Introducing the Infotention Network


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Formed in 2011, The Infotention Network, LLC focuses on developing courses, tools, and the learning networks required to enable the fullest participation of an informed citizenry and the development of a sustainable capable and confident workforce.

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Introducing the Infotention Network

  1. 1. Literacy for Digital Citizenship…Eliminating Information Overload December 2012 © 2012 The Infotention Network
  2. 2. MISSION STATEMENT The Infotention Network (TIN) provides workshops and resources that enable participants to transform their relationship with information to one of focus, confidence, mastery and ease. The Networks programs, curricula, and tools enhance the participants’ ability to source, select, and process information; transform information into usable knowledge; and disseminate that knowledge as enriched enterprise intellectual capital. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  3. 3. LITERACY FOR DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP We live in a knowledge driven digital networked age. Learning is no longer a matter of economic agency—it’s one of citizenship. Digital citizenship requires new literacies, based on providing clarity, comprehension, and the capacity to develop personal and shared meanings, and to share those meanings and narratives. © 2011 The Infotention Network
  4. 4. TOOLS FOR NETWORK LITERACYWe specifically focus on tools that form the foundation for establishing and sharing literacies of understanding and meaning.We participate with digital citizens to develop platforms and tools appropriate for a network age.We share these tools, platforms and practices to develop the learning networks needed to expand participation comprised of fully-enfranchised digital citizens. © 2011 The Infotention Network
  5. 5. ELIMINATE INFORMATION OVERLOAD Does this sound familiar? You can’t keep up with:- your inbox -the Company newsletter- the memorandum from corporate -the latest trade journal articlesincoming from family -Compliance documentation-regulations/rules changes -trouble tickets flagged priority-the strategic planning team you chair -social monitoring and metrics -Web 2.0, 3.0 and beyond. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  6. 6. INFORMATION OVERLOAD (CONTINUED) You’re Overloaded already! And every day, there’s more: Behind the Firewall In the Field –Mail –Industry News –Snail mail –New Technologies –Voicemail –Competitors –Cell –New Research –Text –New Regulations –Tweet –Upgrades –Docs –Service Contracts –Specs –Best Practices –Project Plans –International Challenges –Finance, HR, Legal –Risk Management –Reports –New Builds –Audits –Migration to the Cloud –Client Communications –The Latest Score –Meetings © 2012 The Infotention Network
  7. 7. THE INFOTENTION NETWORK VALUE EQUATION Isn’t it Time to Take Control? Wouldn’t you like to transcend information overload by transforming potentially overwhelming streams of incoming information into accurate, relevant, useful, and timely knowledge? Curing information overload is accomplished by acquiring a skill set for developing a personal knowledge management system; one that enables you, on an ongoing basis, to: – identify and source important, relevant and authoritative information; – automate hunting and gathering of outside materials; – filter all incoming so the important is prioritized, and the irrelevant is eliminated; – present the results in easily organized and reviewable windows; and – facilitate identification, efficient storage and easy future retrieval for reference. Together, we call this skill set Infotention. Infotention is developed both inwardly, as a personal knowledge management skill, and outwardly, as a means of connecting and collaborating with colleagues and team members, and intentionally imbuing knowledge with social context and contribution. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  8. 8. OUR OFFER The Infotention Network provides workshops and resources that enable participants to transform their relationship with information to one of focus, confidence, mastery and ease. The Network’s programs, curricula and tools enhance the participants’ ability to source, select and process information; transform information into usable knowledge; and disseminate that knowledge as enriched enterprise intellectual capital. Enterprise Value is measured in terms of enhanced: Productivity Intellectual Capital Formation Tacit Knowledge Capture and Dissemination Collaboration Social Capital Formation and Maintenance © 2012 The Infotention Network
  9. 9. THE INFOTENTION MATRIX (CONTINUED) © 2012 The Infotention Network
  10. 10. THE INFOTENTION MATRIX (CONTINUED) Understanding the axes: The source or origin of new information- arising internally, behind the firewall versus externally, from outside the firewall; and The nature of the conversion of that information to value, flowing into the enterprise from outside, or flowing out from the enterprise to the marketplace. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  11. 11. THE INFOTENTION MATRIX (CONTINUED)  Infotention skills focus on the needs and requirements of every employee regardless of his or her location in the Infotention Matrix. Whether residing: In Zone I, and involved with comparison of internal and external actors, risks or competition; Zone II, charged with the most sensitive proprietary assets and processes of the enterprise; Zone III, responsible for management and capitalization of intellectual capital and assets; or, Zone IV, responsible for external communication, whether marketing, sales, communications or recruitment. Everyone is challenged to source, process, store and disseminate information in an efficient, automated and masterful way. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  12. 12. THE INFOTENTION NETWORK—BENEFITS Who Benefits and How o Sales Managers/ Representatives More efficiently track and filter client needs, competitive developments, trade press and client reviews. o Service Providers Maintain domain expertise and currency more efficiently; maximize leveraging of client and competitive intelligence; increase tacit and proprietary knowledge sharing and intellectual capital conversion. o Line/business Managers Improve real time productivity, performance, efficiency, and situational awareness across departmental and divisional business units, with each employee enabled and wired to their individual needs and requirements. o R&D Personnel Enhance and facilitate internal and external real time monitoring of new developments, publications, coordination with other research efforts, groups or geographically separated divisions. Facilitate targeted dissemination of mission critical changes, results, or insights in real time without diversion of focus from research activities. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  13. 13. THE INFOTENTION NETWORK—BENEFITS Who Benefits and How (continued) o Corporate Learning Trainers/Facilitators Stay abreast of latest learning offerings, best practices, insights, and developments in enhancing curriculum development, delivery, and evaluative metrics of program effectiveness and value. o Corporate HR Personnel Enablement of partnering with business units to enhance effective social and cultural awareness and interaction with client, customer and internal stakeholders. Increased efficiency and awareness of enterprise challenges and stress points warranting HR support or intervention. o Corporate Communications Professionals Support and enhance enterprise awareness, monitoring and management of adverse or potentially damaging exposure. Materially enhance real time management and dissemination of corporate communications in response to unforeseen or adverse events. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  14. 14. CURRENT CURRICULUMPresently, the Infotention Network offers two course modules: Infotention Workshop - A half-day (four hour) online workshop with Howard Rheingold, introducing the mindset, attention training, online media skills, and information tools needed to transform information overload into knowledge navigation. Learn about tools to bring continuous streams of relevant information to your attention, and techniques for harvesting useful knowledge and avoiding distraction. Curation Workshop – A half-day (four hour) online workshop with Howard Rheingold introduces the mindset, methodology, and tools necessary to establish oneself as an authoritative curator of specific niche topics, to grow a following and reputation as a curator, and to connect with communities and networks of other curators. Learn about tools to bring continuous streams of relevant information to your attention and techniques for harvesting useful knowledge. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  15. 15. LICENSING & DELIVERY OPTIONS Workshop Offering • We offer two one-half day online workshops: the Infotention Workshop and the Curation Workshop. • Each Workshop includes an online interactive program with a live instructor, post course support (two weeks), downloadable PDF Workshop Manual, web-based student registration platform, scheduling platform, and virtual classroom (client customized, and password-secured to each sponsoring organization). • There is an initial one-time charge for Client branding and customization of web interface, virtual classroom, and online support offerings if Client packaging is desired. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  16. 16. TRAIN THE TRAINERIf you have a defined trainer/facilitator resource as part of yourenterprise Learning strategy, we offer an Instructor Certification inthe Infotention and Curation Workshops – each comprised of a oneday-long training, per Workshop Certification. Included is: postcourse support (four weeks), downloadable PDF Course Manuals,trainee registration platform, scheduling platform, virtual classroomresources (all cloud based, client customized, and client-password-secured), Trainer Certification, with automated licensing and billing. • Subsequent Trainer-facilitated classes to internal students are half-day Workshops, include all of the above including workshop attendance, reference manual, and access to additional online resources. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  17. 17. CONSULTING SERVICES & CURRICULUM LICENSING The Infotention Network will provide consulting and development resources to assist with adoption and integration of the Infotention Network pedagogy to Client enterprise tools, platforms and practices, learning and learning materials on a customized basis. Consulting Services are provided on a time and materials basis. © 2012 The Infotention Network
  18. 18. ENDORSEMENTS“Howard’s both brilliant and intuitive, at the highest level I’ve witnessed in some20 years of teaching and learning. Howard “got” me faster than any teacher I’vehad in recent memory, and I saw him do this again and again with our other co-learners. He’s a very fast learner, cares deeply about what his students learn andcontribute, and has vastly expanded my consideration set in new media,cooperation studies, and personal learning networks. Best and most innovativereading/link suggestions of the last decade for me. Really. If you want to grow,Howard’s your guy.” — Kathi Inman Berens, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of WritingInstruction, University of Southern California, Distinguished Fellow, USC Center forExcellence in Teaching“Through this course, I learned tools and techniques and developed a learningframework that has direct impact on my work. Now I know how to filter and curateinformation and stay on top of my learning. Although I personally gained morethan that, for my company those are the biggest returns on investment as I candirectly apply my learning to our business now.” — Ming-Li Chai, Strategic DesignResearcher, Microsoft Lync Design Group © 2012 The Infotention Network
  19. 19. CONTACTFor questions, inquires, or registration:Web: www.infotention.comEmail: info@infotention.comAddress: Post Office Box 7282 Princeton, NJ 08540-7282 USA Phone: +1 609 375 8347 © 2012 The Infotention Network