Good public practice public councils under ministries


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Good public practice public councils under ministries

  1. 1. Good public practice - public councils under ministries and agencies in Kyrgyzstan. ) Kaliia Moldogazieva, Human Development Center “Tree of Life”, ( Kyrgyz Republic ) Rio-de Janeiro, 20.June 2012
  2. 2. Creation of Public Councils in Kyrgyzstan• In Kyrgyzstan as you see, the civil society, in comparison with other countries of the Central Asia is developed enough. In the country registered about 10 thousand NGOs. They work in different directions - social, human rights and ecological NGOs.• 1. In 2010 by suggestion of ex-president of KR Roza Otunbaeva, Public councils (PC) under different ministries and agencies were introduced. The mission of these PC is the co-ordinated interaction of the state bodies and a civil society on increase of a transparency of strategic governance decisions.• 2. We as the ecological organisations (the HDC Tree of Life, Biom and Unison) are a part of Public council under State agency environmental protection and forest. Public Council operates on principles of voluntariness, self-management, objectivity, publicity and independence in decision-making concerning the competence. Council activity is carried out on the basis of free discussion of all questions and collective decision- making.
  3. 3. Work of Public Council under State Agency of Nature protection and Forest• For 2011- 02012 Public council considered such questions as: Public Public examination of legislation draft developed by State agency the Report of Republican fund of nature protection, information of State agency on realisation of the international nature protection programs and international conventions. There was special session of Public Council of the actual ecological questions lifted from Issyk-Kul region.• Also in the beginning this year members of PC and other activists , scientists, actively participated in discussion of reforming of the Government and offered their suggestions.• Questions of preparation for the Rio conference in Рио, also considered on the recent sessions of PC. It was thus specified by members of Council that it is very important after Rio to give the report of accredited organisations and inform wide public on all decisions accepted in Rio.
  4. 4. Interaction between different Public Councils • There is mailing list between members of various PC and website of PC, where members of different PC can communicate, exchange experience, consultations, bring up urgent questions. There is inter public council anticorruption group exist, which prosecutes subjects of a transparency of accepted decisions and prevention of corruption in use of budgetary funds. A number of public hearings in the several ministries - education, energy, public health services took place.
  5. 5. Multistakeholder group under EITI• Also since 2004, Kyrgyzstan has joined to Extractive industries transparency Intiative, and there is multistakeholders group ( MSG) exists, under Agency of geology and mineral resources, This MSG amount from representatives of the ministries, departments, representatives of the companies and representatives of a civil society. The representation this equal, also discussions reports of the companies and the Government on EITI occur, the tender commissions election for selection of auditor company for verification of the reports of companies and state bodies get out. Then the report of the auditor company is considered at MSG session.
  6. 6. NGO Consortium on EITI promotion in Kyrgyz Republic • In MSG sessions the question under the Law on subsoils , for entering into it of points on a reporting transparency on EITI and introductions of disaggregated reports also was considered. There is also a Consortium from 20 NGOs on promotion EITI in Kyrgyzstan, headed by HDC “Tree of Life» and having 5 public receptions in regions with presence of deposits and the mining companies.
  7. 7. Public councils- Institutional tool forgood governance of natural recources • Thus, in Kyrgyzstan institutional tools for participation of all interested parties in the decision making process and consideration of strategic decisions at national and local levels exist. And these institutional tools very important for successful introduction of principles of green economy in our country.