Advocate Marketing Case Study: SMART


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Deena from SMART shares her experience in launching the AdvocateHub and engaging with SMART brand advocates. Through the AdvocateHub, SMART was able to better recognize and acknowledge their advocates. SMART also successfully mobilized previously inactive advocates with their use of creative and innovative challenges.

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  • Advocate Marketing Case Study: SMART

    1. 1. How SMART Drives Engagement With The AdvocateHub
    2. 2. What is ? SMART is the leading provider of technology solutions that enable inspired collaboration in schools and workplaces.
    3. 3. Meet Deena Zenyk, Marketing Manager I live in Squamish, British Columbia…the outdoor recreation capital of Canada. As the Marketing Manager of Advocacy Programs, Deena‟s job is to learn, nurture, and grow the relationships with SMART users and create advocates for their brand.
    4. 4. Advocates Provide the Most Authentic Feedback We nurture our advocates, grow our relationships with them, and learn from them. Who are SMART‟s advocates? What do advocates provide for SMART? Teachers – Called SEE members (SMART Exemplary Educators) Content – Collaborate and share Research – Give feedback and reviews Professional Expertise – Provide insight into industry trends
    5. 5. Problem: Mobilizing Advocates Deena needed a way to better leverage SMART‟s advocates en masse.
    6. 6. Deena‟s “Aha moment” Create a stronger connection between SMART‟s internal teams and brand advocates to help drive success. Rally the advocates in one central place and see astonishing results!
    7. 7. Solution: Influitive‟s AdvocateHub helps marketers capture customer enthusiasm and use it to turbocharge marketing and sales efforts. Recruit & invite customers Manage & mobilize customers to complete „challenges‟ Recognize and reward through achievements The minute I saw Influitive, I knew it was what I needed for our advocate community.
    8. 8. Deena Got Her Colleagues Involved It was crucial to the longevity of our AdvocateHub to get my colleagues involved. Create goals for each department so they participate, contribute and create challenges. Get feedback on what's working Look into new trends the advocates are seeing Understand potential product challenges AdvocateHub Helps…
    9. 9. Huge Jump in Advocate Engagement! We encourage friendly competition among departments which has led to an increase in team engagement. Smart has seen a Increase in advocate engagement now that
    10. 10. Advocates Are Highly Motivated In the first 30 days: The Influitive launch exceeded our expectations. Executives were thrilled and excited to see more.
    11. 11. SMART‟s Return on Advocacy Each advocate brings $130,000 of value to our organization. Professional Development Content Development Research Increased engagement with the AdvocateHub will lead to continued increase in value
    12. 12. Advocates Love Influitive We‟ve received high- quality feedback from our advocates. “A great place to collaborate with others” “Fun and functional!”
    13. 13. Influitive was the answer for  Real numbers in real-time  Thousands of challenges completed  Internal accolades  Shows the strength of the advocate community Benefits of the AdvocateHub SMART‟s advocates are a gold mine, and Influitive helped us engage with all of them.
    14. 14. Deena Knew Her Customers Loved What can Influitive do for you? helped her tap into it.