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Keynote: Consumer security and privcay, challenges and strategy by bruno schroder
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Keynote: Consumer security and privcay, challenges and strategy by bruno schroder


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Seminar by Bruno Schroder during 2011

Seminar by Bruno Schroder during 2011

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Consumer security and privacy, challenges and strategy Bruno Schroder National Technology Officer Microsoft Belux
  • 2. Image of CPU
  • 3. Technology adoptionConsumerdrivenEnterprisedriven
  • 4. • Hotmail • 1.3 billion mailboxes • 155PB storage, growing 2PB per month (20 LTE)• Windows Live Messenger • 300 million users • 76 countries, 48 languages • ~40 million people simultaneous connections • 9.9 billion messages a day via Windows Live Messenger• 600 million unique users every month on Windows Live & MSN• 1M Business Productivity Online Suite users in 36 countries & regions• 5 petabytes of content served by Xbox Live during Christmas week• 1 Petabyte+ of updates served every month by Windows Update to millions of servers and hundreds of millions of PCs worldwide
  • 5. Users have changedIn 2010, over 500 million Facebook users In 2010, close to 2 billion people are using Internet
  • 6. New consumer landscape• Business models are going to be more and more privacy invasive – Advertisement vs license based business models – Re-identification of data (do the math)• New applications are fundamentally transforming the consumer landscape – Devices: Multi screen – Interface: NUI – Domain: eg. eHealth (honeypot) – Applications: Facebook like framework• The consumer is technology and application illiterate
  • 7. Source:
  • 8. Threats are changing too …
  • 9. … with varying landscapes …
  • 10. … and enthousiasm.• A 3rd of all malware in history was created in 2010: PandaLabs found that 34 percent of all existing malware has been concocted by cyber criminals in the last year. Source : PandaLabs Annual Report .
  • 11. Multifaceted• Cybercrime is a lucrative and relatively safe activity – Legal loopholes, – Small amounts, big quantities (30.000 + on Ecops) – International – Organised (Irish exemple)• Pandalabs 2010 major events: – Stuxnet: The Stuxnet worm targets Programmable Logic Controllers used in power plants and nuclear plants, – Cyber protests and hacktivism. – Social media exploitation and clickjacking – Rougeware: Around 40 percent of all fake antivirus programs were created in 2010• Pandalabs 2011 predictions: – Stealth threatsdesigned to connect to a server and update themselves before security companies can detect them and threats targeting specific users or companies will increase in 2011.
  • 12. Microsoft Investment strategy
  • 13. Exemples of product strategy• To add
  • 14. • Cybercrime has to be combated holistically at many levels including improved technology, legal rulings and new policies; and through ongoing collaboration between industry, community and policy stakeholders.
  • 15. Some good news• Botnet taken down: – Waledac (2010) – Rustock (2011): • Microsoft, in collaboration with Pfizer, FireEye and others, has effectively disrupted the Rustock botnet, which will wipe out a notorious source of spam, fraud and cybercrime. • 1.300.000 infected computers, 30 billion spam/day – Successful because of combination of research, collaboration and legal strategies.• 2Center set up in Belgium – Public sector/industry/academic partnership on the fight against cybercrime
  • 16. THANKS.Brunosch at