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  • February 15th we organize a webinar RemedyForce. In this webinar we will show you a demo. Register here:
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Slideshow RemedyForce 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to yourIT Help Desk in the cloud
  2. 2. RemedyForce Service Desk A Cloud-based IT management solution Speaker: Paul Donders Sales & Consultancy RemedyForce InfraVision © InfraVision BV
  3. 3. Agenda Short introduction to InfraVision Working in the cloud Basics of this cloud-based IT Service ManagementSolution Some insights of RemedyForce © InfraVision BV
  4. 4. InfraVisionOffices: Customer SatisfactionNetherlands: HQ in GorinchemBelgium: GentGermany: Münster 8,3 Account Man.United Kingdom: London 8,7 Projects 8,1 SupportPartners: 4 © InfraVision BV
  5. 5. 5© InfraVision BV
  6. 6. The future = today Enterprise Cloud Computing 1960s 1980s TodayMainframe Client/Server © InfraVision BV
  7. 7. Advantages of the Cloud  Faster deployment  Low upfront costs  Quick results and ROI  Zero-cost, zero-effort upgrades  Flexible and easy to scale  Easy personalization/customisation  Out-of-the-box mobile deployment  Out-of-the-box collaboration ’s enterprise-class reliability and security © InfraVision BV
  8. 8. Salesforce platform © InfraVision BV
  9. 9. An ITIL compatibleIT Help Desk Solution… 9 © InfraVision BV
  10. 10. BMC RemedyForce Service Desk• Built on platform (SalesForce) World class availability, scalability and performance Robust common services Free Trial• Simple UI, Navigation, and Personalisation Display key items on dashboard Create Quick Views for personalised queries © InfraVision BV
  11. 11. BMC RemedyForce Service Desk (cont’d)• End User Self Service Broadcasts Global Search Personalise• Incident Management Save time with templates Inform with broadcasts 11 © InfraVision BV
  12. 12. BMC RemedyForce Service Desk (cont’d)• Inventory Management Gain visibility into assets CI Explorer to view relationships• Includes Alignability Process Model Minimise training Start out of the box © InfraVision BV
  13. 13. BMC RemedyForce Service Desk (cont’d)• Problem Management Save time with templates Multiple incidents attached within a problem• Change Management Change request templates Change assessment & approvals• Reporting & Dashboards Easy to set up Scheduling• Service Level Management Set custom agreements © InfraVision BV
  14. 14. Configuration Management withexplorer view © InfraVision BV
  15. 15. Alignability Process Model• The Alignability™ Process Model describes the service management processes in a simple 4-level structure.• Users can use the Process different levels to quickly access the information they Procedure require to perform their job.• The information is Work instructions at the most three clicks away © InfraVision BV
  16. 16. Alignability & ITIL• The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides the guidelines for organisations that want to define their service management processes. It does not provide the processes and procedures themselves.• Processes are not enough. They will need to have detailed work instructions behind them to provide a practical benefit to the people who are expected to follow the processes.• Naturally, ITIL also does not provide tool settings.• Hence, ITIL is not enough. Organisations are still expected to do a lot of work. © InfraVision BV
  17. 17. RemedyForce Mobility End user Service Desk Ops Collaboration © InfraVision BV
  18. 18. Chatter © InfraVision BV
  19. 19. Chatter (cont’d) 19 © InfraVision BV
  20. 20. AppExchange:One platform for all your needs 1,300 Apps $500 Million Marketplace © InfraVision BV
  21. 21. Proven Cloud Security: No Need for Excuses Facility Security Network Security Platform Security• 24x365 on site security • Fault tolerant external firewall • SSL data encryption• Biometric readers, man traps • Intrusion detection systems • Optional strict password• Anonymous exterior • Best practices secure systems policies• Silent alarm mgmt • SAS 70 Type II & SysTrust• CCTV • 3rd party vulnerability Certification• Motion detection assessments • Security certifications from• N+1 infrastructure Fortune 50 financial services customers • May 2008: ISO 27001 Certification © InfraVision BV
  22. 22. World classreliability and scalability Confidence, Transparency, and Trust Live System Status Security Best Practices Historical Performance © InfraVision BV
  23. 23. Questions
  24. 24. Thank you