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Nowadays challenge is business people’s expansion plans included internationalizing
its flagship product and launching it European, South American and Japanese market to increase their customer base as well as meet the annual revenue target.

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  1. 1. Internationalization of eCRM The eCRM portfolio of customer-centric solutions integrates all the customer-facing functions to deliver a single view of the customer and a single solution for eBusiness, sales and service initiatives. These solutions are implemented globally across virtually every industry and ensure seamless interaction among web sites, call centers, field sales and service teams. People develops, markets, and supports enterprise customer relationship management software Clarify eCRM .So the challenge is business people’s expansion plans included internationalizing its flagship product and launching it European, South American and Japanese market to increase their customer base as well as meet the annual revenue targets. The major business challenge was: 1 The complexity of the application and the impact of change on business operations mandated that no modifications to the existing code would be allowed. Infogain, then provided a solution and worked closely with the people to understand the project, the business and technical challenges and formulate a strategy to support the business requirement with minimal effort. Infogain’s product engineering services team executed this assignment using it’s internationalization and localization engineering methodology. Infogain performed the following steps: 1 • Code analysis and solution approach finalization 2 • Preparation of localization/internationalization framework 3 • All strings, application data, sample process, portal data and error messages were made localization ready by collating those in resource DLL or properties files 4 • Translation done for resource DLL and properties files and application was made intelligent to pick the language specific file depending on the locale value. 5 • Support for Unicode enabled UTF8 database was introduced by modifying code for database calls and modifying the table structures to hold the locale values. 6 • Creation of setup and install scripts to install resources based on locale 7 • L10N and I18N testing and issue resolution 8 Infogain’s Internationalization Framework Infogain’s engineers architected the language specific part of the code so that it can be localized for any language without any changes to the code (Java files and JSP files).
  2. 2. Why Infogain The client chose Infogain for this program because of Infogain’s proven track record in successfully providing services to Software Product Companies. Infogain has the people resources and the infrastructure capabilities necessary to take on collaborative product development functions like product design, development, testing, porting, product internationalization and localization, and installer development which are critical areas for a software product company. Besides being a CMM Level 5 certified delivery organization, Infogain’s time tested methodologies in off-shore delivery model have allowed software product companies to come out with high-quality releases in the market in a timely manner. Solution Benefits The streamlined processes allowed the client to realize their business expansion goals. Major benefits included: 1 • Launching product in international markets (Europe, South America and Japan) in a record time of 6 calendar months. 2 • The application code was enabled to support any languages without any changes to the code. This will help the client to support other languages with much lesser effort. . About Us Infogain Corporation, the Customer Knowledge Company, is the leading provider in CRM, ERP, Integration and Business Intelligence Solutions and Services. We deliver Product Engineering & IT Services and develop Business & Technology Solutions to enable our clients gain the competitive advantage. Our strategic and technology partners include Amdocs/Clarify, Chordiant, BEA, BroadVision, Genesys, Telecommunications Laboratories, Netezza, Oracle- PeopleSoft, Siebel, Business Objects, SAP and TIBCO. For additional information on Infogain’s full range of services, please visit our website at