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Connect with High Value Customers!



Our extensive databases and advanced search application provide segmented data to facilitate targeted communication. We maintain high quality standards to ensure data that is verified, accurate, ...

Our extensive databases and advanced search application provide segmented data to facilitate targeted communication. We maintain high quality standards to ensure data that is verified, accurate, hygienic and healthy. The road to accelerating your marketing ROI begins with obtaining the best suited database. Get in touch with us to know how.



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Connect with High Value Customers! Document Transcript

  • 1. 080 - 40858235
  • 2. PreferredB2BDatabase ProviderData solutions customized forBusiness Developers, Sales,Marketers, Recruiters andEnterprises.Gain from over 20+ million users whojoin us, and are updated every week.Obtain verified, validated and highquality business contacts.Access firmographic details of 6+million B2B companies. Search bycompany size, number of employeesor annual sales.Search from over 18,000 nicheindustries with our comprehensiveindexed search. Gain key industryfocus information 080 - 40858235
  • 3. 1 2 3 SEARCH BY Specific Keyword INCREASE Sales Productivity BROWSE New Contacts Daily SEGMENT Markets 080 - 40858235
  • 4. Info CheckPoint is a B2B marketing database provider. We understand the value of driven, directed and dynamic databases and therefore emphasize on high quality data, which translate to invaluable information. For us a database is a business intelligence tool. Our advanced search application allows instant access and provides segmented data to facilitate targeted communication significant in leveraging business growth. Through this interface you can obtain information that is customized to business requirements and focuses on primary target markets appropriately. Connect with that one perfect prospect, at the right time with the right message Have you identified business needs, objectives and focus areas of your company? Have you prioritized preferences based on a segmented database? A perfect database is a business intelligence tool that is functional, flexible, reliable, cost effective and credible. At Info CheckPoint we provide data that is clean, green and lean. Clean as in verified and validated. Green as in it allows for efficient usage and Lean as in it produces results tailor made to suit the objectives of your company. The road to accelerating your marketing ROI begins with obtaining a segmented and targeted database best suited to your business needs. 080 - 40858235
  • 5. INFO CheckPoint Advantage Enhance Business Intelligence with Relevant B2B Data Data Quality æ Information on Verification æ Intelligence and Intuitiveness æ Integration with CRM Application æ Specialization by Industry, SIC Codes æ æof Navigation Ease Advanced Search Options æ æ Time of Application and Loading Results Relevancy æ Granularity æ 080 - 40858235
  • 6. Breed Successful Marketing with Assured Data Quality We understand that the one of the most critical requirements of marketers is quality data. Info CheckPoint provides data that is accurate, verified and validated. Over the years our database experts have created a repository of information, which has developed into a niche business data directory. Information is easily accessible through our advanced, online search application. æ through extensive databases with million people, companies and Search industry sectors added every day. æ prospects through our advanced online search tool and well defined Identify sections. æ and save prospects instead of downloading a whole dataset. View æ intelligent databases that our experts develop using prospecting Utilize intelligence, providing you with business intelligence. Quality and accurate data is good for marketing campaign. With our smart databases and prospecting intelligence the possibilities of successful prospects are certain! Accelerate: Faster Way to Reach Your Markets Automate: Smart Solutions to improve your Business Success 080 - 40858235
  • 7. RECRUITERS There are over 45 million people that switch companies and 0.7 million new businesses formed each year. Info Checkpoint understands the challenges of recruiters and the recruiting industry. Recruiters can browse multi-industry data instantly and find suitable candidates. ENTERPRISE SEARCH BY Specific Keyword With access to quality and accurate data and INCREASE Sales Productivity dedicated solutions, enterprises can reduce costs, improve efficiency and target niche market segments BROWSE successfully. New Contacts Daily Capitalize on classified business data; accelerate SEGMENT the performance of your enterprise! Markets 1 2 3 PEOPLE COMPANIES INDSUTRIES Gain from over Access firmographic details Our comprehensive indexed 20+ million users who join of 6+ million B2B search helps you locate us and are updated every companies. Search by niche industries from over week. Obtain verified, company size, number of 18,000 sectors. Gain key validated and high quality employees or annual sales. industry focus information. business contacts. 080 - 40858235
  • 8. www.infocheckpoint.comDATA QUALITYWe are the only B2B database provider that ensures Data Quality not through tele-dialers butthrough: æ Verification Email Tele-Verification of Individual Contacts æINFORMATION ON VERIFICATIONAs and when data is verified and validated, each Info CheckPointindividual contact is updated on the database.Therefore, you know the exact date when each Advantagecontact has been verified either through email or by Relevancy îtelephone. Granularity îINTELLIGENCE AND INTUITIVENESS Data Quality îAn intelligent and intuitive search application facilitates Information on Verification îobtaining information that is relevant to businessrequirements. Our application is predictive and Intelligence and Intuitiveness îgauges the requirement, enabling better and fasterdecision making. Integration with CRM Application î Specialization by Industry, SIC îINTEGRATION WITH CRM APPLICATION CodesIntegration with CRM applications is essential in î Navigation Ease ofmanaging customer relationships. Our successfulintegration with Salesforce provides the leverage of Advanced Search Options îinstant data availability through the enterprise wide, î Time of Application and Loadingcloud computing company. Results 080 - 40858235
  • 9. www.infocheckpoint.comSPECIALIZATION BY INDUSTRY, SIC CODESA detailed selection criteria provides a customized list to requirements rather than large list which isirrelevant.EASE OF NAVIGATIONOur search tool is not only comprehensive, it is user friendly and simple to use.ADVANCED SEARCH OPTIONSWe provide advanced search options in order to help you find relevant and detailed result specific toyour requirement.LOADING TIME OF APPLICATION AND RESULTSWe understand the value of your time, our search applications load instantly and search results areavailable within seconds.RELEVANCYWe understand that it is not point having huge quantities of data if it is not relevant, therefore ourresults are precise and accurately based on the search criteria.GRANULARITYWe believe segmenting data helps in obtaining definite data results, therefore we not only providesearch options based on people and companies but based on industries as well. 080 - 40858235
  • 10. www.infocheckpoint.comBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SALESOne way to connect with a prospective customer at the right time with the right message is to knowwhere the prospect is in the buying cycle. And then target them with relevant communication whenthey are ready to decide.The Info CheckPoint Advantage æ Lead to Right Rep - Real-Time Lead Prioritization Right æ Email at the Right Time - Automate - Personalization of Emails and Drip Marketing Right Monitor KPI Dashboard and Custom Reporting – Measure Marketing and Sales æ Effectiveness Customize, Flexible Sales Workflow – Give the Attention Every Lead Deserves æOur databases are customized to business needs. We provide: Telemarketing tactics to promote your business æ Teleprospecting techniques to find the right person to generate interest for your business æMake Deals With Sales Ready Leads $$$Make “Offers That Cannot Be Refused”Don’t rely only on marketers for sales-ready leads.Rely on your ‘customer-centric’ database!Find out how our databases can help you generate business andimprove your sales targets. 080 - 40858235
  • 11. www.infocheckpoint.comYour Marketing DatabaseGive customers what they need and not what they wantStay in sync and increase Marketing ROI!Sign up for a free trial and gain easy access to a ROI intelligent database.Data is what data does! With accurate, current and relevant customer information and with access todynamic databases; marketing programs can now revolve around customers for a change!The Info CheckPoint Advantage æ Data Segments – Connect with people who matter. Niche Advanced Search Application – Get in touch with people who want to buy from you. æ æ Integration – Make your nurturing plan relevant. CRMWith Info CheckPoint, our databases are segmented to facilitate B2B marketers implement integratedand targeted campaigns.Here’s what you should know about Info CheckPoint before sourcing candidates: Our databases are segmented – to enable you easily identify the perfect group of æ candidates We have an advanced search application – you can obtain granular results through æ detailed drill down options and save on time, resources and dollars with relevant contacts. æ and save – you can access, view and save your data without having to wait for hours View for it to download. 080 - 40858235
  • 12. Stay ahead of change. Find the right person for the right job!ENTERPRISEInfo CheckPoint’s enterprise solutions enables data intensive organizations to make the most ofbusiness information. We provide: Databases that go beyond business card intel – To enable companies improve æ productivity, drive business impact, enhance database value and increase ROI. æ integration of database with CRM application - By integrating marketing automation Easy and CRM you can implement coherent nurturing strategies and action plans. An intelligent and advanced search application tool – To provide granular results that are æ relevant. You can search through million of contacts, identify relevant segments and ‘view and save’ results for future use. Info CheckPoint has a team of database Info CheckPoint experts who specialize in providing data solutions specific to your business requirement. Solutions Business Development îGet to know how our databases can leverage Sales îyour business growth. Adopt an intelligent, Marketing îintuitive and integrated approach Improvemarketing ROI Recruiting î Enterprise î 080 - 40858235
  • 13. www.infocheckpoint.comMARKETING AUTOMATIONMarketing Automation (MA) is a process that ensures prospects are constantly engaged. It not onlyhelps in generating demand and new leads, it monitors website traffic as well. Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM) is a process that strengthens your relationship with customers. It helps inmanaging, organizing and building communication.With Info CheckPoint you can easily integrate your database with one of the leading CRMapplications, With integration of marketing automation and CRM you can implementcoherent nurturing strategies and action plans. We utilize a multi channel email engagementapproach to build customer relationship through automating marketing processes.BUYING B2B DATA With Big Data, The Mantra Is “ifB2B marketers have a wide range of sources to obtain You Don’t Know What You Aredata, these go beyond traditional events, tradeshows, Looking For, You Will Nevercirculation magazines and compiled sources. The Find It”current method of buying B2B data is user generatedand through online sources such as social media andwebsite registrations. Selecting or building a B2B Database is a decision, managers think twice beforetaking. The objective while screening databases is to focus not only on quantity of contacts, on qualityand accuracy of profile information as well.At Info CheckPoint, an ideal database is designed around B2B marketers’ needs and facilitatessegmented and targeted communication. 080 - 40858235
  • 14. www.infocheckpoint.comBIG DATAWith efficient planning and management, Big Data can be leveraged to a great extent in achievingbusiness goals effectively. At Info CheckPoint our extensive databases are business intelligence toolsthat are functional, flexible, reliable, cost effective and credible. The road to accelerating yourmarketing ROI begins with obtaining the best suited database. Don’t’ let Big Data defeat you, contactus.CROWDSOURCING TRENDSCrowdsourcing is a community driven concept wherein data is contributed by users. Various groupsand people provide information such as email addresses, phone numbers and social media profiles.This source provides unlimited amount of data and information, making it possible build databasesthat could effectively utilized.At Info CheckPoint, user generated information is verified and validated before it is updated to themaster database. Moreover, users are not only encouraged to contribute information, they are alsoadvised to constantly update information provided.CURATION PROCESSWith the buzzword of ‘crowdsourcing’ in marketing taking center stage, the approach has taken adeeper view with the concept of ‘Curated Crowds’. The ‘curated crowd’ approach is basicallymoderation of crowds to identify people who will be able to provide relevant information. Curation isusually conducted by introducing a survey for users to participate in to understand if their profiles fitand meet the criterion of database requirements. A ‘gate policy’ like this is utilized not only to gainrelevant information from significant people; it is also to keep irrelevant data out.At Info CheckPoint, we use scientifically based and technology driven techniques of data verification 080 - 40858235
  • 15. www.infocheckpoint.comDATA QUALITY AND VERIFICATION There is a famous saying that,Quality data is the foundation for making critical “What is not measured is notbusiness decisions. It enables companies to measure managed”, and what is notrelevancy, analyze effectiveness, optimize strategies managed is surely not possibleand maximize revenues and ROIs. Data intensive to maintain or improve.organizations need to know their data qualitydimensions and metrics. The best way to do that is tocreate a Data Quality (DQ) Scorecard.At Info CheckPoint, data quality takes precedence of quantity and our power packed databasesprovide classified information. We adopt comprehensive data verification process and ensure that datais technologically and manually validated. Don’t let Data Quality affect your Bottom Line.DATA MANAGEMENTData Management is information from various channels about B2B customers. It helps in integrating,storing, organizing and interpreting data generated by businesses. What data management does itdevelops customer data structures to facilitate marketers and managers understand their targetmarket better.We believe at Info CheckPoint, B2B Data Management begins with obtaining a segmented andtargeted database. One that is accurate, complete, current, relevant and translatable to businessintelligence. 080 - 40858235
  • 16. www.infocheckpoint.comDATABASE MARKETINGMarketing is not just selling a glass of cool lemon drink at a lemonade stand. And while we all candevelop an email flyer or a Facebook post, a marketing expert or team can be sustainable byincreasing sales and business growth. Database marketers spend time and effort in acquiring lists ofprospects and rely more on outbound marketing techniques. They identify personas and createsegmented lists based on which they target relevant messaging.At Info CheckPoint, we adopt best practice approaches in marketing and database management. Ourdatabases let you develop marketing strategies, gain actionable customer segments, improvecustomer satisfaction and drive marketing ROI. Automation | Big Data | Curation Process | Buying B2B Data Crowdsourcing Trends Data Quality Data Verification | Data Database Data Validation Management Marketing DATABASE MARKETING 080 - 40858235
  • 17. www.infocheckpoint.comCall Us800-662-2980Email Ussupport@infocheckpoint.comCheck Us Online:www.infocheckpoint.comLike Us us 080 - 40858235