B2B Data Management Cheat Sheet
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B2B Data Management Cheat Sheet



Get to know what is, what isn't and best practices on B2B data management and marketing.

Get to know what is, what isn't and best practices on B2B data management and marketing.



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B2B Data Management Cheat Sheet B2B Data Management Cheat Sheet Infographic Transcript

  • www.infocheckpoint.comWhat It Is What it is not ?Data Management is information Market Maintaining a data warehouse does not ? gathered from various channels about solve data management issues. A B2B customers. warehouse only integrates data from various sources or systems. ? in integrating, storing, It helps organizing and interpreting data ? a data clean drive that is done It is not generated by businesses. ‘once in for all’ It develops customer data structures to ? ? a task that requires minimal It is not facilitate marketers and managers effort, time and resources. understand their target market better.Best Practices Dictionary Focus on 4 Key Areas: Aggregate Data – summary of data sets into groups for 1 Data Quality – maintain data integrity, accuracy and completeness with measurable standards. Proposed Documentation research and analytical purposes. æQuality Strategy Plan Data Audit – independent æQuality Implementation Plan Data examination of data to æProfiling Metrics Data determine its compliance with specific requirements. 2 Data Architecture – establish an overall framework to align business services with strategic goals. CRUD - Used to describe Proposed Documentation access rights for data. Create, æArchitecture Roadmap Data Read, Update, Delete. æInterface Model Data Customer Data Integration – 3 Metadata Management – define how data is a process of integrating is collected, stored and labeled to provide standardization of data inventory. multiple repositories using a combination of technologies Proposed Documentation and services. It contains Metadata repository æ information about a ædictionary Data company’s customers. Conceptual model æ Business rules æ Data Governance – 4 Data Stewardship – provide business determines how an definition, direction and establish organization makes data governance rules. related decisions. The rules, Proposed Documentation decision rights and responsibilities of people æ owner matrix Domain related to information based decision making processes. Answer 4 questions to find out your Data Mapping – is a process Data Management Maturity level: of assigning a source data 1 Strategic Involvement – How is data element to a target element. management perceived across the organization and what is the level of commitment from senior management? Master Data Management (MDM) – is a defined and 2 Data Governance – What data standards, structured approach to policies and governance rules are in place and managing an organization’s what are the compliance levels? master data. 3 Data Technology – What data tools and technologies exists at functional and enterprise Metadata – is the information level? Do technologies meet business requirements? about a data element. Description of what the 4 Performance Measurement – What element stores, its type, its performance management processes and length and who the owner is. reports are developed? B2B Data Management begins with obtaining a segmented database. Signup for a complimentary 30 day trial Gain access to targeted databases with Info CheckPoint 080 - 40858235 support@infocheckpoint.com www.infocheckpoint.com