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Mainframe backups TODAY by Brecht Arteel (pro-art)
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Mainframe backups TODAY by Brecht Arteel (pro-art)


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Seminar by Brecht Arteel (pro-art) during 2011

Seminar by Brecht Arteel (pro-art) during 2011

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Mainframe backup TODAYA study for lowering backup costs in mainframe environments(c) 2011 by Pro-Art bvba – Brecht Arteel –
  • 2. Introduction Is the Mainframe dead? Has it resurrected? Applications migrations planned? Presentation based on a Pro-Art bvba study: an inquiry with companies within the Trends top-50 (Banking, Retailing, Manufacturing)
  • 3. Mainframes anno 2005 Most mainframe users predicted to use the mainframe just for a little longer Mainframe usage was still strategic for most users Mainframes still in use within major industry markets (banking, retail, manufacturing, ...) Planned application migrations towards Open Systems? Microsoft .Net? Java?
  • 4. Mainframes anno 2011 Importance of mainframe usage remains strategic Old customers orderred additional mainframes or replaced the “old” ones (based on an inquiry in the top50 Belgian non-it companies) Application migrations failed or have proven to be not cost-efficient Most users confirm that their mainframe remains important and will stay for at least 3 more years.
  • 5. Mainframe backups? Mainframe backups still happen rather traditionally Connectivity is not a problem (ESCON or FICON) Performance is hardly an issue Capacity is almost never an issue (no rich content on mainframes) Is there an issue then?
  • 6. Mainframe backup challenges Low volume but critical content, small tape cartridge capacity, many slots (SILO) Mainframe plays a vital role in batch processing, reliability is key, a second copy of the backup can be important No global backup policy for mainframe and open systems Dedicated backup hardware for the mainframe only is not cost-efficient (OPEX and CAPEX level) Backup SILO robots like the StorageTek Powderhorn has a very large footprint in your datacenters Duplicating tapes consumes MIPS
  • 7. Example Banking customer with an IBM Mainframe, around 1 TB backup data (all retention together)  ESCON connected tape drives & robotics  Backup Infrastructure in use was out-dated  Cost per TB of backup data was 1000% more expensive than open system backup costs  The actual costs where – compared with the costs of the mainframe itself – small  Tape handling for off-site backups was mandatory due to the importance of the data – extra costs  To them, no clear gain to make
  • 8. 2 Approaches possible Leave all like it is (no problems & cost is relate to the mainframe cost in total) Try to align open system backups & mainframe backups  Backup tool can not be changed  Non-intrusive is mandatory  Cross-platform backup infrastructure (mainframe & OS)  ESCON should be possible (FICON boards not common and expensive)  Robust & proven technology
  • 9. How to start? Calculate costs of current hardware maintenance / year Estimate lifetime of the mainframe in place (how long will the MF still be used) Total cost = caculated cost x expected lifetime If total cost > 150k euro then GO DO NOT caculate using cost/TB, as mainframe backup is always much more expensive than Open Systems backup
  • 10. Solutions - Luminex Luminex  Channel Gateway  Support for open systems  Uses existing disk storage as backup media (cost efficient)  Emulates native MF tape drives such as 3480, 3490 or 3590 tape drivesWeb: www.luminex.comlocally (close to Belgium) noreal presence and knowledge
  • 11. Solutions – Bus-Tech Bus-Tech (currently EMC)  Mainframe Data Library (MDL)  MDL-2000 and higher when in need of more than 1 ESCON port  Emulates tape drives known to the MF  NFS towards external disk array (use existing storage!)  Supported: IBM z/OS, MVS, VSE, VM, TPF and Unisys OS 2200Web: www.bustech.comimplemented locally byMainstorconcept who has in-houseknowledge
  • 12. Solutions - IBM IBM (using Diligent technology)  IBM System Storage TS7680 ProtecTier Dedupe GW  Deduplication on-board  ESCON or FICON host connections  In-line dedupe  Clustering is possible  Scales up to 1 PB  Back-end storage is IBM only  Not (yet) able to go direct to tape  Not (yet) able to replicate between systems
  • 13. Solutions - Fujitsu Fujitsu  Eternus CS High End C5 (fka CentricStor)  Multi-platform solution  Using internal disk arrays  Disks mainly used as “cache”, off-loaded to tape, independent of the backup solutions  Fully redundancy, replication and clustering possible  High end, High priced
  • 14. What to choose? If only mainframe must be optimized then:  No IBM Storage? Go for Luminex or BusTech  IBM Storage? Stick with IBM If Open Systems backups are also under stress  Budget is tight: Luminex or BusTech  Budget is not related to savings only: consider Fuijtsu
  • 15. Example – what did they do? The banking customer as discussed earlier did:  Calculation showed that ROI would be reached after 3 years, including HW purchase, 5 years of maintenance on the new solution (based on BusTech MDL – 2 units), usage of Tier1 storage for keeping the backups and implementation costs  Total implementation was less than 1 week  RDP is possible in 15 minutes (involves only changing the NFS mount !!)  Floor space gained over old tape infrastructure  Off-site shipment of backups in-line with open system backups  Global Conclusion: NO BRAINER
  • 16. Questions? If you think you can gain from replacing your old large footprint MF backup hardware then do not hesitate to get in touch:  By email:  By phone: +32 476 32 85 11 Other questions? Ask them after the presentation or drop us an email.