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Presentation from iDSS User Conference

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  • Welcome!
  • Informz is based in Saratoga Springs NY, just about 2.5 hours north of NYC and 3 hours south of Montreal. We have been in business since 1997 and now have 76 employees. We have 1,100 clients worldwide, 40 of which are DMOs, and over 12000 users. We are a digital marketing company that specializes in integrated email marketing and professional consulting services. We also offer a wide array of features, including a surveys, social sharing and over 120 different types of reports. How do we stand out? Aside from the robust features and functionality with Informz, we are known for our support. We take a very hands on approach to interacting with our clients. We think of ourselves as an extension of your team, your partner. All clients receive a dedicated advisor who will be there to not only help with technical support but be your resource for marketing updates, understanding policies and regulations, whatever you might need. Our company culture is very important and everyone at Informz is client focused.An example of helping clients stay informed is offering free webinars by our Director of Deliverability, on the new CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) policies soon to go in effect July 1, 2014. Please be aware of how this will effect your marketing efforts and manage your email lists accordingly. The main difference is that the CAN-SPAM regulations require the ability to Opt-Out of an email, however with CASL, this new policy requires you to have Opted-In your email members. A “implied consent” is no longer valid. We believe in helping our clients be as efficient as possible when using Informz. Every year we visit, asking them questions about what they like about Informz and what they do not like about Informz. What can we change? One feature in particular that is releasing in May is called the Reviewer. This feature was created solely from client feedback. It allows our clients to send an email out for review, others can comment on the email (they do not have to be users of the platform) and track those comments for the author (the person creating the email) to make those changes. We asked one client who had requested this feature to test it out. They found when using the Reviewer, they saved 30 – 60 minutes per email and they send out 500 emails per year. That’s efficient! By meeting our clients face to face, we establish a relationship, unlike other organizations out there. This has contributed to us being voted #1 in client satisfaction based on the Lehman Technology Report for the past several years.
  • Each year we create a benchmarking guide for our clients. Along with the charts, we provide tips and ideas on how to improve your results. The next few slides are from this guide using reports within Informz to organize the data. We compared our 40 DMO clients to help provide industry results for you to compare your own campaigns. This data should only be a reference, reviewing your own results will help you gauge how you are doing. If you find your results aren’t where you want them to be, contact your advisor or your solution provider to ask for help in finding ways to increase performance.
  • In looking at this segment of clients, there was a 95.20% delivery rate of their emails. This rate can increase by making sure lists are clean and kept up to date. Removing emails that are no longer valid (bounces) you will see an improvement in your results. Reputation is among one of the key components of sending email. If you are consistently sending to bad emails, you will have a higher chance of getting emails blocked and undelivered. Open rates are great at 32.69% and click thrus as well at 17.38%. These results fall inline with industry standards. Remember to compare your emails overtime. If you are new to sending through a solution provider, you will want to wait a few weeks/months before comparing emails in order to obtain a good amount of data. Once you have this data, you can then understand what’s working and what’s not. Tips: Testing is an important part of successful email marketing. Look at subject lines that work, high opens and click rates will help determine which were the best. You can test content (A/B testing), adding different personalization fields, even minimize your content and add more links, sending recipients to landing pages.
  • This chart shows you the day of the week that received the most open and click thru rates. As you can see, they are very close but Monday has the edge over the other days. This is why it’s so important for you to compare your own data and over time you will see a trend in who you are sending to. If you find that more people open/click on Tuesday, this is the day that works better for you. A feature within Informz that can help with sending the right message to the right person at the right time, is something called Send Time Optimization. This feature will send your email at the time the recipient is most likely to open that email based on their history. For example, is Joyce Wells opens your email most often on Tuesday at 10AM, we will send your email to Joyce Wells on Tuesday at 10AM.
  • This chart shows you the time of day that received the best results. The late afternoon won over but not by much.
  • This is a great report within Informz. It shows you the amount of time a subscriber is spending on your email. The results for this group indicate that about 58% of people are engaged enough to keep the email opened for greater than 10 seconds. An “open” counts even if it’s opened in the preview pane of the recipients email client. If you find you have a high amount of recipients who have only glimpsed (Less than 3 seconds) at your email, you can then evaluate those folks and create a re-engagement campaign or send a survey to find out if the content you are sending to them is still relevant.
  • This report is very helpful in understanding what device your members or recipients are opening your emails on. If you find that you have a large number of mobile opens, then you will want to consider responsive design templates for your emails. This will help create a visually appealing email for those receiving it on mobile devices.
  • We often talk about segmenting your list, meaning, sendingthe right message, to the right person, at the right time. Having a big list and sending an email to everyone, is not going to get the results you want. You need to understand what your subscribers want to receive from you. In this report, you will see by sending to smaller subsets, the open and click thru rates are much higher. Within Informz, you can easily create dynamically segmented emails, allowing you to create one email but send each story within that email to a different group of people. The testing features will then allow you see who will get what version of your email.
  • After review of their analytics, Cincinnati saw a decline in deliverability of their emails to 89.5% which is below the industry standard. Using tools for deliverability within Informz, they were able to see there was a large number of bad email addresses on their list, ultimately impacting their overall email deliverability. The staff decided to clean up the bad emails and repeated bouncers. Just this simple step improved their deliverability to 92.4%. Also during the review process, they discovered that 34% of their subscribers had become unengaged. “Unengaged” is defined by not opening or clicking on links in an email for 6 months or longer. They began to use one of the tools in Informz called Send Time Optimization. This feature allowed them to send their enewsletter to individuals when they were most likely to open it based on their past behavior. Engagement improved by 5% immediately. Next they optimized the subject line. They looked at past newsletters to identify what sections and topics were most popular with readers. They then adjusted their subject line by what type of information received the best results, improving engagement by another 6%. Finally, they used the survey tool within Informz to receive feedback on how the monthly newsletter could better suit their needs. As an incentive to take the survey, they offered a chance to win baseball tickets. They were able to engage several recipients and gained important feedback on what subscribers wanted. Overall 12% of the unengaged group participated in the survey. As a result of using the reporting tools and feedback from the survey, the team was able to re-engage 26% of the group they identified as unengaged.
  • Visit Loudoun was seeing a very low click thru rate. They were trying to put a lot of content into one newsletter which was ultimately driving their click thru rates down. By working with their advisor, they began using the content manager feature. They were able to shorten their newsletters but add more content. They replaced the heavy content stories with snippets of information and links to those stories that were now hosted on the landing pages. This lead to an 87% increase in click thru rates. Subscribers were engaged by the short stories and could easily click thru to the stories they wanted to read.They were so impressed with the results, they decided to do the same thing with their sports newsletter, seeing a 514% increase. These are great results!As you heard in these case studies, our advisors wear many hats. They aren’t just your first point of contact for support, they are also your first point of contact for any type of question you might have.
  • Josh Anderson from Meet Minneapolis was nice enough to provide a live case study on their switch to Informz from Exact Target. Josh shared some of the areas of Informz they like and also shared that he is now only spending about 30 minutes on emails when in the past it had taken him up to 3 hours. That’s what we like to hear! Many thanks to Josh!
  • Sarah Kulp talked about the work we’ve done with iDSS thus far and some of the new functionality we are planning in the coming months. The integration with iDSS allows you to create your subscriber lists within iDSS and push them to Informz. Once the email is sent, we will capture any unsubscribes or opt-outs and send that data back to iDSS. The next phase will be to push mailing activity back to iDSS, allowing you to view this data per contact as well as use that data to further segment your email messages. We are very excited to be partnered with iDSS. We are similar in many ways but most importantly, we both care about our clients and work very hard to help them be successful.
  • Please feel free to reach out to any one of us if you have questions, comments or ideas for us. Thank you all for a great conference!!
  • Informz for iDSS

    1. 1. Informz for iDSS
    2. 2. 2014 Email Benchmark Report Answers to the most asked questions
    3. 3. Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau • Challenge – Declining engagement in their member-only enewsletter • Solution – Remove bad email addresses and conduct a re-engagement campaign • Result – 26% of inactive email subscribers became re- engaged
    4. 4. Visit Loudoun • Challenge – Struggled to get subscribers engaged with their content, hovering around a 4-7% click thru rate • Solution – Utilized Informz content manager feature and Advisor to implement more “read more” links and created landing pages • Results – Click thru rates increased by 87% for one newsletter and a 514% increase when implemented with another newsletter
    5. 5. Meet Minneapolis • Ease of Use • Reporting • List Management • Test Sending – Approval Process • iDSS integration • User Roles
    6. 6. Informz for iDSS
    7. 7. Thank you! Terry Nawrot, Chief Operating Officer 518.691.0071 x186 Joyce Wells, VP of Client Operations 518.691.0071 x159 Sarah Kulp, Director of Software Operations 518.691.0071 x235 Sales 518.691.0071 x5