Matchmaker, Make Me a Match


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Matchmaker, Make Me a Match June 5, 2013 presentation from ASAE 2013 MM&C Conference

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Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

  1. 1. Matchmaker, Make Me a Match!June 5th2:00PM – 3:15PMHub Tag: #MMCConLori Ely, InformzMichele Morgan, NiUG
  2. 2. Michele Morgan, Executive Director
  3. 3. Lori Ely, Director of Marketing
  4. 4. What is a partnership?• Defined as:– relationship between partners: therelationship between two or more peopleor organizations that are involved in thesame activity– cooperation: cooperation between peopleor groups working together– group of people working together: anorganization formed by two or morepeople or groups who work together forsome purpose
  5. 5. We need to help one another to succeed!“Togetherness, for me, means teamwork.It makes us reflect how completely dependent we areupon one another in our social and commercial life…”- Walt Disney
  6. 6. Informz + NiUG = a Partner Match!Benefits to Informz:• Increasing awareness with NiUG members.• Demonstrating use cases of tools.• Serving as a client reference.Benefits to NiUG:• Providing a benefit to our members.• Cost savings to our small staff organization• Helping our chapters – all of our international chapters have thesetools at their disposal (Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe)
  7. 7. A look at a variety of partner programs• What is your main purpose for developing partnerships?• What type of items do you give in lieu of money out of pocket or inaddition to?• Expectations from both sides or tracking the partnership.
  8. 8. NiUG International• Develop a plan guided by strategic planning– Be willing to start over or change direction• Can you offer a solution to your members or is there a way to increasenon dues revenue?• Areas to consider when developing your partnership:– Products– Access– Operations– Technology– Strategic Growth– Organization– Finance
  9. 9. • Develop a partner contracts and agreements• Know what you can offer and know the value of what you areoffering!• Understand it could be a small partnership to a very complex one!NiUG International
  10. 10. MI & OH Farm Bureau’s• Ford and GM give rebates to members when they purchase automobiles• BCBS gives members access to individual healthcare plans withoutbelonging to a group• Grainger and Choice Hotels give a reduced rate to their members orpercentage off of purchases• BCBS pays their chapter staff to do all servicing on contracts
  11. 11. Chi Omega Fraternity• Amazon - Anyone who clicks on the Amazon banner from their websiteand purchases something, a portion of their purchase amount is givenback to Chi Omega to increase benefits.• “Chi O Creations” - Members get cool Chi Omega gear and know thatALL profits go to Chi Omega organization to increase offerings andbenefits to their members.
  12. 12. Florida Association of Insurance Agents• Very well defined process and the partners are very well vetted• A contractual relationship where they are exclusively pushing those partnersand allowing them access to their members• FAIA does all of the marketing and they have 3 sales reps• FAIA requires a $10k minimum per year revenue from the endorsementpartner
  13. 13. Royal Society of Chemistry – London• Discounts on Journals• Discounts to our members on various services and purchases fortravel, financial services, leisure and publications• Compensated financially for advertising in their publications
  14. 14. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity• Discounted deals on travel, fraternal wear, various healthcareinsurance plans and auto insurance, etc…• Portion of purchase goes back to Pi Beta Phi Fraternity
  15. 15. • Discounts to members• Exclusivity to products “worthy” of a partnership – there is a $12kminimum “skin-in” fee/partnership fee before even being consideredNetVu - Users Group
  16. 16. Group Activity• Do you have a defined partner program in place?• What do you offer partners?• Do you have a dedicated “partner manager?• How do you measure value?• What is your partner retention rate?
  17. 17. Tip #1Define your prospecting strategy.
  18. 18. Tip #2Assign a dedicated partner manager.
  19. 19. Tip #3Set expectations and deliver on promises.
  20. 20. Set Expectations: Partner Agreements• Exhibit Booth Space• Event registrations• Marketing opportunities• Webinars• Ads• Articles• Signage• Website links• Publication links• Banner ads• Personalized web pages• Internet hosting with splash pagebeing info about their company• Collateral materials placed inconference binders• Quarterly publications• Complimentary membership• “Services provided by” logos• Special Event Sponsorships
  21. 21. Tip #4Foster relationships with your partners.
  22. 22. Tip #5Analyze performance and value.
  23. 23. Contact UsLori ElyDirector of MarketingInformzely@informz.com1.888.371.1842 x 208Michele MorganExecutive DirectorNiUGmmorgan@niug.org1.866.301.6484