E business world 2013 - Newman Martin: e-retailing & mobile commerce (part 2)


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Η παρουσίαση αυτή έγινε στα πλαίσια του Συνεδρίου e-Business World 2013, το οποίο πραγματοποιήθηκε στις 19 Ιουνίου, στο Divani Caravel στην Αθήνα.

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E business world 2013 - Newman Martin: e-retailing & mobile commerce (part 2)

  1. 1. Let’s turn back the clock
  2. 2. He knew when you walked in thedoor it had been 6 months since youbought those light bulbs and he upsold some batteries
  3. 3. She knew when your Gran walkedin the door that she wasafter her winter tights and she sold hersome winter gloves
  4. 4. The job of key landing pages on awebsite are to correlate with theusers experience of shopping offline
  5. 5. The Home PagePage Objective:• Same as a shop window• To Engage• To entice me to enter the shop“Isn’t it just like walking by a storewindow in a shopping centre?”
  6. 6. The Home PageTactical Objectives:• New visitors (Attract/Entice):• Hot sellers• Most popular• Promos etc• Returning Visitors (Remind/Update):• Recently viewed & Related to yourpast interests• New Products“Isn’t it just like walking by a storewindow in a shopping centre?”
  7. 7. Inspiration Through Curation…
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Dynamic Merchandising and Personalisationsolutions can help to deliver this experience
  10. 10. How these solutions workReal-Time OptimisationBusiness Drivers& Best PracticesMerchandisingRulesHistorical• Browsing History• Past Purchases• User Preferences• Demographics• Ratings & ReviewsCatalog• Product Attributes• Content Attributes• Customer AttributesReal-time• Current SessionBehavior• Site Context• Referring Site• Geo-Location• Time of DayMulti-AlgorithmOptimizationTargetedContentMobileEmailContactCenterInStoreWeb
  11. 11. A few examples…
  12. 12. ConfidentialHome page• Dynamic boxtitle change toshow your‘RecentlyViewed Items’
  13. 13. ConfidentialCombined Strategies• Maximize strategiesand content on highengagement pages
  14. 14. Product Detail Page: Quick Shop• Hover feature• See price & offer - SHOP• Without extra clicks
  15. 15. ConfidentialShopping Cart• Promote productsfor free shippingand cross sellopportunities
  16. 16. One big weakness across the board =The lack of segmented andpersonalised emails
  17. 17. Really?
  18. 18. Key success factor =Guarantees and calls to action
  19. 19. Scarcity and guaranteesalways drive sales19Kiddicare
  20. 20. Key success factor =Visual merchandising
  21. 21. If I can’t see it properly, how doyou expect me to buy it?
  22. 22. A shot to sell lingerie!
  23. 23. Now for something truly titillating23
  24. 24. Myla’s old model selectionShe is way too skinny and too pale…Almost anorexic.It is a put off for a lot of customers.
  25. 25. Competitor’s Model ChoiceHealthy, curvy, voluptious and olive/dark skinnedmodels sell lingerie(Agent Provocateur, Boux Avenue and M & S)
  26. 26. Myla’s recent model selection26
  27. 27. More voluptuous models led to aconversion increase of 20%+27
  28. 28. Hmmm
  29. 29. Models v flats/ Mannequins.
  30. 30. Women’s – In my experience, model shots sell through is between 5%& 20% better than flats/mannequinsThe benefits vary by product type:• Dresses, trousers, jeans the best• Skirts, tailoring, coats, underwear all benefit from model shots• Increases sales and decreases returnsMen’s – overall flats/mannequins perform better• Except jeans, trousers, and underwearROI• Each garment costs 30% - 40% more to shoot on a model than ona mannequin (model, hair and make up, stylist)
  31. 31. Scale and length looks different across products veryhard to discern difference with no model
  32. 32. ASOS go to great lengths to ensure consistency of shot.Belly buttons aligned so that customer can easily guagepositioning fit/length of product
  33. 33. Austin Reed £55 George @ Asda - £4 jeansFit hard todecipherFit not hard to decipher
  34. 34. Net a Porter £1500 +Similar length on product listing Big difference in length on roll over
  35. 35. Image Size35
  36. 36. Online visual merchandising has toconvey the product detail and brandvalues of quality to the customer…thereis no sales assistant to do this!Therefore image size is critical to this
  37. 37. How big are these toasters?37
  38. 38. A 4 slice toaster….really?38
  39. 39. But sometimes size isn’t everything39
  40. 40. Lighting and styling is hugelyimportant40
  41. 41. Impossible to make out any detail and noproduct description to support features41
  42. 42. Where’s the pleat?42
  43. 43. Key Success Factor =Internationalisation
  44. 44. You know we like to colonise…we’renow doing so online
  45. 45. However…we don’t always get it right
  46. 46. • 40% of shoppers in the EU now use the internet tobuy goods and services• Within the next five years cross-border trade isexpected to account for 20% of all ecommerce(Retail Week, Sep 12)
  47. 47. What’s happening now in terms ofstrategy and approach?
  48. 48. 6 strategies in play1. Do nothing: Don’t allow anyone to buy fromoverseas2. Standardisation: Switch on the buy button only3. Adaptation: Localise some aspects4. Localisation: Fully localise the customer propositiononline5. Multi channel market entry: Lead with online, openstores6. Lead with stores: Then localise online
  49. 49. 1. Do nothing
  50. 50. 2. They’ve switched on the buy button,but that’s all
  51. 51. 3. Adaptation = localise some aspects
  52. 52. Adaptation is pretty half-hearted…language is still English
  53. 53. Currency is the only thing to have visiblychanged
  54. 54. 4. Then there’s“the full monty”
  55. 55. Local language, payment, currency,customer service
  56. 56. Hey, the World speak’s English!
  57. 57. No they don’t…‘Wieviel kostet das?’
  58. 58. Why is it so important to give foreignnationals a local language site?
  59. 59. Cross border sales are growing...butlocalised propositions work best
  60. 60. 5. Web then stores
  61. 61. 6. Stores then localised web
  62. 62. Is it worth doing?
  63. 63. You better believe it!
  64. 64. 3 jumbos a week to Australia£1.25m-£1.5m a week
  65. 65. I know you’venot always been friends…
  66. 66. Half of the population is under30…and they like fashion
  67. 67. Key Success Factor =Are you a Social or anti social brand?
  68. 68. Key Success Factor =Are you a Social or anti social brand?
  69. 69. Social Proof
  70. 70. Key Success Factor = Mobile
  71. 71. We are‘shopping on the go’119
  72. 72. Mobile is redefining howconsumers shop120
  73. 73. Mobile isn’t going to be a gamechanger…It has already changed the game!
  74. 74. Schuh will take 50%+ of all online salesthrough mobile by the end of 2013