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The view point document highlights Knowledge Management Services & Solutions targeted at the education sector. …

The view point document highlights Knowledge Management Services & Solutions targeted at the education sector.

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  • 1. Infosys:A top Corporate UniversityAsif Khan, Meghna SharmaAbstractInfosys serves and strives to partner with the education industry. Apart frombeing a partner to the education industry, Infosys is also a large consumerand provider of education. We are the largest corporate technical universityin Asia – hence we have a unique perspective when looking at issues of theeducation industry.Infosys has highly trained and motivated professionals in its educationpractice with the necessary technical and business expertise to consistentlydeliver for the education industry and we have invested significantly in theeducation industry related capability development and research.Infosys operates educational institutions at multiple levels within thecompany for training employees. This article strives to make the reader awareof our capabilities and focus on the education industry.For more information, contact askus@infosys.com Jun 2009
  • 2. Infosys Education Practice – Our value proposition revolves around helping mitigaterisks and reduce costs while enhancing quality.Infosys has a commitment and a proactive focus to serving all aspects of the education industry. These include Pre K-12,K-12, Higher Education and service providers to the education industry.Infosys is committed to serve both non-for-profit and for-profit educational institutions and service providersInfosys has highly trained and motivated professionals in its education practice. These professionals have the necessarytechnical and business expertise to consistently deliver to the education arena. Infosys has invested significantly in theeducation industry related capability development and research.There is an explicit commitment from Infosys’ founders & executive management to proactively develop Education solutionsand capabilities. Some examples of Infosys’ commitment towards education are provided below. • 3 of 5 Founders serve on advisory boards of premier educational institutions within India. • One of the Founders is the executive sponsor of the Education Practice at Infosys • Tailoring the Infosys services portfolio to address Education sector needs • Active recruitment of Education industry experts and solution consultants • Active development of alliances and partnerships focused on Education solutions • Active participation in related conferences – EDUCAUSE, NACUBO etc.Infosys operates Educational institutions within the company for training internal employees.These are: 1. Education and Research (E&R) 2. Infosys Leadership Institute (ILI) 3. InStep - Infosys Global Internship Program 4. Campus Connect2 | Infosys – View Point
  • 3. A brief description of each of these institutions is provided below.1. Education and Research (E&R)Infosys as part of its E&R department runs the largest corporate ‘technical university’ in Asia. It has state- of- the- arttechnology, offering training in all its development centers in India to about 30,000 new joiners in a year. Infosys E&Rconducts technical and project management related education programs for both in-house and strategic customers of Infosys.The E&R department creates, manages and sustains the infrastructure for learning and knowledge sharing in the company.This includes courseware, library services, intranet based learning and online services.In addition, the E&R division supports universities in improving the quality of their IT education programs and anchorexternal programs for school children.Infosys E&R offers training and learning programs for employees. Some of the programs are detailed below: 1. E-learning: On-Line Learning Program to enable access to training programs from remote locations. 2. Foundation Program: Freshman graduate engineers undergo a 12-14 weeks full-time rigorous educational training program before induction into production. 3. Just-in-Time (JIT) courses are delivered to Infosys employees based on sudden or unforeseen requirements to meet the urgent requests of Infosys clients. 4. Knowledge Management group is the hub of all knowledge sharing activities in Infosys. This is a very active platform and works through multiple channels of knowledge sharing. Thanks to its strong capabilities, in knowledge management: • Infosys has won the Global MAKE Award for the years 2007, 2005, 2004 and 2003. • Infosys is the first Indian company to have won the Global MAKE Award in the year 2003 and also the first Indian company to have entered the Global MAKE Hall of Fame in 2005. • Infosys has won the Asian MAKE award 6 times. Infosys was also recognized as the Indian MAKE winner for the 4th consecutive year in November 2008. 5. Certifications: Deepening competencies is a strategic imperative with twin objectives, to give employees an opportunity to continuously enhance their competencies and to help them achieve their career aspirations. Infosys has a strong internal certification framework for all employees, which encompasses technical and business related certifications.2. ILIThe Infosys Leadership Institute (ILI) is a blend of leadership and managerial development. It has role based trainingprograms and a global business school for in house development of employees’ managerial and interpersonal skills. Global Business Finishing School The Global Business Finishing School at ILI has received the ASTD Citation for excellence in practice in the year 2002-03. This initiative is a milestone and focuses on making every fresh entrant to Infosys ready for the job in quick time. The Finishing school runs either as a short cycle program, (6 weeks for trainees from IT backgrounds) or as a long cycle program, (14 weeks for trainees from non-IT backgrounds). Role Based Training Programs Learning is a continuous process. At the core of learning in a human being are involvement, desire to excel, and motivation to widen horizons of knowledge; use this learning productively Respecting this, the ILI has created multiple learning forums which offer a mix of all options to suit various learning styles, increasing the individuals thirst for knowledge and guiding his efforts to quench his thirst while allowing him to take responsibility for this journey himself is at the core of this philosophy. Infosys – View Point | 3
  • 4. 3. InStepInStep is Infosys’ global internship program to attract students from the best academic institutions around the world.It includes premier institutes such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Princeton and Tsinghua. It helps students to work on live,organizationally relevant technical and business projects in the company. The interns benefit from learning first-hand ina corporate environment in India. Last year, InStep received approximately 7,000 applications of which 125 interns werechosenThe InStep Program is largely responsible for exposing students from all over the globe to living and working in India andexperience firsthand the challenges of working in one of the most exciting emerging markets of the world.4. Campus ConnectEngineering and management colleges are the natural bedrock for IT talent in the knowledge economy. The educationalinstitutions and the IT industry have realized the need to scale up industry-ready quality students to meet the growingdemands of the industry.As a primary stakeholder in creating a vibrant talent pool of future graduates, Infosys launched Campus Connect, in May2004, a first of its kind, industry - institute initiative. Campus Connect aims to be a forum where some of the best practices atInfosys can be shared with educational institutions and also aligning the needs of colleges, its faculty and students, with thoseof the IT industry.Campus Connect equips graduates not only in computer science and software engineering, but also helps them apply theirlearning to practical situations, with special emphasis on teamwork, project management, cross functional networking andeffective communication.