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Push notifications are messages that are sent (pushed) to a subscriber's smartphone. They refer to the application installed on the user’s phone. Unlike other message types, push notifications can …

Push notifications are messages that are sent (pushed) to a subscriber's smartphone. They refer to the application installed on the user’s phone. Unlike other message types, push notifications can appear on screen even if the app is closed.
With additonal features such as media push and geo location, push can become an important engaging tool for your app users.

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  • 1. www.infobip.com PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Because your customers have great expectations
  • 2. INTRODUCTION • Consumer focus is shifting • Engaging consumers over smartphones and tablets is becoming vital to business success • Providing relevant, contextualised, real-time information can make a huge impact on customer retention
  • 3. PREREQUISITES  Internet connection  Smartphone  Application
  • 4. PUSH! • Push notifications can be used in different types of industries, for different types of campaigns • You can use them to approach a single customer or a group of customers
  • 5. PUSH! • Push notifications require a data connection • With virtually all smartphones connected to either a mobile 3G or 4G plan, or Wi-Fi, push notifications can be delivered anywhere in the world • Push notifications offer a wide range of features
  • 7. GEO TARGETING • Create and save a certain area on the map (circle or polygon shape) • Create a notification and send it to users currently found in the selected area • All subsribers that are in that area will receive this notification
  • 8. STATISTICS • Know the exact impact your app has on your consumers in terms of read or unread pushes, or time spent within an application • See the number of: • Sent notifications • Delivered notifications • Opened / unopened notifications • Registrations
  • 9. CONSUMER SEGMENTATION: CHANNELS • Organise your application in the best way possible by using channels • Send your notification only to the specific channel • Inform your consumers with specific content
  • 10. NOTIFICATION EXPIRY • Expiry time ensures that your users don’t receive inactive and outdated content • Create notification, and set an expiry time • Pending notification won’t be delivered after this time
  • 11. SCHEDULING • Create your notifications today and send them in 2 days without additional reminders • Our scheduling feature will make this happen for you
  • 12. JSON NOTIFICATION • Personalise your notifications the way you want to • Send notifications with the key-value format which can change the in-app state, or produce an action inside the app { Game:”AngryBirds; Level:„5”; points:”100”; }
  • 13. EXTRAS Android • Add a title to your notification, or use sound, vibration or light optional features to create a unique experience for your users Apple iOS • Specify an alert, sound and badge number displayed, so your user is aware of the notification right away.
  • 15. GEO FENCING – Q4/2013. • Target your users when they are walking through certain areas • Send notifications which are based on real-time location data
  • 16. RICH PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – Q1/2014. • Build rich content and make sure you visualise your notifications • With rich media push you can create an unforgettable experience for your end users
  • 17. SMS FALLBACK – Q1/2014. • If your subscriber lost the Internet connection or for some reason turned off the data traffic, you can still reach him with relevant information SMS
  • 18. BLACKBERRY AND WINDOWS PHONE – 2014. • Support for all major mobile platforms. You don’t have to worry that a person will miss your notification only because he / she is using an unsupported platform.
  • 19. DO YOU NEED SOMETHING ELSE? We are here for everything else you need in order to create a better experience for you, and make a bigger impact on your business.
  • 20. www.infobip.com THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION