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Yelpification and The Age Of Advocacy


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  • McKinsey: “A recommendation from a trusted friend conveying a relevant message is up to 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase than is a low-impact recommendation”Gallup: “To acquire new customers … get existing customers to engage their social networks on your behalf.”Nielsen: Most trusted sources in Advertising: “Recommendations from people I know “– 92%“”Sirius: Senior leaders …consider information from peers … an important resource at every stage of buying. “”
  • Social sharingSurveysReference callsReferralsReviews..list goes onSpeaking opportunitiesUser groupsIn just 90 days... 3 product review... 12 social shares per month... 9 survey responses... 1 referral
  • Status – bragging rights, publically more known than others(press and speaking opportunities) you brag on their behalf (eg. Leaderboard)Access – batphone to executive Power – impact, control over others, make decisions on behalf of others (affect roadmap)Stuff - $ Scale is from economical to heavy investment
  • #5 – five steps/pillars
  • Slide #15 - playbook
  • Transcript

    • 1. FEATURING: Bill Lee JIM WILLIAMS @bill_lee @influitive Author of “The Hidden Wealth of Customers”, (Harvard Business Review Press) and President of the Summit on Customer Engagement (February 2526, 2014) VP of Marketing at Influitive, the advocate marketing experts Tweet about this webinar: #advocatemktg
    • 2. About Bill Lee When it comes to developing high-impact customer relationships, I found out very quickly that all roads on that issue lead to Bill Lee." Jackie Breiter, Vice President, Customer Success and Flagship Program, CA Technologies There's really nothing I've seen like it in the country.” Lisa Arthur, CMO, Teradata Applications ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee The most insightful business book I’ve read this year. Dorie Clark, Forbes Online
    • 3. Clients We provide educational, research and consulting services to leading firms, both large and small. "The value was unbelievable. If we'd had this knowledge when we first started, we'd be in a better place today.” Vicki Cooney, VP Market Development, AmerisourceBergen ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 4. 2014’s Most Important Reality Buyers want—and increasingly expect— to hear from their peers before they purchase. ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 5. The Research ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 6. The “Yelpification” of Everything ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 7. The Yelpification of Big Law "OTHER WAYS OF SELECTING COUNSEL JUST DON'T HAVE THE SAME RELIABILITY AND LEVEL OF INSIGHT.” Bob Marin, General Counsel, Panasonic North America. “72% of general counsel said that they will be migrating a larger percentage of work away from white-shoe firms”. ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 8. Filling The Gap Growth Buyer’s Conversations: Directly With Their Peers For this ^ The 4 Pillars Buyer’s are bypassing this > ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee I. II. III. Learn HOW BUYERS BUY. Get THEGAP RIGHT CUSTOMERS into these conversations. Create MORE CONVERSA TIONS. IV. Allow what you learn to CHANGE YOU. Traditional Marketing Communications: Advertising, PR, Marcom, Lead Gen, Social Media Stagnation
    • 9. Marc Benioff’s Epiphany Our customers are: – More credible to buyers – More persuasive to buyers – More empathetic to buyers – More interesting to buyers – Better able to understand their needs … than we are. And there’s a lot more of them. ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 10. Marc Benioff’s Epiphany • “Let your customers drive innovation.” • “Energize your customers into a million-member sales team”. • [What two marketing approaches lead most directly to sales?] “The word-of-mouth phenomenon of customers sharing their success stories with their peers.” ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 11. Marc Benioff, CEO, ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 12. Marc Benioff’s Greatest Technology H2H (Human to Human) ©Copyright 2014 by Bill Lee
    • 13. What’s an advocate?
    • 14. More: One that makes a non-financial investment in your company.
    • 15. What does an advocate do for YOU… Content distribution Product reviews References User groups What does an advocate do for YOU… Analyst briefings Product surveys Customer Advisory Boards
    • 16. Why do we advocate?
    • 17. Advocate motivation Status Access Power Stuff
    • 18. MEASURING RECOGNIZING & REWARDING ENGAGING IDENTIFYING & ONBOARDING PLANNING 5 steps to building a successful advocate marketing program
    • 19. The Advocate Marketing Playbook #advocatemktg
    • 20. Questions?