B2B Marketing Automation


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Get to know what is, what isn't, benefits and best practices on B2B marketing automation.

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B2B Marketing Automation

  1. 1. www.infocheckpoint.comWhat It Is What it is not Marketing Automation (MA) is a process ? about only implementing a new It is not which ensures that prospects are product; it is about a change in mindset. constantly engaged. Automation alone does not translate to ? ? and delivers email campaigns It creates increase in sales, it automates sending and other marketing collaterals of email; taking the prospect to the next level is what the sales team needs to ? website traffic and email It tracks do. responses It is as good as the strategy that is ? developed for it..Best Practices Dictionary All functionalities of MA tools should be used to justify its effectiveness. You should: Marketing Automation - The use of software and technology Observe customer actions and interactions to æ to streamline marketing send them relevant messaging at the right processes. It provides time. awareness of different phases æ which customer is in the “buying mode”, Know of the customer lifecycle. therefore building valuable leads for your sales team. æ measure and develop reports through Monitor Data Modeling – Marketing KPI dashboards to find out marketing and sales information of offers, effectiveness. campaigns and audience Develop customized and flexible sales æ graphical represented. workflow to give attention every lead deserves. Integrate MA with CRM systems in order to æ nurture leads with relevant communication. Data Warehousing – 3 questions that will help in knowing if MA Collection, sorting and works for you: categorizing of data for future extraction. Merging or 1 Do you have more number of leads than you can manage individually? matching of data will provide further in-depth understanding of and targeted use of 2 Do I have actionable customer segments and targeted marketing plans? information for campaigns. 3 Do you have a CRM system already in place to integrate with MA? Customer Analytics – If you’ve answered yes to all questions, then Analysis based on customer Marketing Automation is something you need to needs, preferences, interests consider. and behavior. With MA develop customized, ‘right-time’ marketing programs that educate, inform, propose Process Metrics – Measures and keep prospects alive, interested and engaged. that focus on each step of processes including metricsBenefits such as accuracy, quality, time, effectiveness and efficiency of campaigns. MA helps in maintaining a single point view of all customer interactions across channels. You can understand customers’ needs at a æ Usage Tracking – Mapping of detailed level. objectives, timing, frequency æ in implementing ‘real-time’, behavior-driven, It aids and scope of usage such as trigger based campaigns. open rates, click-throughs, æ in anticipating and predicting changing It helps website activity and downloads customer needs required in improving satisfaction. of campaigns and resources. It enables customized communication. æ With Info CheckPoint you can easily integrate your database with one of the leading CRM applications, Salesforce.com. You can implement coherent nurturing strategies and action plans. Signup for a complimentary 30 day trial Utilize a multi channel email engagement approach to build customer relationship through automating marketing processes. Gain access to targeted databases with Info CheckPoint 080 - 40858235 support@infocheckpoint.com www.infocheckpoint.com