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December 17 documentary Iskander Smit presented together with Daphne Channa Horn their experiences with 6 months Google Glass.

December 17 documentary Iskander Smit presented together with Daphne Channa Horn their experiences with 6 months Google Glass.



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Intro Glass Adobe User Group Intro Glass Adobe User Group Presentation Transcript

  • Experimenting a wearable future Google Glass and its context Adobe User Group; Connecting Devices, December 17, 2013
  • Daphne Channa Horn Documentary photography,
  • Glass as connected wearable IPAN, December 3, 2013
  • People Services Things Image:
  • Connected experiences with meaning Optimized Meaning
  • Data intelligence is the new online value pagerank pagerank network effect network+effect conversations conversa0ons intelligence big+data
  • Internet of everything
  • Internet of everything people
  • Wireless in the world, Timo Arnall
  • From search to relevant agent Google Now
  • A new kind of products Or product-service-ecosystems
  • Wearable devices are boiling down the implused shaped services
  • Design for Glass Learnings
  • Static cards Input Live cards Immersion Menus
  • Technical learnings ▪ Cloud apps/Static cards ▪ work via REST API (Mirror API) interface (all languages possible) ▪ have no access to sensors except location ▪ Subscription model also in engineering: example menus ! ▪ Native apps ▪ are in essence Android apps (APKs, Java) ▪ SDK (GDK) released in November
  • The principle
  • Design for Glass
 Don’t get in the way
 Keep it relevant
 Avoid the unexpected
 Build for people
  • 3 clients, 3 design cases Enhance an existing service with contextual smartness ! ! Connect the data from the cloud to the moment to create a new value from their knowledge. ! ! With EYE we enhance the physical space.
  • Greenwheels service: sesame open Open and close with Glass
  • Step 1: connect accounts
  • Step 2: make a reservation
  • Step 3 & 4: get a reminder and navigate to car 15 min before reservation
  • step 5: standing next to the car: open via voice
  • Connected the mirror API to Greenwheels back-end
 Keep the flow simple and focused 
 Think timely and context-full
  • and the power of the data enhance the real world
  • EYE; a new way of storytelling open up the museum
  • Principle: find the stories in the space
  • Glass inspires new ways of interacting, using head gestures and in real presence Storytelling is a powerful guideline
  • Overall learnings ▪ There are no apps, you create relations with apps. See it as subcriptions ▪ You always start with the journey of the Glass-user to look for moments of nearby interactions with the service ▪ Limit the interactions, make no long trees ▪ More than ever: don’t make me think! ▪ Use existing knowledge from data and profiles ▪ Context rules: obey the moment ▪ Make it fun to use by creating magic
  • So: Meaning of Glass Signpost for context driven wearable tech
  • Glass forces to think in context and timely and usage-driven interactions.
  • Google has the power to shape this relevancy driven world, as they did with search.
  • Other wearables will walk the same road. So use these findings to model your product/service & marketing.
  • November 2013 Glass Development Kit 1st release ! January 2014 prescription Glass Milestones ! April 2014 (expected) introduction on US market ! ??? Introduction Europe
  • /os
  • 2006: video 2000: advertising 2004: mail 1998: web 2006: office 2008: mobile 2005: maps 2005: analytics 2011: wallet Google’s spinning the world… 2011: people (plus) 2012: life (now) 2013: things
  • Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable Raymond Loewy (1893-1986)
  • ok daphne, take a picture
  • Thanks! Iskander Smit, @iskandr, Daphne Channa Horn, @ikbendaf,