automation PLAN & PROVISION & GOVERN CONFIGURE Human Capital Network Management CMDB / CMS Automation Service Level Dashboards & Management Analytics Compliance & Client Policy Management Event & Impact Mainframe Automation Management Automation Capacity MONITOR & Enterprise Scheduling & Management OPERATE Workload Automation Storage Application Problem Management Resolution Data Middleware Management Performance & Management Availability Management© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 6
  • 7. BMC ProactiveNet PerformanceManagement Product OverviewFons Habes – Senior Account Manager
  • 8. BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Business Drivers Exceed Service Level Commitments 85% of companies fail to meet service commitments Improve Availability 70% of incidents reported by end-users before IT is aware Enable Virtualization and Cloud Computing 31% of customers have lack of Analytics as the top impediment to effective problem isolation Improve Operational Efficiency On average, it takes 14 people to fix a typical day-to-day problem Reduce IT Cost Operational costs are rising 10% per year© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 8
  • 9. Capability Maturity Model Phase: Common State© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 9
  • 10. Do you know what’s causing service disruption?© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 10
  • 11. Proactive Availability & Performance Management Focus on Outage Avoidance“80% of organizations are reactive; 85% fail to meet SLAs”(2009 Gartner Data Center Conference) Predictive Service Impact Improved Service Quality Self-Learning Analytics & Predictive Root Cause Improved Outage Availability Dynamic Virtualization & Avoidance Cloud Analytics Enable Virtual & Cloud Continuous Deep Dive Diagnostics Reduced Cost Unified BSM Architecture Goal Benefits Key Capabilities© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 11
  • 12. The Problem© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 12
  • 13. Self-Learning Analytics Eliminate Reliance on Static Thresholds CPU load (%) ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Static Threshold Upper BaselineNormal Behavior Lower Baseline© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc Time 13
  • 14. ! ! Predictive Warning Lead Time Static Threshold 7 am 9 am 11 am“During our evaluation, the software identified a problem with the online transaction processing cluster that, if leftunchecked, could have eventually brought the site down. If there’s a slowdown or total loss of service, customers won’twait. …And that’s a direct impact to our bottom line."Director of Application Services,© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 14
  • 15. Predictive Root Cause Focus On Outage Avoidance Correlate and analyze large volumes of data and events across silos in real- time Automatically capture detailed diagnostics and pinpoint root cause Capture intermittent problems and associated root cause the first time Patented Technology© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 15
  • 16. Self-Learning Analytics Elimination of Unnecessary Events & Tickets React to Problems All Hands On Deck Fewer, more meaningful events & tickets; improved focus © Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 1616
  • 17. Dynamic Virtualization & Cloud Analytics Increase MTBF in Virtual & Cloud Environments Proactively detect capacity issues (excessive motions) Generate Accurate Root Cause & Service Impact Populate Real-Time Enterprise Service Models with dynamic virtual & physical relationships Retain baselines to match dynamic virtual & private cloud environments Instantly correlate performance with motions (changes) “Within a modern virtual environment, … when combined with the dynamic Virtual attributes of virtual objects, Server demonstrates the growing need for analytical tools” (Gartner, April 2010)© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 17
  • 18. Cross-Platform, Cross Vendor Data and Event Collection Transactional Virtual Physical Service Impact Logical Vendor and Platform Agnostic Collection HP IBM BMC CA Microsoft VMware Citrix Applications Middleware Databases Hardware Custom© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 18
  • 19. Real-Time Predictive Service Impact Focus on What Matters to the Business Prioritize events based on business impact Integrate service impact and event processing automation Refine end-to-end service views across physical, virtual & cloud© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 19
  • 20. Link Operations to SupportIntelligent Trouble Tickets Intelligent Incident BMC Event and Impact Management BMC Service Desk Express Link Operations directly to ITIL (APM) based process improvement Generate and manage incidents automatically based on business priority of the service Track and report MTTR and Service Level performance uniformly © Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 20
  • 21. Compliance: Management Dashboards© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 21
  • 22. Proactive Availability & Performance Management Key Benefits & Differentiators Real-Time Predictive Service Impact Improve Service Quality – Focus on what matters to the business Self-Learning Analytics & Real-Time Predictive Root Cause Improve Availability – Proactively identify performance problems Dynamic Virtualization & Cloud Analytics Enable Virtualization and Cloud – Map, monitor & dynamically track physical, virtual & cloud resources Continuous Deep Dive Diagnostics Improve Availability – Accelerate application problem resolution Unified BSM Architecture Reduce Cost – Single Proactive Operations solution with automated workflows© Copyright 1/26/2012 BMC Software, Inc 22