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Polyglot Web Development With Grails 2
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Polyglot Web Development With Grails 2


Published on

Video and slides synchronized, mp3 and slide download available at …

Video and slides synchronized, mp3 and slide download available at

Jeff Brown discusses how Grails enables polyglot web development, with a focus on Scala and Clojure, and explains what it takes to add support for new languages. Filmed at

Jeff Brown is a Senior Software Engineer with SpringSource and a core member of the Grails development team. Jeff has been involved in designing and building object oriented systems for over 15 years. Jeff's areas of expertise include web development with Groovy & Grails, Java and agile development.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Polyglot Web DevelopmentWith Grails 2QCon SF 2012Jeff BrownGrails Core
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  • 4. Polyglot?“In  the  context  of  compu/ng,  a  polyglot  is  a  computer  program  or  script  wri9en  in  a  valid  form  of  mul/ple  programming  languages,  which  performs  the  same  opera/ons  or  output  independently  of  the  programming  language  used  to  compile  or  interpret  it.”h"p://
  • 5. Languages On The JVMJavaGroovyClojureScalaJRubyEtc...The  Polyglot  Man  -­‐  Orange,  1969Miró,  Joan  (1893-­‐1983)
  • 6. Grails?Full Stack Web Flatformbuild system down to ORM etc...Leverages Proven StaplesSpring, Hibernate, etc...Extensible Plugin System
  • 7. Best Of BreedSpringHibernateGroovySitemeshTomcatJavaSpringHibernateQuartzJavaSitemeshGroovy
  • 8. The Grails StackThe Java Virtual MachineGroovyJavaEnterpriseEdition (JEE)Spring Hibernate SiteMeshGrailsThe Java LanguageThe Java DevelopmentKit (JDK)
  • 9. Two Great Tastes...“Hey! You Got YourClojure In My Grails!”“Hey! You Got YourGrails In My Clojure!”
  • 10. Count The Languages...
  • 11. Java Math Helper
  • 12. Groovy Math Helper
  • 13. Clojure Math Helper
  • 14. Back To The Peanut ButterWho Gets The Credit?Grails?Groovy?Clojure?Java?The JVM?
  • 15. In Action...Demo Timeexplore a simple polyglot appa look under the hood
  • 16. Q & AThank You!