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Stop the Blastoff! Email Marketing For Results


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Learn how the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology used targeting and customized email marketing to improve member engagement, increase conference attendance, and …

Learn how the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology used targeting and customized email marketing to improve member engagement, increase conference attendance, and maximize ROI.

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  • 1. Stop the Blastoff – e-Marketing for Results
  • 2.
  • 3. Who is Jeanette Brown?
  • 4. Presenters
  • 5. Presenters
  • 6. On-Demand Lifestyle
  • 7. Tactics used to improve relevancy
  • 8. #Informz
  • 9. Who is APIC?
    MissionTo improve health and patient safety by reducing the risks of infection and related adverse outcomes.
    • Over 14,000 infection preventionists worldwide.
    • 10. Members direct infection prevention programs in hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the globe.
    • 11. Grown over 40% in past 5 years; rapid growth experienced in non-traditional and alternative health-care facilities.
  • Metrics based on number of recipients
    Click-Thru Rate
  • 12. Challenge
    Create meaningful member experiences for larger, diverse audience
  • 13. Membership
    Segment member data
    Communicate value across member segments
    Integration with AMS is key!
  • 14. Membership
  • 15. Membership Results
    APIC 2010 Membership Stats
    Total members: 14,290
    Growth rate:
    7.5% over 2009!
    Largest groups of new members:
    Acute Care (33.7%)
    Ambulatory Care/ASC (27.4%)
    Industry Partners (18.5%)
    Long-Term Care (3.7%)
  • 16. Challenge
    Location, Location, Location
  • 17. Challenge
    Oil Spill of 2010
  • 18. Annual Conference
  • 19. Annual Conference
    Membership/Participation Niches:
    • Membership sections
    • 20. Previous attendees
    • 21. Non-members from similar health-care associations
    • 22. International members
    • 23. Geographic region
  • Annual Conference Email
    Dear Pediatric Section Member:
    Get answers to your most challenging infection prevention issues in Pediatric settings from the leading experts at the APIC 2010 Annual Conference.
    Network with fellow colleagues from the Pediatrics Section at an exclusive reception designed to foster professional camaraderie and build a system of support.
    Optimize your 4 days by visiting the Abstracts Hall to see peer-reviewed research and best practices educational posters, including Poster Rounds with Professors led by C. Buddy Creech, MD, MPH, Department of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.
    Learn at a variety of educational sessions specific to the Pediatrics setting, including:
    • Multi-Disciplinary Detection and Response to Pandemic H1N1 Outbreak in a Newborn and Infant Critical Care Unit
    • 24. MRSA in Moms and Babies
    • 25. Meet-the-Expert session on Unique Challenges Associated with Preventing Infections in Pediatrics.
    Advocate for improved clinical outcomes by investing in your expertise.
    Find out more at APIC 2010!
    We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!
    Same Format
    Applicable networking receptions
    Applicable Experts
    Applicable educational sessions
  • 26. Engagement Results
  • 27. Utilize Reports
    We learned:
    • Too many links was bad.
    • 28. Conference content was the best teaser!
    • 29. Forwards targeted next demographic.
  • Annual Conference Results
  • 30. Feedback
  • 31. What We Learned
    Collaboration is key: SILOS can hinder your success
    Segmentation is critical
    Leverage data and technology
  • 32. What We Learned
    “failure is valuable to creativity”
  • 33. Tip #1
    Remember your mobile users
  • 34. Tip #2
    Encourage sharing
  • 35. Tip #3
    Segment, Automate and Trigger
  • 36. Tip #4
    Focus on your subject line
  • 37. Tip #5
    Test, Test, Test
  • 38. Let’s Keep the Conversation Going
    User Conference Information
    Download the full Benchmark Report
  • 39. Let’s Keep the Conversation Going