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Just go

  1. 1. JustGO, JustGO Connect The complete mobile e-commerce solution Do you wish you could reach customers in real time and get into their pocket? Can you communicate new products and offers to the right customers in real time? Do you provide customer service at the JustGO app customer’s convenience? Complete mobile Can your customers make purchases with app solutions for you on their mobile phone? any mobile phone reaching over 90% Can you identify which of your customers of mobile market. are most loyal and do you reward them accordingly? Are you able to retain your customers once they leave your outlet? JustGO Do you provide a truly personal service to Pay each and every customer? JustGO JustGO Player Receipt JustGO Loyalty JustGO Infogain ‘The Customer Knowledge Ticket Company’ has developed a unique JustGO Fu co m solution tool kit that will enable you e- lly m eg modules to establish a permanent relationship in t er r a t ce ed with your customers. Getting you so se lut cur ‘mobile’ and putting your APP in ion e a imp nd pe your customers mobile phone, all in lem rso ente nalised mobile a matter of weeks. d in we e k s. Middleware Best of breed middleware delivered as a service to you. JustGO connect seamless integration to back office services:
  2. 2. JustGO Retail Travel & Transport JustGO Connect The JustGO solution tool kit brings a Integrate in-store POS with CRM to achieve rapid customer Integrate ticketing systems with CRM to achieve rapid Takes best of breed integration software completely seamless integration of your data acquisition, leading to customer profile build up and customer acquisition. Offer customers the opportunity to (middleware) to connect your newly enterprise systems, retail point of sale low cost loyalty implementation. Add the JustGO mobile check, buy and receive tickets via the new mobile phone created mobile retail environment to (RPOS) and web services with the mobile app to move customers to an always on-line model for process. Helping you to provide personalised applictions existing systems. handset market. information, purchases, offers and loyalty. and websites. Infogain has an exemplary track record in systems integration and high volume Word of Existing transaction processing environments. Customers JustGO receipt Your Mouth Based on your current technology Website investment or platform preference, E-receipt solution that can be attached SMS we will implement and maintain a to any existing payment process (online Advert middleware component to allow your or at point of sale – POS) to allow you to customers to seamlessly connect to send your receipt in an electronic format Collect Download app your: to a customer mobile phone/email. It captures basic customer details. in store and select a product JustGO player Customer acquisition CRM & Loyalty Systems Your customers can preview, play, and To enable personalisation, track and receive content about new products and record transactions and build up services. customer profiles. JustGO pay Pay in store Inventory & POS Systems PaaS – payment as a service – secure To allow customers quick and easy payment solution for mobile e-commerce JustGO access to product availability in real time. – select and pay all via mobile. Player JustGO ticket JustGO Web 2.0 Ticket To provide consistency and Fully secure ticket/voucher fulfilment Choose to synchronisation with existing web site process for delivery of redeemable tickets, vouchers and coupons. collect services. Incorporates scannable 2D barcodes. Pay now JustGO loyalty Customers desiring real-time integration should consider JustGO Connect. Secure transaction tracking and visibility from your customer’s mobile – points, rewards, deals, miles and spend. JustGO Choose Pay delivery This unique solution kit is designed to get you up and running quickly and Entertainment & Hospitality efficiently (weeks not months) and can Integrate booking systems with CRM to generate new levels be implemented as a stand-alone but of customer experience, mobile tickets, mobile check-in, complete process. push personalised itineraries and offers direct to the mobile phone. Get connected to your customers – JustGO, JustGO Connect – The complete mobile e-commerce solution. Infogain U.K. Contacts Mark Collin Joe Lubczynskyj Vice President – UK & Europe Director of Operations & Services – UK & Europe Office: +44 (0)161 602 3501 Office: +44 (0)161 602 3502 Mobile: +44 (0)7736 957 291 Mobile: +44 (0)7974 979118 Email: mark.collin@infogain.com Email: jal@infogain.com
  3. 3. About Infogain Infogain Limited Infogain is a global retail and mobile solutions provider, Peter House, Oxford St, working with the market leaders in retail, enterprise systems Manchester, M1 5AN and mobile applications. Our long term relationships with United Kingdom Apple, Oracle and RedHat have resulted in International Phone: +44-(0)-161-602-3500 Partner Status for Mobile Retail and Loyalty Solution Tool Fax: +44-(0)-161-602-3503 kits. Infogain has European regional headquarters in Manchester, UK. Our world-wide head quarters are based in Los Gatos, Infogain Corporation Silicon Valley with further offices in Irvine, California; San Francisco, California and Dubai, Middle East. In addition, 488 Alberto Way we have two SEI-CMM level 5 assessed Global Delivery Los Gatos, CA 95032 Centres in New Delhi and Pune. USA With our global presence and dual shore delivery model, Phone: 408-355-6000 we offer the benefit of localised team interfaces for our Fax: 408-355-7000 customers combined with the advantage of lower cost and high quality delivery of services. Infogain Middle East FZE P.O. Box No. 51136 Hamriyah Free Zone Our Clients Sharjah, UAE Infogain values the long-term relationships we have created Phone: +971 50 214 0702 with our customers. Every one of our top-tier customers across the globe is referenceable for our portfolio of services and expertise. Infogain India Pvt. Ltd. A-16, Sector 60, Noida, 201301 India Phone: +91-120-2445144 Fax: +91-120-2580406 Infogain India Pvt. Ltd. 4th floor, Lunkad Towers, Viman Nagar, Our Partners Pune 411014. India Infogain is working with leading partners to deliver secure Phone: +91-20-26631119 end to end solutions. JustGo is built on top of open platforms to provide best of breed performance. As an International Enterprise partner and also customer, Apple and Infogain are working together to deliver the very best in intuitive, user friendly mobile applications and interfaces. Infogain U.K. Contacts Mark Collin Joe Lubczynskyj Vice President – UK & Europe Director of Operations & Services – UK & Europe Office: +44 (0)161 602 3501 Office: +44 (0)161 602 3502 Mobile: +44 (0)7736 957 291 Mobile: +44 (0)7974 979118 Email: mark.collin@infogain.com Email: jal@infogain.com www.infogain.com